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"They were ready to go storm the gates of ABC."

I've never interviewed anyone quite like Lindze Letherman (Georgie, "General Hospital"). Within minutes of our very first phone conversation we were talking about music and how grade-school girls across the country are belting out the song "I kissed a girl and I liked it...". Eventually we settled down to business and I told her that I let her fans at write my questions for her. She was more than happy to reply:

GHsince1999 posted that Georgie was the only teen character that she could identify with on General Hospital and asked Lindze Letherman if she would like to be on a soap again?

"There's nothing in the works currently, but I would not deny the idea of going to another soap. I loved it, in fact I didn't even realize it until I left," Letherman replied. She added that soap fans are like no other fans because they are loyal to the core. "They were ready to go storm the gates of ABC for me!" she laughed.

Pegrcker simply wanted me to tell Lindze Letherman how much she is missed. I added a question and asked if she was surprised by the outpouring of support that has occurred since leaving the show. The actress answered, "Yes, actually I really, really was. I considered myself a B character…you know, not a Sonny or Carly...and didn't realize that I had so much of a following or support until after I was gone. I was really, really touched."

Letherman said that she worried a little that after she left "GH" people would blame her. I asked what she meant by that. "Part of it was my fault," Letherman admitted. "I was filler for everyone else's story. When I had my meeting with Jill (Farren-Phelps, Executive Producer) and said that I wanted a story of my own, she was straightforward and said they weren't able to provide that for me because of the commitments they already made. She agreed that it was in my best interest to leave, and I'm not sure I could've made that decision on my own. I got a little greedy because I wanted more. Overall it was the studio's decision. If they would've said we want you to stay, I probably would have." She told met that she was kind of hurt, but has to give her props to ABC for the way they handled it. She shared that she has seen it (a parting of ways) happen respectfully and disrespectfully, and has the utmost respect for the way they did it with her.

Tink55 wanted to know if Letherman keeps in touch with any of the cast members. The actress laughed and called herself 'lazy' and 'terrible' about keeping in contact with people. She says that she has no reason not to, but she just doesn't, except for Kirsten (Storms) and, once in a while, Scott (Clifton), who is completely into his music as Clifton is leaving General Hospital at the moment. She said that Kirsten is like family to her and will always be her big sister. Then she added that there's an especially tight-knit group of crew members and hair stylists that she still sees once in a while.

Luv-J8son-n-Liz asked if Letherman still watches the show and if so, what does she think of Spinelli and Maxie being together? Again, Letherman's self-deprecating humor took center stage when she responded. She admitted to hating watching herself so she never really did watch the show! However, she did catch her death scene because she wanted to see Kirsten's (Maxie) performance. She said that she was sobbing while playing dead and that Kirsten "...knocked it out of the park. She was completely heart wrenching and the fact that she didn't get nominated for a Daytime Emmy blows my mind." Letherman added that her father is a religious GH watcher, as well as her web designer, and they pretty much keep her up to speed on all the happenings in Port Charles.

As for Maximista and the Jackal's romantic status, Lindze had just a few things to say. For starters, "They got busy!" Then she ranted on that it should've been Georgie and she can't blame Spinelli for taking the next best thing. "I'm totally kidding...Kirsten's going to read that and kill me!"

Meowbowow was curious about what Lindze is working on these days. I told Lindze that has already reported on her work on Life in General that's about to debut on Spike TV, and she had plenty to add. She told me that the webisode's writer, "the lovely Karen Harris," had a big hand in writing Georgie's death scene on "GH." During the writers strike, Letherman was carrying a picket sign when Karen approached her and told her about the project and asked her to do it. The non-paying gig was something she jumped at and she was surprised at the "sassy little vixen" that Karen wrote for her. She said that the pilot is 16 minutes long and they all hope that with enough fan support it will take off.

The rest, my friends, you'll have to ask Lindze herself during our Live Chat this Thursday (September 11) at 8:00 EST. The actress is so excited to talk with her fans at that she said we should dump our usual thirty-minute format for a full hour. "I ain't got nothin' else to do!" she joked. I promise you that you'll have more fun with her than we've ever had on a chat so far. So, be sure to come to our GH Message Board. She is a hoot, let me tell you, we will have a great time with her.

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- Julie Clark Robinson