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"I am not shy about saying that Elizabeth didn’t have any closure."

As Elizabeth Webber, Rebecca Herbst has seen a lot of people come and go from Port Charles. But recently, she has lost a couple of very important people in her life. Herbst talks with about finding closure after Jason’s (Steve Burton) exit and her reaction to the recent news Steve (Scott Reeves) was leaving the show. She also talks about a cause important to her heart, Smile Train, which is dedicated to providing surgery and care to children around the globe with a cleft lip or palate. How long have you been working with Smile Train?

Herbst: It’s been about 10 years now, so quite some time. Why is this cause so important to you? How did you get involved?

Herbst: Well, my mother gave me a pamphlet when I was looking for ways to raise lots of money for a charity. And when she handed me this pamphlet, I read it over I thought, ‘Wow, I am so impressed with how this is run.’ And the fact that it is only $250 to fix a child’s smile is absolutely incredible. It is doable. And people are excited about giving that amount of money because they know where it is going and they know it will completely change a life. What goals do you hope to help achieve during their Season of Smiles campaign?

Herbst: I am just trying to bring awareness. We are trying to help them reach the goal of 1 million smiles. And to date they have already reached 800,000, so I know we can do it. People just need to be reminded, especially during this time. Even though this is the season of giving, we just need to be reminded that there are a lot of children out there who need our attention and need our help. During Fan Club weekend I raise money for the Smile Train too. So how does Liz feel now that Jason is gone? We have not gotten to see her open up too much about it.

Herbst: No, and we haven’t see her really mourn Jason a whole lot either. I have been asked this question a lot and I am not shy about saying that Elizabeth didn’t have any closure. I keep thinking maybe it will happen, but I am not sure. I know that - just from knowing Elizabeth for the past 16 years - I know that she has decided to put one foot in front of the other and move on and be strong for her boys and not end up in Ferncliff. That is always a top priority.

Herbst: Yes. But it has happened before! Will the lack of closure around Jason’s exit prevent Liz from moving on romantically?

Herbst: You know, honestly, I have a feeling that my opinion and the writers’ opinion on that would be completely different. But it is up to Ron [Carlivati] and Frank [Valentini] how she chooses to deal with that. So is there any romance coming up for Liz that you know of?

Herbst: Not that I know of. We know Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) is related to Juan, who was played by your real-life husband Michael Saucedo. Is he going to be coming back for an appearance?

Herbst: I don’t think so. I am going to guess that the reason why Juan was mentioned was because it ties Sabrina into the Nurse’s Ball a little, so she has more of a motivation other than completely having fallen in love with Patrick [Jason Thompson]. So now there is another reason for her to get the Nurses’s Ball together. It was a really funny mention and I loved saying it. And I think he should come back and do a song or two. Maybe a reboot of your performance of Footloose?

Herbst: Oh my goodness! You know, the leather pants have been burned and we would not be dancing anymore.

Check out Herbst and hubby Saucedo as GH's Liz and Juan perform Footloose. Is Liz going to be performing at the Nurse’s Ball?

Herbst: I don’t believe so. I don’t think so. I think Elizabeth is trying to orchestrate the whole thing and get it together and hopefully I will be on that end of it and not performing. There are quite a few new faces around the hospital. How has it been working with all of the new people?

Herbst: Well, Teresa [Sabrina] is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more down-to-earth working partner. I look forward to every day I have scenes with her. And we work really well together so it is a plus. And the Felix [Marc Anthony Samuel] character brings a lot of comedy to every scene, which is fun. We are not a comedic show, so it is exciting when we get to have a little fun with our dialog. And Dr. Westbourne [Kelly Thiebaud], or as Felix likes to call her, Dr. West Nile, she is really sweet too. We’ve lucked out with all of our new people. So in terms of Patrick are you Team Britt or Team Sabrina?

Herbst: I am totally Team Sabrina! I want him to be with somebody nice. Elizabeth does not like Britt so much. So we just found out Scott Reeves, who plays your brother Steve, is leaving. How does that news hit you?

Herbst: Well, it has not even been 24 hours yet, and he honestly left my house two minutes ago. Whenever somebody leaves, there is a sad feeling. I am sad I am not going to have a brother on the show. I have really enjoyed having that relationship. And I know the fans enjoyed seeing that brother-sister relationship and just how we interacted with each other. It is nice, also, on a show to have friendships and relationships with people whom you are not romantically involved. So I really enjoyed working with him. But he’ll be fine. He has more talent in his little finger than most people have in their own bodies. He is going to be great. It is nice to see Liz have a relationship with a girlfriend, like Sabrina. Maybe they can bring in more people for Liz to interact with.

Herbst: Yes, I agree.

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