Julie's message to her Soaps.com family image

The "Christmas Pagaent" from last year.

As I prepare for out-of-town guests, finish wrapping gifts, plan the holiday menu, shop for the holiday menu, and do a general spit-shine of the home and hearth, I can't help but feel a tug in my heart for the people I spend most of my days with. All of you! We've had quite a year together discussing our favorite soap.

*I'd like to especially thank the Soaps.com General Hospital moderators for all of their time and diligence as they help ensure that our message is board the friendliest the net has to offer.

*I'd like to hug Chrissi Fix, Amy Mistretta, Candace Young, Matt Purvis, Kristi Knight, as well as my fellow members of the media that I met on the Soap Cruise, and tell them how much I enjoy working with them.

*I'd like to thank all of the publicists, GH actors, and fan club presidents who never fail to give me an interview or answer my questions throughout the year.

*Lastly, I'd love to grab a magnum of champagne and go sit in a giant circle somewhere and talk, face-to-face, with all of you readers whom I've gotten to know so well through our lively message board.

If I could, I would send my goofy holiday card (that features my son in his home-made snow igloo, my daughter sipping hot chocolate and my husband and I snuggling our two dogs) to every one of you. Instead, please accept my heartfelt wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season with those you love.

(And no, I'm not talking about Jason Morgan!)

Let your hearts be light!

Julie Clark Robinson
GH Recap/News Writer