Dr. Russell Ford (as played by Richard Gant on General Hospital)

Useful information about Dr. Russell Ford

*He aspires to be the Chief of Staff
*He has an eye for the hospital's finances, even if that means turning patients away.
*He has an argumentative relationship withDr. Noah Drake.
*In a rare moment of gentleness, he told Alexis Davis that he lost his wife to cancer many years ago.
*His death (played out on GH: Night Shift) was as a result of a car crash.

Who's played Dr. Russell Ford over the years?

Richard Gant (February 6, 2007 - July 22, 2008)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Doctor

Past History

Dr. Ford arrived at GH early in 2007. He's a no-nonsense doctor who likes to keep his nose to the rulebooks.

He died when a car crashed through the E.R. and killed him.

Past Marriages

Wife's name unknown (deceased)

Flings and Relationships