Trevor Lansing (as played by Stephen Macht on General Hospital)

Useful information about Trevor Lansing

*Marital Status - Divorced.
*He had an affair with his secretary Adela, who was six year-old Sonny's mother.
*Adela was pregnant with Ric when she tried to get little Sonny to put on a jacket and fell down the stairs.
*Trevor blamed Sonny for the fall and claimed that he was jealous of the new baby. He made Adela choose between a life with him and the baby and Sonny. (She choose Sonny.)
*Trevor convinced his wife to stay with him and raise Ric.

Who's played Trevor Lansing over the years?

Stephen Macht (August 2007 - February 12, 2009)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: High-powered attorney for NYC mob boss, Anthony Zacchara.

Past History

Trevor and his wife raised Ric in a cold, unloving environment. He is a ruthless attorney who came to Port Charles to scope it out for a takeover attempt by client Anthony Zacchara. He plans to use his son as a way to get to Sonny's organization. His past relationship with Kate Howard comes into play, as well, in that Sonny is vulnerable to her. When he first arrived in town, Kate was having legal problems which he made disappear, leaving her in debt to him - or so he thinks.

Trevor valued his relationship within the Zacchara family more than his role as Ric's father. When he learned that Sky Quartermaine gave valuable waterfront property to Ric before she left town in 2008, he hired a lovely young waitress in Martha's Vineyard to befriend Ric and steal the deed to the property. Her name was Marianne and Ric fell deeply in love with her. Once Trevor's actions were exposed, his relationship with Ric was even further strained. When Ric came to work for the Zaccahara family, too, the men were forced to work in close quarters, often being pitted against each other. Trevor kept all of Anthony's secrets, but did his best to keep Johnny Zacchara safe from his mad father's schemes. When General Hospital became the site of a biotoxin scare in February of 2009, Trevor saw his chance to escape town without having to face any legal ramifications of his lifetime of misdeeds. He stole one of the toxic spheres and planned on using it to secure safe passage to a better life. He begged Kate Howard to come with him, but she wanted no part of him by that point. He went up to the roof of the burning building in hopes of securing a helicopter rescue for himself. When it became clear that wouldn't be the case, he taunted Sam McCall with the sphere and the lives that would be lost if he tossed it over the edge. She lunged for it and he lost his footing and plummeted to his death.

Past Marriages

Unknown woman (who raised Ric)

Flings and Relationships

Adela Corinthos
Kate Howard (Mistress for five years)


Ric Lansing (Son with Adela)


Molly Lansing (grandchild)