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"GH" Rundown Week Of July 2-6:

Whew! The record-breaking hot temperatures last week sure provided a sizzling backdrop for some of the new couples in Port Charles. Even with a day off for the holiday, a lot happened last week. There were a few first kisses, Joe Jr. was brought to town and Anna was closer to finding out the truth about Heather. Soon, there should be some real fireworks that have nothing to do with the Fourth. The only thing missing for me was a peek at Heather's first column - I am dying to know what dirt she dug up her first week on the job!

Monday - There Will Always Be Haters.

After their run-in on the plane, Jason got detained while John was free to head on to New Orleans without him. This actually worked out to John's benefit when Jason was able to save him later because of it. Sure, Jason left him tied up, but he saved his life. I have a feeling this was just the beginning of John's copacetic mixing with the mob, and as time goes on, separating his good cop from his bad cop is going to be very difficult for him.

This was also our first day with Joe Scully Jr., and we learned that he was indeed the person behind Trey's reality show. It was obvious from what transpired in Joe's pawn shop later with his thugs and McBain that he was still heavily involved in the mob, but was Trey unaware of that fact? There are many questions swirling around what exactly Joe has told Trey about his past. I'm assuming there are plenty of lies and misinformation out there to keep us guessing throughout the summer. Trey's refusal to give into Kristina's flirting shows he was on a mission with something to prove.

Tuesday - Wish It All Away.

Finally, Sonny got his time with Joe Jr. No matter how you feel about Sonny's mob ways, his handling of Kate and his emotions regarding the rape made me anticipate this meeting very much. Joe told Sonny that Kate threw his baby away like trash, so we know he has had Trey this whole time, probably feeding him lies about everything that happened. One question does linger, however. He claims Connie came on to him, so is it possible her DID started before that night with Joe Jr.? Just a thought.

So while Sonny had a gun in Joe's face, Kate went back to work to find Todd in her office and she was not happy. Considering she has been away from the office for weeks with little backup that we know of, she should be surprised things were not even worse upon her return. Reader Scrimmage said, "I guess Lulu's issue of Crimson didn't turn out so well after all. Gee, who would've ever thought that?" Later, Todd caught Sam snooping and it seemed like his conscience was going to get the better of him - again. Todd's behavior has been kind of a conundrum. Every day he is still aligned with Heather his life got worse and worse. Besides, Heather has so much more to lose here than him thanks to her disposal of Anthony's body, so he needs to turn the tables and quick.

Trey and Kate exchanged some words at Kelly's, and it was pretty obvious he had some real animosity toward Kate, but seemed to want to get to know her better too. I wonder how he will react to Joe's role in everything, but I am pretty sure he won't believe a word of it. At least, at first.

Michael put it on the line for Starr, and their relationship has evolved to the point to where now, I want them to be together. Any sooner than this and it would have made no sense at all. Michael has had a rough life, and he deserves some happiness. His banter with Starr was sweet and much-deserved.

Thursday - Gossip Doesn't Take Holidays.

I have to say, when it comes to the relationship between Heather and Todd, she has the upper hand all of the way. I keep waiting for cold-hearted Todd to emerge and set her straight, but he truly seems scared of her. Maybe he has not dealt with her type of crazy before, but she is literally running his life! If he keeps making Heather mad like he did by chatting with Sam there is no telling how many BLTs she'll eat. We did get to see Robert again, gushing over Jason and Sam like they were the only couple ever to be in love. That should give her something to think about later in the week.

Tracy spilled the beans to Anna about what she thinks happened with Luke and Anthony, and once I got past my initial irritation, I was so glad she did. Anna is one smart cookie and it didn't take her long to wonder if Heather might have taken the body as a perceived favor to look. So how is it Luke, in all his time wondering what might have happened to the body, didn't get there first? Well, he knows now, and hopefully Anna will know soon too.

McBain brought his good cop with him and busted up Sonny's revenge scene with Joe Jr. in the coffee warehouse. He was determined to do things by the book, even after Joe. Jr. put the blame for Theresa's death right at his feet. That guilt should really eat away at him for a while. At least he did Sonny a solid by letting the doubtful cops know he was clean.

Friday - Bring It On Lady Liberty.

For me, cliffhanger Friday did not disappoint. Anna and Spinelli pooled info and I can't imagine it will be much longer before Luke is found. But the layers of Heather's misdeeds are deep. I was glad Heather brought up Maggie on Friday - remember her? No one else seems to.

After much tension and bantering, Michael and Starr shared their first kiss. Yay! Seriously though, if you would have asked me two months ago if I would be happy to see something happen between these two I would have said no way. But Starr has grown on me and I really want these two to find some happiness together. And if it is just a summer fling, I am all for that too.

As for the other kiss that happened on Friday, I choose to reserve my opinion, but will say I wish Jason and Sam would talk - really talk. I feel like it has been months since they have had a real conversation and even longer since they have had even a slightly happy moment. That makes the comfort of another human very hard to resist. Poster ransomha says, "I think part of the reason it was so easy for Sam to end up in John's arms is because her marriage stinks. From the very beginning these two have not been honest with each other or communicated. With a good marriage, the most handsome man on earth could make a pass at you and you would never consider disrespecting your husband. Sam and John are soapy forbidden lust. They will try to stay away from each other which will only make them want each other more!"

Jason and Sam mean a lot to many fans, but the reuniting of Kelly Monaco and Michael Easton on screen is making others practically salivate. What do you think Sam should do? Be sure to vote in our GH Poll: Jason or John?

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- Hollie Deese