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Anna, Where Are Ya? (ABC)

*Does the fact that Robin's worldly mother pops in and out of Port Charles indicate that her days are numbered? SOD reports that some sources say that the network wants Finola Hughes to stay, while others indicate that it's getting harder and harder for them to work around her other career commitments.

*Even though Tyler Christopher has a pilot that he hoped would be picked up for the fall TV season, he has entered into a new one-year contract with GH. Stay tuned to hear if the pilot "Secrets of a Small Town" is picked up as a mid-season replacement.

*Robin Christopher (Skye) returns to GH in early October. Skye will still be pregnant, but her real-life baby will have already been born.

*Numerous recent mentions of Jerry Jacks have fans hoping Julian Stone will return to the show, but there are no definite plans at this time.

*Eddie Matos has joined the cast in the recurring role of Peter Marquez, to debut September 26. We hear that is will play a love interest for Leslie Lu!

*Kelly Monaco's contract is up for renewal. No word yet on whether she'll re-sign.

Emma Samms (Holly) to return in the fall 2006.

*Finola Hughes (Anna) has been seen in a few episodes for summer and fall 2006.

*John Bolger is coming to Port Charles to play Mayor Floyd. Bolger is best known for the roles of John Sykes on One Life To Live and Phillip Spaulding on Guiding Light.

*Constance Towers (Helena) returns to the show in May