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"My kind of ballsy, take-no-prisoners babe."

Updated September 1:

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Originally posted August 26:

Adrienne Barbeau has had a long and successful career. She played Rizzo in the original Broadway production of "Grease" and Bea Arthur's daughter on "Maude," not to mention the several films she appeared in - "The Fog," "Escape From New York" - as well as the TV shows - "Drew Carey," "Carnivale" - but now, Adrienne Barbeau has come to GH as Brenda's mentor Suzanne.

Not only is Adrienne an actress, but she is also an author, who recently penned Love Bites, the sequel to her first novel Vampyres of Hollywood.

The actress shared her thoughts with about joining GH, as well as what we can expect from her latest novel.

As for how she came to join the Daytime soap, Barbeau explained, "The offer to do General Hospital came out of the blue, but I knew as soon as I got the call that it was something I wanted to do, especially when I heard the character description: a former journalist turned director of an international charity dedicated to saving exploited children. My kind of ballsy, take-no-prisoners babe."

What does she think about being on a soap, which is a bit different than most other mediums? "I’m loving the work. I’m fascinated to see how the character develops. Everyone has been very welcoming and Vanessa [Marcil Giovinazzo, Brenda], with whom I had all my scenes for the first three weeks, has been an absolute sweetheart. Remember, this is my first foray into daytime. It requires a whole different set of tools; not the least of which is getting a two page speech (Suzanne loves to explain things) out in one take while finding my light and facing the right camera and, oh yes, maybe making a cup of tea. It’s not so different from the way we filmed "Maude" or "Drew Carey," except then we had 4 days to rehearse; on GH, we have 4 minutes. Keeps things lively!"

In regards to Love Bites, Adrienne explained, "Love Bites is a direct sequel to Vampyres of Hollywood, which ended with Beverly Hills Detective Peter King discovering Ovsanna Moore’s secret: Not only is she a Hollywood star and scream queen, she’s a 450 year old vampire. I wanted to explore the attraction between Peter and Ovsanna, and the effect their romance has on Ovsanna’s personal assistant and sometimes lover, Maral."

She continued, "It’s hard to fall in love when you’re being pursued by werewolves and paparazzi; investigating a mutilated corpse at the Sportsmen’s Lodge; and trying to keep Orson Welles, Tyrone Power, and Mary Pickford - all vampyres, of course - from fighting over an employment opportunity."

Love Bites, as Adrienne so aptly put, "Sounds like it could be a story line for GH, doesn’t it?"

- Lori Wilson