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GH Rundown Week of July 16-20:

Now we are getting somewhere! The thread is really starting to unravel for Heather, faster than she can keep up, and I am loving every minute of it. No Sam, Jason or baby talk this week, which was fine. We needed a break from that downer of a storyline to truly appreciate the tightening of the noose around Heather's neck, as well as the other big highlight of the week - The reopening of The Haunted Star.

PCPD skills.
I have to admit I was feeling very let down by Anna last week for just walking away from that damn shed without so much as a whistle. I'm actually shaking my head just thinking about it. This week, however, Anna was on top of her game, finally getting herself closer to finding out Heather's dangerous game. I was practically giddy when she and Dante got that forger in their interrogation room and found out Heather was behind Maggie's "suicide." Then, when they swept Archie's real place, it took about 2.2 seconds for Anna to realize the letter they found that Luke had written was in code. Another 3 seconds later she had it deciphered and remembered the shack. Let's just hope she can make it there in time to save his hide.

Sweet tea, BLTs, and a Hard Day's Night.
I've never really been a fan of sweet tea or LSD, but BLTs may be ruined for me now after watching Heather shove that sandwich in Luke's mouth this week. It was only slightly less uncomfortable than watching Todd hand feed him that juicy pineapple. However, Heather and Luke together are just too funny for me. Loved his pet names for her, loved her refusal to have sex with him because of his ripeness, and especially loved him trying to get her to feed him the acid. I never knew so many Beatles song titles could sound so absolutely filthy. As for Heather, she certainly has a lot of contacts in the crime world, and have to wonder what her time in Ferncliff was really like. Could be a good spinoff, right? I just had to laugh when she gulped down that huge glass of iced tea in front of Olivia without even blinking. I for one am team Heather all the way. Sure, I want her to get caught, but she is making the waiting oh so much fun. I'm rubbing my hands thinking about all the fun it will be dragging out every last dirty detail of her deeds.

Trey and Joe Jr.
So we learned some very interesting information this week about the dynamic between these two, and I have to say Trey is a smidgeon more sympathetic because he had no idea about anything it seems. But seriously, when he asked Joe if he would find bad things about his grandfather if he Googled him, my eyes went on a rolling frenzy. Seriously, he has never Googled his dad or grandfather's name? Ridiculous. Which brings up yet another weird detail. Why is he using a fake name? Joe was upset at first but now is glad. Why did it even happen in the first place? Wouldn't they both be living under aliases if he was trying to hide out? More questions than answers for me with these two I am afraid.

Opening night.
I am a big fan of Daytime event scenes that get everyone all together, all dressed up, and all up in each other's business. First of all, Patrick popped no less than three ADHD pills his first hour on the party boat - can we really call it anything else? And really, why ADHD pills? It's not like he needs to clean his house really good. He needs to get past the grief of losing Robin and amphetamines are not going to help. If anyone needs saving right now, it is him.

Michael and Starr are still moving slow, but made it public they are indeed a couple. I love that Blair thinks they are perfect together. What I didn't love were the lame speeches delivered by Johnny and Lulu before Starr's performance. Especially Lulu, who all bit told the crowd her husband sucks for not being there, but to enjoy their night! Poor Dante never even got to see her in that dress that cost a few weeks' salary from the PCPD.

Blair and Todd.
So how about these old star crossed lovers? Back together to support their daughter, I love how Todd at first conspired to keep her out of the hotel, then seriously backpedaling once he thought Thomas was out of the picture. It was pretty obvious things were not going to go as planned for him, but no one was more shocked than me when he pulled out that engagement ring. Except maybe Blair.

There was a lot of it this week (Sonny and Kate, Carly and Johnny), and those who were not doing it wish they were. Better luck next time Heather, Todd and all the unlucky in loves in Port Charles. Of course, it was her bedroom session with Sonny that brought out the Connie in her, and she decided to make a late night visit to Johnny after finally remembering her conversation with him about taking the fall for the tire shootout. But was it Kate or Connie who showed up at Johnny's door? Be sure to vote in our GH Poll: Kate or Connie

I do have one big beef this week, and that is the fact Heather did not make it to the opening. Todd called her to make sure she stuck to Johnny, but she never showed up and it was never mentioned again. I know she is really busy, but I was really looking forward to seeing her do her thing at the club. Boo. Another comment. Odds are Maria the maid is another notch in Heather's belt of death.

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