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Tuesday, September 30th is only a few days away, but if you find that you can't wait to find out what will happen at General Hospital after hours, has a sneak peek for you. Before you read it, you might want to go back and refresh your memory about last week's episode.

The next episode is called "Love/Hate" and here's what you can look forward to:

* Robin's mother, Anna (Finola Hughes guest stars), gives her moral support after Robert goes into emergency surgery.

* The staff faces a group of racists and does their best to treat them fairly in spite of their racism.

* Patrick makes a tough stand.

* Kyle is forced to tell Eric (played by Chad Allen) why he cannot forgive Claire and Leo for hooking up.

Plus, there's news of Season Two's finale - it'll be a two-parter, starting on October 14th and concluding on October 21st. If you want to catch up on anything you've missed so far (or want to watch it all again!), SOAPnet will be airing a Night Shift marathon of the first twelve episodes on Sunday, October 12th at noon.

How are you feeling about the GH spinoff's season two at this point? would like to thank our friends at SOAPnet for the sneak peek into the next episode. Tune in at 11:00 PM EST. If you don't get SOAPnet in your area and are a DIRECTV subscriber, you're in luck! You can watch GH: Night Shift on channel 101 on Mondays at 2:00 or 5:00 PM (EST). Be sure to come back to and let us know what you think.