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"GH" Rundown Week of June 25-29:

Things are really starting to get sticky for Todd each day he keeps his baby-switching secret. In fact, a lot of secrets are on the verge of boiling over, and the suspense is killing me!

Who else is dying to try one of those infamous BLT's from Kelly's? On Monday's Just You, Me, And A BLT, poor Luke had to forgo not one, but two romantic dinners with caviar for the lunchtime staple with Heather, in a shed. It's starting to look more and more like he is going to be stuck with Heather and her hardcore advances for a bit. Spanky and Slim will just have to wait their turn. At least they had each other to keep each other company. I found it sad when Tracy finally realized that Luke had romantic intentions for Anna. Their scenes together have had so much spark and fun, something I think is very needed right now among all the moroseness.

Meanwhile, Johnny's mental torture continues to grow, which will hopefully lead to some kind of crazy breakdown worthy of all of this build up.

The biggest piece of information we learned during Tuesday's Sorry Slim was the fact Patrick has been popping pills. Not sure if this is something new since Matt's arrest or if he has been taking them ever since Robin's death. I am having a hard time buying the fact anyone is okay with Maxie even living there. Patrick telling her she is family is even more laughable. Matt and Maxie are barely married and she had a big hand in Robin's death. With her there, the chances of Patrick not taking pills are slim.

Speaking of, Slim is starting to get mad at Luke, spurred on I am sure by Lulu's speech earlier that Luke will do anything to avoid confrontation. I wonder how long the police commissioner is going to let his absence go before deciding he is actually missing?

Kate decided it was time to turn herself in for a crime she neither committed, nor remembers. Smart. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Jason what he has learned about Kate's rape. The build on this entire, intertwined storyline is torturous, but in a great, soapy way. So many people are involved, and Kate and Sonny's bond seems stronger than ever. By the time Joe Jr. joins this dysfunctional crew, emotions should be through the roof.

The best scene of the week involved Heather cashing in on her promise of a job from Todd. Heather is so crazy, and Todd actually seems scared of her. Anyone can see that he had motives other than employment when hiring her, and it is only a matter of time before it all blows up in his face.

Spinelli got much closer to Heather than even he anticipated on Wednesday's In Search Of The Cockeyed Cuckoo. His bird-watching spiel was just too funny, and I am not afraid to say I gasped a bit when Heather popped up behind him. I am confused as to why she let him go. She seems to have no qualms about adding to her body count and Spin is obviously out to get her.

Tracy told Anna everything she knows about Anthony's body, wholly implicating Luke in the murder. There is no doubt that she thinks Luke did it, but without him around, he can't defend himself. And really, couldn't she have waited another day or two before spilling the beans? Hopefully Heather hid that body as good as she says she did.

Todd let his guilt get the better of him when he hired Sam to be his assistant. I think subconsciously he wants to get caught. He physically can't make himself tell Tea the truth, and the one thing he was holding on to - that the baby was not wanted by Sam and Jason - is evidently not true. If he is caught, he can make right with what happened without making the first move.

Liz seems like a glutton for punishment to me. Her little chat with Jason about how she will always be there for him was sad. And was he really shocked to think he could possibly hurt her? Really? Pilled-up Patrick really called it like he saw it with Ewen when he told him to be worried about Jason, that the women he hurts are the first ones lining up to defend him. I like Ewen, but don't think he and Liz are going to make it.

On Thursday's show, Michael tells Starr that Trey is A Jerk With An Agenda, an honest assessment. We may not know exactly what that agenda is yet, but I am pretty sure it has to do with that baby Kate left in a drawer all those years ago. If he is the baby, he is not mustering any sympathy from me by his behavior. I have been slow to warm to Starr, but I have to say I am digging her scenes with Michael, who is also growing on me as a character.

Maxie confronted Patrick in typical Maxie fashion, and I am wondering why he has not told her it is time to look for an apartment. At least she picked up the pill she dropped to find out more info, from Spinelli perhaps? At least it wasn't left there for Emma to find and eat, which was my first thought when the pill hit the ground.

On Friday's Let It Roll, Trey was in ultimate jerk form. How unlikable can this guy get? I am sure that he thinks Sonny is his father, which could be what is directing his anger toward him. Not sure yet what his motives are but I bet we are about to find out.

Loved Johnny's little chat with Kristina about her role in this show. He really laid it out there what a fool she is going to look like when the footage airs, but she is not listening to anyone. What do you think should happen to Kristina? Vote in our Kristina's attitude poll.

Finally, for me, Liz and Sam's fight could have certainly used a few more sparks. Liz is so invested in Jason's feelings that she is putting a lot of blame on Sam, and Sam is giving Liz a lot of grief when she is the one who just got caught on the phone with John. And with John and Jason cozied up on a plane to New Orleans to get Joe Jr., summer is looking up to be a time of big reveals.

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- Hollie Deese