Logan Hayes (as played by Josh Duhon on General Hospital)

Useful information about Logan Hayes

*He served in Iraq.
*He was in the same combat group with Cooper Barrett.
*Although his parents weren't revealed at first, it was later determined that he is the son of Scott Baldwin.
*He's always looking for an easy (and not necessarily legal) way to make some money.

Who's played Logan Hayes over the years?

Josh Duhon (March 7, 2007 - September 2, 2008 )

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Anthony Zacchara's private security guard
Past: A security guard at the Metro Court.
Past: A military man

Past History

Logan appeared in Port Charles in 2007 in order to find his old military buddy, Cooper Barrett. He said that he simply wanted to give Coop his share of some quick cash they made while running a scam while overseas. But he stuck around. At one point he told Coop that his father was from Port Charles, but then he said that he made it up.

He fell in love with Lulu Spencer but blew it when he slept with Maxie Jones on a bet. Lulu left him and starting dating Johnny Zacchara. Logan never recovered and ultimately died as a result. (He tried to force Lulu back with him and she stabbed him by accident.)

Past Marriages


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