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Hot morning after mess. (ABC)

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"GH" Rundown for the week of January 14-18:

Serious craziness this week. With Trey's death, Lucy's return to her vampire-slaying past and Carly's epic bender, "GH" delivered with comedy, heartbreak and Heather Webber to boot.

Vamping it up.
Lucy got one of the lines of the week: "Doesn’t anyone remember the vampire infestation 10 years ago?" Uh, yeah we do Lucy! She was totally unwavering in her crusade to kill Caleb, er, John this week. As a fan of "Port Charles" I am loving this nod to the old soap. Not everyone has been loving this undead turn of events, specifically "GH" fans who never watched the spinoff. But the storyline probably won't last too long, so there is nothing to do but enjoy it - or not - while it lasts. If you were a fan of "Port Charles," who else would you like to see come back to town? Rafe? Frank? Vote in our GH Poll: Port Charles Past.

Love in the afternoon?
Dealing with the undead is one thing, but dealing with dead love lives is another. Whatever happened to smoldering looks and steamy sex scenes? Soaps are much too tame these days – it was only a few weeks ago Alexis tossed over Shawn for a sandwich and Dante and Lulu spent precious bed time eating ice cream. This week when Todd told Johnny that he banged the hell out of Carly all night and half the next day was kind of the hottest thing we saw all week. Show us some skin!

Carly, AJ and a pair of scissors.
Carly hit a new low this week with a Brittany-inspired meltdown, complete with frantic hair chopping. She was in a self-destructive shame spiral, and for just a moment there I was sure she was going to dive in head first and shack up with AJ. And if he was tempted at all, even for a second, all he had to do was imagine Carly waving those sharp shears around for the ultimate mood killer. He did manage to get a few good digs on her, especially that chestnut about her "skanking" off with her mother's husband. If Carly was feeling bad about herself before then, that was all that was needed to get her hacking at her hair.

Saying goodbye.
Olivia gets the award for best acting of the week. She really was able to portray the regret and guilt of not knowing Trey and when she told him she loved him despite hardly ever sharing a scene with him. I believed it, 100 percent. Plus, she looked so good with her freckles – adorable!

Connie was also able to pull out the emotion of a mom losing her child, regardless of what a bad mother she was to Trey. In my mind, a traumatized Connie was overtaken by a cool and collected Kate after Trey's birth, who had no idea there even was a baby. Then, because of her identity struggle the past few months she never got the chance to know him. Regret, party of one.

Kristina howling was a little much as usual, but the group gathered around Trey was tear-jerking and I loved when Michael joked that Trey was finally the center of attention. That little bit of lightness was so needed and very real for anyone who has dealt with the death of a loved one.

Sonny's allegiance.
Sonny was incredible in his comforting Connie, if not a little pushy when getting her out of The Floating Rib. But it became clear that Sonny feels something for Connie as well as Kate and wanted to comfort her as best he could. But as moving as Sonny's scenes with the grieving mother were, it was painful to watch him practically ignore his own daughter. She was ready to leave town with the man she loved one minute, only to have him tragically taken from her the next - by the very woman Sonny spent the whole time comforting. Even a little one-on-one scene with the pair would have gone a long way to solidify the bond they were close to strengthening when he gave her his blessing to leave town in the first place.

Felicia, Mac and crew.
I hate to break it to Felicia, but no one really missed her enough to warrant a blanket explanation of where she has been. In fact, it only drew attention the fact that she has had absolutely no storyline whatsoever. Her best friend Lucy has been in town for weeks now and the first time she got to see her was after her stabbing rampage? Of course, once they heard of what she did Alexis decided to leave a message for Kevin. "Now all we have to do is wait for him to call back," said Shawn. Did he really say that? Writers, you can do better. It will be interesting to hear what happened with Kevin and Lucy, who were broken up at the end of "PC" but appeared together as a couple at Lila's funeral. And heck, with Ewen gone Connie could use a good head doctor and Kevin would certainly fit the bill.

Diane and Todd hijinks.
Diane eating Todd's hospital bacon was hilarious, and I am not mad at her for holding out her business card for Lucy, then slowly withdrawing it as she went on and on about the vampires. Todd's double thumbs up to Lucy for attacking McBain was pretty funny too. I am really holding out hope for what is to come when Todd joins Lucy and Heather in Ferncliff.

Storyline lapse.
Didn’t Molly have a book stolen? It is understandable why Connie and Todd have been so busy, but it shouldn't be too hard for Alexis to move forward on this now. And what are they going to do with Duke now? Like Anna, I still just think latex and cigarillos when I look at him so it might be time to find him a new, totally different purpose other than reuniting with Anna.

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- Hollie Deese