General Hospital's John Ingle's Bout with Melanoma image

John's stlyin'. (

Don't worry Quartermaine fans, John Ingle (Edward Quartermaine) is just fine. He recently had a small section of sun-damaged skin on his scalp treated and needs to keep it covered for a few weeks. Apparently Ingle joked to General Hospital producers about a myriad of other ways the wardrobe department could cover his bandages, but the cap was how they ultimately solved the dilemna. It's called a 'touring cap' and now Ingle is the proud owner five different colored versions.

This certainly explains Edward's cap, right? Remember when he and Monica arrived at Robin and Patrick's wedding and Monica explained to Mac that the cap was doctor's orders (and that Edward wouldn't normally dream of wearing a cap into a church). It was an odd piece of dialogue that had us all guessing (and hoping that everything was alright)! wishes John a speedy recovery, but hopes the cap sticks around a while. It's hot!