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Lindsey Morgan (Deidrha Fahey)

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"Her ideology right now is, even if it is a bad decision, let me make it."

When Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Alexis' (Nancy Lee Grahn) daughter Kristina (Lindsey Morgan) came back into town with her camera crew and a bit of an attitude, she immediately began calling the shots with her folks. Now newly married to the son of her father's enemy, she is about to cause even more grief for Sonny. Actress Lindsey Morgan spoke with us about why Kristina trusts Trey (Erik Valdez), what she would like to see happen with the "Mob Princess" footage, and her love of doing stand-up comedy. How did it feel to get such a big storyline right from the beginning?

Morgan: It was definitely exhilarating. My first day I think I had about 30 pages, and worked the next day and the day after that on just those lines. They delivered my script and I have been on films before and I thought it must be the whole episode but no, it was just me. They totally threw me in, sink or swim, and I definitely learned a lot. It was awesome. So how does it feel to Kristina to be Mrs. Trey Mitchell?

Morgan: It's interesting. Kristina is 20 and I am about 22 and I really think Kristina is going through something I went through in my life because I left college also. She doesn't have a job or anything in Port Charles and is definitely going through a transition right now and really try to figure out what is important to her in her life. I think she is kind of blindsided by this guy, Trey, and she comes from a family where her parents were never together, ever. Never even tried really. So even though she wants to come off as a very strong and independent woman like her mom, she still very much has yearned for a steady love. A stability of family. and I think that is why her heart is really breaking for Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton). That is a really surprising character twist because you think Kristina would be much less affected by it. I think she is really wanting Trey to work any way he can because that union and the family and stability is something that is very important to her. Why did Kristina feel that she could trust Trey over Michael (Chad Duell) when he came to her?

Morgan: I thought that was interesting too because Michael has always been a hero for her. I think it is because since she has been back, Michael still very much takes care of her and is the overprotective big brother. She left college, which was her decision, and now she is back and it is kind of like she is trying to assert herself as an adult to everybody. And Michael is kind of like a third parent, but almost a little bit worse because he is so hot headed. I think it is funny because he is always the first line of defense. He usually knows when she is doing something stupid so he is the first one to try and stop it. Everyone around her thinks she is making bad choices and is making the wrong decision but her ideology right now is, even if it is a bad decision, let me make it. Let me deal with the consequences. Not that anyone who loves you is going to just let you ruin your life. Does she have any regrets about how she got married and not telling her family?

Morgan: I think she does for sure. I really do feel like marriage and love, especially true love and that commitment you make to someone is so important to her because she never grew up in a home with it. And even if she loves all of her half brothers and sisters, it is still like, wow. These are all from different women. You make your family, but a part of her has always wanted the "7th Heaven" perfect family. She wanted a big extravagant wedding and be able to plan it eight months in advance and have all of her sisters fussing over her and it be a proper Port Charles wedding with pictures in The Sun. I think she was kind of naive about it and her thing is that it is no big deal, they are just going to get it annulled. But it really is a big deal. Does a part of her want this wedding to be more than for just "Mob Princess?"

Morgan: Oh yeah, for sure. From the get go she has really, really liked Trey. She is always chasing after guys who don't feel the same. And with Trey, a little of it is pride, a little bit of it is hope and a little bit of it, she is just blinded by her own love that Trey feels the same way. So she sees going through with it as "Hey, I am doing this for you and this is a sign of how much you mean to me, how much I am willing to sacrifice for you." If anyone did such a sacrifice for me, it would immediately make me realize they really loved me and that is someone I need to keep in my life. And that is what she is hoping Trey is going to think. Kristina is lucky to not be in Port Charles right now. When are they supposed to return?

Morgan: Because of the outbreak they can't get a flight and everything is shut down. The entire city is quarantined. Spinelli is stuck too and no one can come in or out. Right now they are just gambling. That is what I assume they are doing. When they get back will she have a problem with Trey's living with Starr (Kristen Alderson)?

Morgan: I personally would have a problem with that! When they do return it is inevitable that she will find out about Sonny and Joe Jr's (Richard Steinmetz) history. How will she react with Trey?

Morgan: I think a lot of it depends on how Trey tells her and if he tells her or is someone else going to tell her before he does? She went through this giant sign of trust by marrying him. So does he come clean or does he tell Starr first? And if he does, that won't sit well with Kristina. And if somehow Sonny figures it all out before he has a chance to tell her, hearing it from her dad will be bad too. I think, of course, everything he has to tell her is going to be quite a blow, so it is going to be how he tells her and how he feels about it. Is he guilty and asking for forgiveness? Or is he telling her because he can't live with himself anymore and wants things to work? I think she will hear him out. Any other way, she is not going to like that. So is "Mob Princess" ever going to air?

Morgan: I don't know but I think it would be kind of funny if we did somehow put together something. I think it would be cute at a fan club weekend to do a mini movie and have all the characters in and out. It would be an interesting plotline in the story if we go back and review the tapes. It caught Patrick (Jason Thompson) popping pills and it has the potential of having caught something else. So that could be kind of cool for evidence or blackmail. Someone else could get a hold of the tape. Are you working on any other projects right now?

Morgan: "General Hospital" has been overwhelming with the amount of the work and I have been really trying to focus on that. But I do have a sketch show tonight. I do like to do improv and comedy and one of my friends asked me to participate in a sketch show and tonight is opening night. We will be at Second City in Hollywood tonight. It is an all-girl cast and it will be running for a month.

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