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"GH" Rundown Week of July 9-13:
Can anyone else feel the tension building in Port Charles? Everything is just on the verge of coming to light - Trey's parentage, Sam and Jason's baby's DNA results, Luke's imprisonment, Heather's and Todd's misdeeds - that every day last week was deliciously frustrating.

Anna's skills.
On the job a week and Ms. DeVane is already following clues and gathering evidence like a champ. She got the body and has Heather in for questioning and yet, did not even open the door to a shack right next to where the body was found. Isn't it possible a murderer could have left some kind of clues behind. It was all I could take to keep from screaming at her to open the door as she dithered outside until some low level cop told her to move along. Meanwhile, Luke couldn't bang his chair around more, or scoot it toward the door? Heck, he could have even stood up and waddled to the door with the chair tied around him as it was. Just a thought. Willowk said, "Oh Anna, so close and yet so far. And answer this, what kind of abandoned shack used by transients or dead animals is locked with a porch light? Luke will continue to languish in his prison."

Sloppy sleuthing.
Anna's avoidance of the shack was not the only example of poor detective work last week. Sam, despite having the paternity results right in her hand, let Maxie distract her until Todd snatched the proof literally right out of her hands. At least we got to see what else was in Heather's purse - candles and canned oysters. Awesome.

The best part of the development in this story line this week is that hopefully, it was over. Molly has been lying to Alexis. Alexis found out, got mad and marched her down to Shawn and TJ to clear things up. I thought it was a little ridiculous that TJ accused her of racism and that was what caused her to bend. I'm sorry, but if I hid a guy from my mom when I was 15 and she caught him changing in my room, I wouldn't be seeing the light of day for a while. In my opinion, Alexis needs to man up, ground Molly and kick Kristina and her camera crew out of the house. She is letting these girls boss her around and I don't like it.

The kiss.
Now that Sam and John have kissed - and Jason knows about it - it will be harder than ever for these two to find their way back to each other. And once the paternity results are revealed, Jason will be sent into a shame spiral that will either send him straight into Liz's arms or back together with Sam. I do have to admit I loved when Jason called her out for her kiss with John as she was acting all indignant about his pucker with Liz. Somehow though, the fact that Jason does know may clear the path even more for her to start something up with John. Something tells me, however, that Jason and Sam have even more problems ahead. One relationship I don't see happening with ease is between Liz and Ewen. Despite her protestations to everyone that she is just a friend to Jason, I don't buy it. Given the chance - as proved by their brief kiss on the bridge - she would be with Jason in a heartbeat. She certainly isn't done consoling him, and her services are about to be extended in that area.

New love.
Are Michael and Starr cute or what? I am the first to admit I could not stand Starr when she came to town, but I am a total convert on her character as she and Michael make their way toward building a sweet romance. Flowers, hand-holding, nervous jitters - these are all things I am so happy to see Michael experience. He has been expected to live beyond his years, and despite how tragically Starr came into his life, I think I can see happy days for them ahead. I hope.

Steve's delusion.
First of all, how inappropriate was it for Steve to get all up in Jason's face at Kelly's about his kiss with Liz? He had no idea what had even really happened, and then got all up in Jason's face in public. Liz must have been mortified! Thank goodness Anna called him down to the station so he could extract himself from the mess he started. Once there, he couldn't believe his murderous, black-market baby selling momma could be involved transporting a dead body. And poor Olivia! When she tried to talk some sense into him and reiterated the fact he took legal responsibility for her actions, she was worried about him. Can't wait to see the look on his face when it comes out that she killed Maggie just for him. And I really hope we get to see the look on his face when Olivia kicks him to the curb. He deserves it.

Rocky romances?
Dante and Lulu are having some marital stress, thanks to Johnny. Boy, is she going to look like a first class idiot when the news of all of Johnny's misdoings come to light. Maybe even more so than Carly. She is putting her marriage at risk by even being friends with him, not to mention their business dealings with the Haunted Star. For someone who seems to know all about her dad's love life and what he is doing wrong, she is acting even worse in her own life.

As for Carly and Johnny, this is about to blow up, and I can't wait to see how it impacts her potential with Todd. He is very interested, and when they are in a room together you can tell she feels it too. I loved the scene last week where she came to Todd's office to demand he back off Johnny. Todd's flirtation combined with his totally accurate assessment of Johnny was great. Even Carly did not seem totally convinced of her loyalty to Johnny when she called him "perfect middle ground." How romantic.

Sonny's revenge.
So we are all in agreement that Joe Jr. is going to get off, right? What a conundrum that is going to cause for guilt-ridden McBain and vengeful Sonny. Oh, and Trey too. What is going to happen now that he found his dad's medal in the coffee warehouse? I for one am glad this storyline is moving along at a steady clip. No need to drag this one out since there are so many elements that are tied into it.

Todd and Heather.
Can you say scene stealers? Whether playing off of each other or dealing with the other residents in town, these two are sarcastic, evil and for me, amazing to watch. I love every scene they are in together and am looking forward to how these two handle getting busted. Of course, not everyone is a fan and simply see these two as messing up the lives of characters they really love. What do you think about these two? Be sure to vote in our GH Poll: Heather and Todd.

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- Hollie Deese