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    *Logan's (played by Josh Duhon) haunting days are nearly over. He'll make his final appearance in Lulu's mind on September 2.

    *Darlene Vogel will be playing Ric's lover on August 26.

    *On August 12 Annie M. Fitzgerald (Yvette, GH: NS) crossed over for a medical storyline.

    *Sandra Hess is the actress who plays Karpov's attorney Sasha. She will be on screen the week of August 18.

    *Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) has a two-week vacation to NYC and the Bahamas. On screen, his character will be taking Molly on a trip.

    *Dr. Russell Ford (Richard Gant) has died on GH: Night Shift. He will be appearing on GH in flashbacks, however.

    *Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) update: Bob Guza clarifies that GH is "pursuing" Vanessa to return to GH, but thus far it's not a done deal. He says that he can put her back on the show asap as soon as she indicates that she's ready. He has her storyline ready and waiting for her, in fact.

    *Kristin Herrera (Lourdes) and Rolando Molina (Sal) were introduced on July 23rd (in recurring roles relating to Johnny's story line.) Herrera has been on Zoey 101, Without A Trace and ER. Molina will appear in a yet-to-be released drama movie called "Skinned".

    *Ilia Volok has accepted a recurring role as a Russian mobster named Karpov who first appeared on July 18th.

    *Rick Springfield returned to General Hospital for three months on July 8.

    *Dominic Rains (Dr. Leo Julian) has left the show to explore other options. What's more, after an extensive casting call, the role will be replace by none other than his younger brother, Ethan Rains.

    *GH: Night Shift will include last year's cast mates including Kimberly McCullough (Robin), Jason Thompson (Patrick), Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) and the newly recast Dr. Leo played by Ethan Rains.

    *Ingo Rademacher (Jax) clarifies that he's not going anywhere (not even on vacation !) until perhaps in December. He will take a week off in August when his baby is born, but the scenes will be pre-shot so we don't even know he's gone.

    *Kin Shriner's Scott Baldwin returned on June 24.

    *Kent King (Lainey Winters) has been bumped to recurring status.

    *Antonio Sabato Jr. has been cast as GH's Jaggar Cates on GH: Night Shift. Also coming back to Port Charles is none other than Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) Look for him to appear on the third episode!

    *Tamlyn Tomita (ex-Lilly from "Santa Barbara") began her recurring role of Giselle, Kate's competitor, on May 15th.

    *Rosie Malek-Yonan has been cast for her first daytime role. She will play Farah, Leyla's mother and her first air date was June 9.

    *Tony Geary (Luke) will return from his annual vacation in mid-September. (Note: TPTB wanted Geary to take all of his time off at once this year so this will be his only vacation!)

    *Word is that GH casting agents are looking around for a 40ish woman to play Domenica Zacchara, Claudia's long-lost mother.

    *Jason Cook (Shawn Brady from Days of our Lives) signed on to be a new doctor, Matt Hunter, with a mysterious past at GH. His first air date was June 26. His story lines will involve Maxie, Sonny and Claudia. Jason told Lori Wilson about this, in a recent interview. Read it here!

    Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

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