Jane Elliot (Soaps.com)

Megan Ward (Soaps.com)

Soaps.com has received tons of emails regarding the new hair cuts of two of General Hospital's most fashionable characters. In fact, some of you asked for pictures to take to your stylist so you can get the same look! Wait no more ladies, in fact, go ahead and make your appointments. Just print out these photos and head out the door.

The hair cut that perhaps shocked us the most was that of the fiery Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot). For nearly three decades Tracy has shown her edge by wearing a precision-cut bob of varying lengths and then viola! - she showed up on our TV's last month with an entirely new do. And it is awesome! It's a head-hugging and uber flattering wispy look that softens her edgy character just a tad After all, just because Tracy is in love for the first time in her life doesn’t mean she's going to adopt the June Cleaver pin curls!

Also perching in the stylist's chair recently was fusionist Kate Howard (Megan Ward). When she first burst into Sonny's office last year with her swingy chin-length bob throngs of soap fans went to their hair stylist for a similar cut (myself included, I must admit.) Megan Ward recently said that once she noticed how many other ladies had her same cut it was time for another change. She has two small children, so long hair wasn't on her agenda and bangs made the perfect sense. Besides, Soaps.com has learned that when an actor wants to make a drastic change to their hair they need to get permission. Bangs, however, don't quality as a drastic change!

I contacted another of GH's fashion divas, Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller) and asked her a few questions about her hair style:

JCR: Carolyn, what is your favorite product for your hair?
CH: Redken's "Water Wax" is my personal fave.

JCR: How does your personal style differ from what the GH hair stylist do for Diane?
CH: At home, my hair differs from Diane's only in that they bump up the height a little for GH.

What are you still doing here? You now have photos of two of GH's best new haircuts in your hot little hands (unless your printer is out of toner that is). If enough of us get bangs, we'll get to see what Megan Ward (and her stylist) will come up with next!

Julie Clark Robinson
GH News & Recap Writer