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We’re back with the latest installment of our fashion scoop with General Hospital's Head of Wardrobe, Mary Iannelli!

Cora M: Where can the taupe/black strapless gown Brenda wore for a photo shoot the week of September 13 be purchased?

A: Brenda's strapless dress was designed by our costume designer for the actress Vanessa Marcil.

Sarah M: Who makes and where can I find the necklace that Carly wore September 20?

A: Carly's necklace is from Nordstrom.

Jennifer H: Can you provide more detailed information about the grey Joie top Brenda wore on August 19? I cannot seem to locate it on the web.

A: The Joie shirt was purchased at Bloomingdale's

Saba K: Where is the peephole cream top with black polka dots from that Robin wore on September 16 & 17?

A: Robin's blouse is by Nanette Lepore.

Gisela V, Karen R, Renee H, Nicole P: Can you please tell me who designed and where I can purchase the brown leather jacket with ruffles on the bottom that Lulu wore on September 23 & 24?

A: Lulu's taupe leather jacket is by Phillip Lim.

Diana B, Nicole P: Where can I purchase the beige flat boots that Brenda wore on September 24 and who designed them?

A: Brenda's boots are by Fiorentini & Baker.

Cece A: Where can I find the shoes Sam wore on September 8?

A: Sam's shoes are by Elizabeth & James.

Rads M: Can you tell me the make/brand and name of the plum colored shirt that Brenda wore on September 28?

A: Brenda's plum sweater is by Ron Herman.

Cat H: Who makes the black and pink robe Lulu wore on September 8?

A: Lulu's black and pink robe is by Betsey Johnson.

Neeka C: Who makes and where can I find the red, one-shoulder dress Maxie wore the week of September 13?

A: Maxie's red one shoulder dress is by French Connection.

Jacquelyn J: I would like to know who makes the eyeglasses Brenda wore on August 23.

A: Brenda's eyeglasses are Vanessa Marcil's personal glasses.

Cynthia P: Could you please tell me who makes and where I can buy the handbag Lulu wore on October 1?

A: Lulu's handbag is by Via Republica.

Cynthia P: Could you please tell me who makes and where I can buy the handbag Robin wore in September? The strap was part chain and part leather.

A: Robin's purse is by B. Makowsky.

Cindy B: Can you please tell me where you purchased the brown crystal necklace Maya wore the week of September 27?

A: Maya's crystal necklace is from So Good.

Jen W: Where did Brenda get her boots and jacket from the October 5 episode?

A: Brenda's boots are by Fiorentini & Baker. Her jacket is by SWORD.

Gisela V: Who designed the white blouse that Claire wore on August 2 with black lace on the front?

A: Claire's blouse with the black lace is by D&G.

Aimee T & Julie R: Who makes the blue bow dress and black sequin sweater Maxie wore on October 6?

A: Maxie's dress is by Galliano. Her sweater is by Le Rok.

Paige G: Maxie wore a black and white diamond rope necklace the last week of September/first week of October. Could you tell me where I could get it?

A: Maxie's necklace is by Robert Rose from

Amanda J: Can you tell me who makes the grey tank and blue vest Sam wore on August 4?

A: Sam's tank is by Clu. Her vest is by M.O.L. Knit.

Lacreshia B: I would like to know where I can find the red button down belted dress that Maxie wore on October 8.

A: Maxie's red dress was actually an orange trench coat by Marc Jacobs. The belt was by Diane Von Furstenberg.

Judi D: Who made Lulu's shirt from October 8?

A: Lulu's shirt is by Velvet.

Robin C: Can you please tell me who makes the leather jacket and the black buckle boots Brenda wore on October 8?

A: Brenda's leather jacket is by Catherine Malendrino. Her buckle boots are by Fiorentini & Baker.

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