Lorenzo Alcazar (as played by Ted King on General Hospital)

Useful information about Lorenzo Alcazar

* Marital Status - Single.
* Kidnapped Sonny and beat him up. (June 2003)
* Conspired with Ric in covering up Carly's kidnapping. (June 2003)
* Kidnapped Carly from Ric in order to use her as a bargaining chip with Sonny. (July 2003)
* Kidnapped Courtney to try to get Carly back as his captive. (August 2003)
* Hired a woman (Marcella Montoya) to impersonate Sonny's late wife, Lily Corinthos. (16 September 2003)
* Covered up Courtney's involvement in Elizabeth Webber's hit-and-run. (September 2003)
* Bugged Carly's hospital room. (17 November 2003)
* Had his men rob the patrons of the Haunted Star on opening night. (26 December 2003)
* Adultery with Carly while she was married to Sonny. (27 January 2004 to March 2004)
* Bribed a man to plant an explosive device in Sonny's limo that was set to explode during Sonny and Carly's custody hearing and cast a negative image on Sonny. (15 March 2004)
* Pays Manny Ruiz to go after Sonny. (2005-2006)
* Switched the files at the hospital to make sure Skye got the serum instead of Lulu. (2006)

Who's played Lorenzo Alcazar over the years?

Ted King (June 5, 2003 - 23 May 23, 2007)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Legitimate Businessman
Past: Owner of 30% of E.L.Q. stock
Past: Drug Lord

Past History

Lorenzo Alcazar took over the family mob business when his brother, Luis, was killed. After being surprised when an old lover showed up with the announcement that he had a teenaged son, Alcazar tried to keep a lower profile and learn to be a father. His attempts were futile, as his 'new' son was very reluctant to interact with a father he never knew. Eventually, they became closer.

Alcazar's nemesis, Sonny Corinthos and his hit man, Jason Morgan, keep things stirred up. Sonny, the other mob boss in town, remained as determined as Loranzo to protect his territory, including his ex-wife Carly. Sonny wasn't at all pleased when she and Lorenzo got involved, especially when he had already kidnapped her once on top of hiring someone to pretend she was Sonny's deceased prior wife. When Manny Ruiz was added into the equation, Port Charles had more than its share of gunfire.

When Lorenzo and Carly called it quits, he turned to Skye Quartermaine. Upon learning that she was pregnant with his baby, Lornezo promised to try to leave his dangerous business, but in the end, the lure of mob dealings drew him back, severing any chance he might have at a future with Skye and their child.

Skye left Port Charles, keeping her destination from Lorenzo, but with his connections, it didn't take long for him to track her down, and just in time to be there for the birth of his daughter. Despite her vow to avoid him at all costs, Skye allowed him to stay and watch the wondrous event.

After returning to Port Charles with their new daughter, Lorenzo plunged right back into his old ways, striking a deal acting DA, Ric Lansing, and catching Lulu Spencer in the middle of their scheme. Overhearing, and figuring that two could play the game, Skye made a deal with Lorenzo. If he kept Lulu safe, Skye and the baby would move in with him. He promised he would.

His world was rocked when he learned of Diego's death. Lorenzo's ire was fueled when he discovered that the shooter was Jason Morgan's girlfriend, Sam Mcall.

During an altercation with Sonny, Lorenzo was shot in the head, resulting in some memory loss. This led to the Metro Court hostage situation since he couldn't hold up his end of the bargain he made with the arms dealers.

Lorenzo regained his memory, but pretended he didn't. When Skye found out she became furious and the relationship became even more strained. In order to keep the upper hand, Lorenzo had their daughter taken to a secret location without Skye's knowledge. Skye retaliated by making a deal with Sonny and Jason to help them kill her husband if they waited until her daughter was returned to her.

Once Lorenzo gave in and summoned their daughter home, Skye held up her end of the deal and gave Jason the go ahead to kill Lorenzo. She opened the door for Jason to enter their home so he could presumably kill Alcazar, but all that was heard was Lorenzo saying "Morgan," two gun shots and a loud thud off screen.

Past Marriages

Carly_Corinthos (10 June 2005 to December 2005 - divorced)

Flings and Relationships

Sophie Germaine (lover)
Maria Sanchez (lover)
Carly_Corinthos (affair)
Lois Cerullo (one-night-stand)
Skye_Quatermaine (lover)


Luis Ramon Alcazar (brother - deceased)
Sage Alcazar (niece - deceased)


Diego Alcazar (son with Maria - deceased)
Lila Rae Quartermaine (daughter with Skye - born 2006)