Which enemy has come "back from the dead"? (ABC)

*Tuesday, December 26: Sonny and Jason are shocked to learn that a sworn enemy seems to have risen from the dead.

*Thursday, December 28: Sam sees Jason's life through new eyes.

*Friday December 29: There's an accident that jeopardizes Liz and her unborn baby's lives.

On Wednesday, December 6, Skye makes Sonny an offer.

On Monday, December 11, Sonny can't keep his mind off of Carly. He schemes to win her back once and for all!

On Thursday, December 14, Carly comes right out and asks Sonny what he's feeling.

On Tuesday, December 12, Lulu, Jason and Spinelli make a break for it.

Thursday & Friday, November 23 & 24 GH will be pre-empted for the Thanksgiving holiday. A vintage episode will air on Thursday (from last spring when Robin, Liz, Kelly and Emily were at Jake's fantasizing about Patrick!) Friday there will be no GH due to college football. Bummer.

November 17 is the day that Ignacio Serricchio gets hit with a mob bullet and exits Port Charles for good! A fitting ending for the thug who drugged college girls and took nude photos!

On Wednesday, November 22, the Spencer family gathers around Laura to give her the Christmas she'll never see.

Tony Geary and Genie Francis are on The View on November 14!

Monday - Friday, November 13-17 -- Be part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the legendary courtship and marriage of Luke and Laura, all week long on General

Thursday, November 16th -- 30 million people witnessed their first wedding. Let's see if we can get more to watch them exchange vows the 2nd time around on General

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