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"GH" Rundown Week of July 23-27:

Fast, furious and fabulous are really the only words that can be used to describe the unfolding of events in Port Charles this week. Robin is back, we found out who is holding her (what?), Heather is busted, Olivia is shot with LSD, Patrick begins treatment and all of Johnny’s misdeeds are caught on tape - I can barely take any more!

Ooooh, paging Dr. Creepy! How quickly that accent can go from charming to diabolical! Seriously though, was anyone else waiting for Dr. David Hayward to check in on Robin? I thought for sure I had that one all figured out. Here's hoping David is the mysterious person on the other end of the phone telling him to ship her off to Switzerland. At least Ewen is starting to show some dimension, and this revelation all of the sudden opens up all kinds of possibilities with his dynamic with Patrick, Liz – everyone. Characters who are all good are boring, and he was certainly in that category for me too until I saw him shining that light in Robin’s eye. Now he is all kinds of intriguing. Thanks "GH!"

Anna and Heather:
Anna has officially redeemed herself for her gaffe in passing up the shack a few weeks back. First, she laid Heather out with that punch in the burning shack earlier this week. Then she pulled a gun on Heather in the interrogation room - probably not standard PCPD procedure - and got her to spill the beans in a heartbeat. One has to wonder why Heather gave up the goods so easily, but maybe it is because she is used to being the one instilling fear in others. The cowering could be a holdover from her Ferncliff confinement.

Olivia and Steve.
I really hope that if Olivia comes out of her purple haze with all of her wits about her, the first thing she does is say sayonara to Steve. The phrase "too little, too late" was coined specifically for instances like this. His blubbering to Dante in the hospital about how he was responsible for Heather was so weak. Isn't it about time he gets picked up for that Memphis thing again since Maggie's death was really a murder? Here's hoping Olivia makes a full recovery just so she can tell Steve to suck it.

Connie, Johnny and the video tape.
How delicious is this storyline? First of all, the integration of Connie has not been as seamless as we have been led to believe. When Connie made a little late-night visit to Johnny, I totally forgot about the fact Todd and Heather were taping the whole thing - not to mention the extra bit between Carly and Johnny on his desk earlier. I wonder how mad Carly will be when that gets into the wrong hands, which it surely will. Johnny better hope he is in jail so he doesn't have to deal with that wrath. Although considering how easy it is for people to waltz in and out of the interrogation room down there, he will not be any better off.

Todd and Johnny.
These two are wither going to kill each other or team up for the ultimate bad guy bromance. I am hoping for the latter. Todd stormed over there with everything he needed to bring Johnny down - until Johnny dropped the bomb that he knows about Sam's baby. But how? This is something that happened when we weren't looking and I am dying to know exactly what and how he knows. What do you think? Take our General Hospital Poll: Johnny's Secret.

Unlucky-In-Love Liz.
If I were Liz, I would be getting a complex right about now. How hilarious that everyone is practically shoving Keenan down her throat right now too. No speculation needed on this - it is certain to end badly. Ewen could be that sexy bad doctor, but his blubbering to Liz about maybe possibly getting a second, second chance was just pathetic. Says poster Scrimmage, "For an evil criminal mastermind, or a mad scientist, Bigfoot sure is horrible with women. Begging a woman to go out is never attractive and seldom effective. You've got to make a woman want to go out with you, and the best way to do it is to act like that's the furthest thing from your mind, and to let her try to convince you. That was embarrassing." Totally.

Sam and Spin.
We just got a brief glimpse of these two at the end of the week, and I am glad to see Sam is not giving up on Todd just because Heather is behind bars. I have to say I was kind of surprised at Spinelli's insistence she leave Todd alone and get on with her life. As if that is even possible when she found a folded up clipping about the death of her baby on his hotel room floor. The room was spotless and that was the only thing out of place. I would still be looking too!

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- Hollie Deese