Felix DuBois (as played by Marc Anthony Samuel on General Hospital)

Useful information about Felix DuBois

* Was a nursing student with Sabrina Santiago. They became roommates after graduation.
* Openly gay.
* Used to sell cosmetics at CoeCoe Cosmetics.
* Gave Carly Jacks a makeover after she drunkenly cut her own hair.
* Performed in an all-male strip tease number at the 2013 Nurses' Ball.
* First to realize Britt Westbourne was faking her pregnancy issues and worked with Sabrina to figure out what she was hiding.
* Got confirmation from Brad Cooper that Britt was working with her mother.
* His sister Tyler DuBois arrived in Port Charles holding a secret from his past over his head.
* Secretly ran a paternity test on Britt with Ellie Trout and Sabrina.
* Gives good relationship advice.

Who's played Felix DuBois over the years?

Marc Anthony Samuel (December 4, 2012 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Nurse
Past: CoeCoe Cosmetics sales rep
Past: Nursing student

Past History

Felix Dubois enrolled in General Hospital's nursing program with Sabrina Santiago. They became best friends and Felix helped Sabrina get Dr. Patrick Drake despite Dr. Britt Westbourne getting in the way. After graduation, he was hired at the hospital.

After Britt announced that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby, Felix believed she was lying and vowed to help Sabrina bring Britt down.

After Britt moved in with Felix and Sabrina because of her pregnancy issues, his sister Tyler DuBois came to Port Charles. She moved in with Felix as well and it became clear she was holding something over him.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Milo Giambetti
Brad Cooper (Kissed)


Tyler DuBois (sister)