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Check my mole. (ABC)

Mixed nuts. (ABC)

"GH" Rundown for the week of January 28-February 1:

Strange and mysterious happenings were afoot in Port Charles all week, with strangers coming to town just as vets were being pulled in left and right. We even had a murder mystery to boot.

Britt's comeuppance.
Oooh, delicious doesn't even begin to describe how it felt watching Britt turn around to see Patrick's livid face after he overheard her call Emma a spoiled brat. Finally! I wouldn't put it past Britt to go all crazy now and implant herself with one of Lulu and Dante's embryos or something like that in order to keep him. I have a feeling we have just begun to scratch the surface of Britt's kind of crazy. She was not going to let Patrick break up with her without a fight!

Kristina's whining.
Yes, she has suffered a terrible tragedy, and yes, she has every right to be upset with Connie. But her constant shrieking is really starting to wear thin. It would be cool to get a look at some of that "Mob Princess" footage she was zoning out to on the couch though. Remember when they caught Patrick popping pills at the Haunted Star? There could be all kinds of goodies on that footage.

Bad timing.
Tracy has the worst timing of anyone else in Port Charles. As soon as she announced Lucy as ELQ's CEO she turned into a vampire slayer. She fell for Scully as soon as he was out the door. And now this mess with the money laundering. Even crazy Connie tried to talk her out of it, that is how destructive her plan was. So just how low will she go to protect her secret now that the heat is on? And will Luke let Sonny fry to save Tracy? Best cameo of the week was Alice’s wrestling tools of torture poking out of her purse while she rifled through it to find the note from Ned for Tracy. Love her!

Vets and vamps.
Seeing Kevin with Lucy was incredible and heartbreaking, and his refusal to be with her over her vampire delusions only really reinforces that this storyline is meant to be nothing more than that - delusional. He couldn't have been more on the money than when he explained to Sam and John that Lucy was more screwball than crackpot. We'll have to wait and see just how long the vampires stick. Alison didn't even make it one day in Port Charles before biting the bullet, and her son Rafe has already set up that he thought his mom was looney tunes anyway. He'll be in town for a while because of the murder, and now that Lucy says Caleb is really his father, it appears the vampires storyline will have some kind of staying power. Plus, his chemistry with Molly was kind of cute. What do you think about the undead in Port Charles? Vote below and let us know in the comments.

ELQ's demise?
AJ and Michael have a mess on their hands that is only going to get worse if another Q heir is thrown in the mix, no matter how good Michael looks in a suit. So who could that pesky person be? Vote in our GH Poll: Who's the heir? It was entertaining watching AJ grill Duke about the gaps in his resume. Too funny considering Duke's two-decade stint in a Turkish prison has nothing on AJ's spotty past. Sean Kanan as AJ is pitch perfect, a great balance of spoiled heir and hardened criminal with a twist of irreverent sarcasm, bringing much-needed humor to the show. Even his panic attack was over-the-top camp.

Has her existence in Port Charles really been reduced to checking moles and boosting Sabrina's morale? Give this girl a storyline please, and one that goes on beyond the ball.

The Ferncliff Three.
Todd, Heather and Lucy locked up in the nuthouse together, plotting their various escapes is just comic gold. Fun, fun, fun.

Down by the docks.
Molly insisted Sam was overreacting when she was hanging by a dark pier with her precious baby, which was just hysterical. The pier is always dark, there are only shady people down there ever, and people always end up dead. So why are people taking kids down there to feed the ducks? First Emma, then Danny. Could you imagine what the ducks are like who hang out by the pier in Port Charles? Yikes! Meanwhile, Alison called John from a working payphone from there - miraculous - making Pier 52 one of the breakout stars of the week.

Connie and Sonny.
Wow, Sonny has developed the patience of a saint when it comes to Connie. She did him so dirty this week, but he held steady. Still hard to believe Michael took Connie's word over his own father. Connie! She has done nothing but lie and gotten caught since she took over Kate! Michael needs a purpose greater than boosting AJ or he is going to lose himself in this whole ELQ mess.

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- Hollie Deese