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Robin's necklace! ( receives many emails inquiring about the fashions of the citizens of Port Charles. As always, we go straight to the source and speak with Mary Iannelli, the head of wardrobe for General Hospital. Here's what you wanted to know:

Mary: I'm interested in the green dress worn by Elizabeth on October 28 and the sparkly sweater worn by Maxie on the same day. Where can I get them?
A: Elizabeth's green dress is by Marc Bauer, and Maxi's sweater is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Nicole: Where was the pink and black purse from that Maxie carried on October 28 and 29. She had it while getting all the wedding plans together for Robin.
A: Maxie's pink bag was Betsyville by Betsy Johnson

Elizabeth: I recently read that the leather jacket that Jason wears on GH is by Hugo Boss, how about the makers of his jeans, black t-shirts and shoes (are they boots)?
A: Jason's jeans are by diesel; t-shirts American Apparel and the boots are Harley Davidson.

Roshelle: Do you know where I can get the necklaces Robin wore for her wedding? I love her jewelry! Thanks!
A: Robin's necklace was from Traffic women's store.

Hanan: I would like to know where Lulu got her sweater that she wore on October 30.
A: Lulu's sweater was from Aqua.

Heather: Maxie carried a grey handbag the week of October 20 & 27. Was it a Guess bag?
A: You're right! Maxi's bag was from Guess.

Allyson: I'm wondering where the dress came from that Kate wore to her wedding rehearsal at the church. I believe it was white or ivory and it had a big flower of the same material on it.
A: Kate's Dress was from Karen Millen

Mary: Around late September or October, Carly wore a pull-on sweater with long sleeves (raglan or full) and the back was out. The front was non-descript but the back was the show-stopper (backless into a deep V). Could you tell me the designer or store?
A: Carly's teal shirt was from Velvet.

Michelle: Carly was wearing a beautiful sweater on November 5 when she gave Sonny a sponge bath. The sweater was ivory or off white. Where is it from?
A: Carly's sweater was from YaYa.

Alex: I was wondering about the jacket that Sam wore the week of November 3 when Jerry kidnapped her. I believe it's leather and has a brown hood. It is too cute.
A: Sam's jacket was By Doma.

Isabella: Where did Robin get her maternity bridal gown? I just found out I am pregnant and have my vow renewal in February!
A: Robin's wedding dress was form Marc Bauer.

When you have fashion questions for, go to the GH Wardrobe Question Link and let us know. Please include as much information as you can recall, such as a description of the item, the date it aired, etc. We will get back to you as soon as we hear back from our contacts at ABC.

Happy shopping!

- Julie Clark Robinson