Robert Scorpio (as played by Tristan Rogers on General Hospital)

Useful information about Robert Scorpio

*Marital Status - Single.
* Gunshot wound as a result of a hostage situation at General Hospital. (1984)
* Hospitalized after a bomb was thrown through his office window while he was at his desk. Suffered multiple contusions and a concussion that resulted in him being in a coma and almost dying from his injuries.
* Shot at by a hit man named Rory in the Finger Lakes area of New York. Saved by his brother Mac, who donated blood for a transfusion he needed at a clinic in town.
* Believed to be killed in the same explosion as Anna.

Who's played Robert Scorpio over the years?

Tristan Rogers (contract: 1980-1992) (recurring: 1995, January 27th, 2006 - March 1st, 2006, April 17th, 2006 - December 29, 2008; February 29, 2012 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Police Commissioner of Port Charles
Past: WSB Agent

Past History

Robert Scorpio came to Port Charles in search of a rare diamond called the Ice Princess. He followed Luke Spencer around, thinking that Luke knew where it was hidden, but he didn�t. Although Luke and Robert got off to a rocky start, Robert finally admitted to being an undercover WSB agent trying to find the gem before it ended up in the hands of the Cassadines.

Luke and Robert worked together, became best friends, and Robert eventually left the WSB and became the Port Charles Police Commissioner. He was the best man at Luke and Laura�s wedding.

When Laura disappeared and was presumed dead, Luke kept company with a British woman, Holly Sutton, and shared her bed. When he was caught in an avalanche and reported lost, Holly discovered she was carrying his child. Robert came forward and married her so she could remain in the US and her child would have a father. What was a marriage of convenience turned to love, but Holly soon miscarried. Luke survived and returned to Port Charles, and upon learning the two had wed, he felt as though his best friend had betrayed him.

Robert and Holly's marriage almost came to an end when Anna Devane came to town and Holly found out that the two had been married when they worked for the WSB. Robert discovered Anna had kept a secret from him. After their divorce she had given birth to a daughter, Robin. Robert spent a short time bonding with his six-year-old daughter before moving with Holly to Australia.

After Holly was presumed dead in a plane crash, Robert returned to Port Charles, working as a private investigator. He eventually resumed his position as Police Commissioner, and started dating again. He became Godfather to Bobbie Spencer's adopted son, and despite rumors that he had fathered that child with an ex-girlfriend, paternity tests revealed he wasn't related. Robert and Anna reminisced about better times, and he realized he still loved her.

Mac, Robert's younger brother came to Port Charles, still incensed with him for causing the plane crash that killed their parents and Mac's fiance. There were several attempts on Robert's life after Mac's arrival, and he was accused. In a random shooting, Robert was hit, and Mac ended up saving his brother�s life, putting an end to all the bitterness.

Robert remarried Anna and with Robin, now a teenager, they became a family. Cesar Faison, an old boss from Anna's days as a double agent showed up. Always infatuated with her, he plotted to kidnap her, and shortly after she disappeared, Robert discovered that Holly was still alive. She hadn't gotten on the airplane at all, and had been hiding in England with her corrupt family. Robert left Robin with Mac and went in search of Anna. Sadly, Mac received notification from the WSB that there had been a boat explosion and all hands were lost, including his Anna and his brother.

Ten years passed and Anna Scorpio came back to Port Charles to reunite with Robin. She told everyone that Robert was dead, but that wasn't true. Luke had been on another of his adventures and returned to Port Charles. Robert followed him, shocking everyone who believed him deceased.

The monkey that Luke brought back to Port Charles carried a deadly virus, and within a short time, people became deathly ill, including Luke. He survived, and it was his blood that provided a serum to help others recover, but the process was selective. The real cure for the virus was being ransomed by someone. Robert and Luke teamed with Carly and Jason to get it, and discovered that the heartless villain was none other than Holly. One of the few to die from the disease was General Hospital's esteemed surgeon, Dr. Tony Jones. The serum came too late to save him.

Past Marriages

Anna Devane (divorced)
Holly Sutton (divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Tiffany Hill
Jackie Templeton
Cheryl Stansbury
Katherine Delafield


Mac Scorpio (younger brother)


Robin Scorpio (daughter with Anna)
Emma Grace Scorpio Drake (granddaughter)