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"General Hospital" weekly rundown April 16 - 20:

Port Charles certainly can't be accused of being a happy, shiny place these days, but it feels like a few dark storylines are coming to a head. Hopefully, when some of these arcs play out, it will make room for some levity and good old fashioned romance. Until then, let's break down what occurred last week on "General Hospital," which was filled with nothing but burning questions.

Happy birthday?

Was there anything more entertaining than Kate's meltdown last week? It wasn't supposed to be, but watching her freak out on a perplexed Jason was laugh out loud funny. Thankfully, she decided to commit herself, but delayed going to the loony bin so she could tell Sonny he's dating both women he fell in love with: Kate Howard and Connie Falconeri. Of course, that didn't work and Connie took over. Sonny's birthday cake didn't fare so well and it looks like Sonny and Carly won't either since a fired up Connie ended up on an out-for-blood Johnny's doorstep. Hopefully, after witnessing Johnny and Connie together, not only will the once hot, but now not Carly and Johnny be over, but the alter ego mess will be too.

Who did it?
They seem to finally be getting around to solving Lisa's murder. If anyone still cares, Spinelli and Matt (mostly Spinelli), have been speculating about who the culprit could be. Ewen was briefly a suspect and Patrick was next on Spin's list, but by Thursday's end, he started to wonder about Matt since he was drunk and doesn't remember most of the night Lisa was killed. Even though Maxie has confessed to the crime, it's pretty clear she didn’t do it, but she does indicate this week that she knows who did. Could it be someone close to her that she's covering for? Or is it really Ewen or even Maggie, who is on her way off the canvas and who seemingly had a connection to the evil doctor that was never explored? Tell us your current theory at General Hospital Poll: Lisa's Killer.

Right under their noses?
The other lingering crime that is being addressed is that of the stripper attacker. Eddie was a suspect for a while and, despite thinking he didn't even exist, he was introduced last week when arrested for the crimes. It doesn't seem he's guilty however, as he appeared genuinely shocked by it all. Since photos of the strippers were found in Delores' closet, it wasn't too much of a stretch to think she could be the culprit, but Lulu revealed a new suspect: Ronnie. In a nice, yet rare, father/daughter bonding scene, she confided in Luke that she thought one of Port Charles' finest was the attacker. It makes sense considering Ronnie has a questionable past as a cop and is hot to pin the crime on anyone available. But did he do it? Or is he the latest red herring?

Going too far?
So, Johnny's selling human organs on the black market now? That's pretty dark even for "General Hospital." Yes, he's a criminal, but this is taking it a bit too far. Maybe now that Sonny shut down Johnny's new business venture, he'll just stick to his other out of the blue side investment of producing music. This will also ideally mellow Starr out and make her more likeable. On a side note, are we really to believe Steve is helping Johnny with his appalling new money making scheme?

Not allowed to grieve?
Epiphany's tough love with Patrick, who has fallen into a drunken stupor while watching videos of Robin, was sweet, yet puzzling. It's clear Epiphany is there for Drake Jr., but shouldn't he be allowed to grieve the wife he was madly in love with and who was just "killed" in a sudden lab explosion? In soap time, where a day can last weeks, it can't be more than a month since he lost her. Epiphany obviously means well, but cut the man some slack!

Franco's the daddy?
Is he really? Since we never saw it and Sam doesn’t remember what happened, it's not a given that Franco actually raped her. With Heather back and Franco's dead body never seen, it's not out of the realm of possibility that the results were tampered with. This is General Hospital we're talking about. The place isn't exactly known for accurate results.

Aside from looking forward to Felicia's return this week, that's all I got this time around. What did you think of last week's "General Hospital?" Feel free to share your thoughts and own burning questions below.

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