General Hospital's Genie Francis and Family Temporarily Relocate to LA image


By now, we've all heard about the lovely New England lifestyle of Genie Francis and her family. Her home furnishings boutique, The Cherished Home, is doing well and Genie loves running it. (Read more about it here.) Well, has learned that Genie and her husband, actor & director Jonathan Frakes, are giving a West Coast lifestyle another trial run, now that their children are older. (Son Jameson is 14 and daughter Elizabeth is 11.) Whether or not the family will definitely relocate reportedly depends primarily on how well the children adjust to their new schools. The family left Southern California over six years ago to move to London for three years before settling down in Maine.

Now that Laura Spencer seems to be on the road to recovery and Genie has committed to this month's screen time as well as a couple weeks during November sweeps, dare we hope that she will return to the show permanently? Genie can't confirm any such thing, but has gone on record to say that if that doesn't work out, she loves her month-long visits as she is doing now and did for last fall's sweeps.

In the meantime, she is set to tape the sequel to last year's holiday movie, "The Note" for The Hallmark Channel. The movie will come out in June of 2009 and taping starts as soon as her current stint on GH wraps up. Her husband Jonathan is currently working a TNT series called "Leverage". wishes the Francis/Frakes family the best of luck during this transitional period. Needless to say, we hope the adjustment goes very well!