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"General Hospital" weekly rundown for February 20 - 24:

What can I say about last week's "General Hospital" other than that it totally rocked? It was Ron Carlivati's first official week as head writer and it couldn’t have been better. Every episode displayed gripping drama, with great writing for and acting by veteran characters the viewers care about. The only complaint is that on Thursday, Cassandra's story brought the amazing momentum to a screeching halt, but Helena's involvement on Friday made it almost enjoyable. It's a small gripe though, so let's break down the fantastic week that was "General Hospital."

Some fans seem upset Robin was killed off. It's understandable, since she's been a core character on and off for the past 20 some years. However, the actress chose to leave. The show had to write her out, since recasting was wisely out of the question. Death seems like the only solution since viewers wouldn't have believed her taking off on the husband and daughter she loved so much, even to spare their feelings. And Patrick has to move on at some point. Having the audience and Patrick believing Robin is dead is the only acceptable way for that to happen. However, Mac definitely spoke for the viewers when he said he wouldn't accept Robin was dead until he saw her body. It is a soap after all and like her parents before her, it's not out of the question for Robin to return from the dead at some point. Probably, just as Patrick is about to commit to someone else.

Whether you like how Robin's death played out or not, you can't say the fall out hasn't been incredible. From Patrick to Anna to Mac to Sonny, the reactions over Robin's death were heart wrenching. Robert, Jason and Maxie still have to learn about her death, but for now, kudos to the actors for giving truly great performances last week.

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No love for Stone Cold.
Robin died trying to salvage the lifesaving medication she developed for Jason. She got it safely to Patrick before the explosion, but Patrick had no intention of passing it on to Stone Cold. Despite Sam's reasonable pleas for Patrick to put aside his heartbreak in order to spare her, Jason and their baby the same pain, Anna had to convince him it's what Robin would have wanted. Was it selfish on Patrick's part? Perhaps, but totally in character and understandable. Patrick has never really liked Jason and always wanted Robin to sever ties with the mobster. His cold refusal to help Jason was the perfect reaction for Patrick.

Welcome to Port Charles.

Starr, Hope and Cole were the first Llanview residents to migrate to Port Charles. Their introduction was a pretty decent one, as they explained they had to land in New York from L.A. instead of Pennsylvania because their airport was closed. As they tried to make their way home, Cole humorously filled in a disbelieving Starr on some of Port Charles' more infamous events and residents, while they subtly filled the audience in on their story. Unfortunately, things don't look good for the couple, as Anthony seemingly drove straight into them. Can't wait to find out if there are any casualties and what keeps Starr in Port Charles.

Odds and ends.

Will a dejected Shawn now bond with Alexis over Molly and TJ? They both could certainly use some lovin'.

Jason and Spinelli's heart to heart about their friendship was super sweet. Spinelli's worry for his friend and Jason's appreciation for all Spinelli has done for him were necessary beats that thankfully didn't get lost in the chaos of Robin's tragedy.

Dante warming up to Sonny isn't all that believable. Yes, Sonny took a bullet meant for his son, but Dante's still a cop and Sonny's still a mobster who shot him.

Does Molly telling Michael she knows she can count on him when she's in need mean he's the new Jason?

Even though he's not supposed to be a likeable character, Anthony and Tracy are growing on me as a couple. Luke, you have serious competition.

Speaking of Luke, will Helena really have him or Ethan killed? What do you think?

Aside from growing more intrigued by Kate going off the rails, that's all I got this time around. What did you think of last week's "General Hospital?" Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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- Lori Wilson