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    In Loving Memory

    Friday, December 01 2006
    Maria's funeral service proves to be as lively as her wedding day!

    Sophia pays her tribute to Maria!

    Tania tells Michael as he takes his seat with Nikki, Luke and Michelle, that they have let her down and to just leave her alone. Michael tells Nikki that he didn't know that Maria was cremated and Nikki replies that it symbolizes her burning in hell! The priest speaks to the congregation and informs them all, that she will live on in their hearts….forever. He then tells them that anyone that would like to speak may do so. After a tense pause, Clive steps up to say some things about Maria. He gives her credit for being tough, raising an empire and raising a great son. He tells them at one point or another she has touched all of their lives in some way…..and that they all owe it to her to say something in respect of that.

    Sophia makes her grand entrance on William's arm and insists that she definitely has something to say. She steps up and says that it is time to put the FUN back in Funeral! She tells them that she thought of Maria like a little sister….the kind that sneaks into your closet, steals your clothes….and then trashes them! She gives Maria credit for being one thing though…..and that's a fighter! She insists that for that she must always be respected.

    Tania can barely put a sentence together!

    Tania steps up (in a not so sober state) and says that she has always seen Maria as a nurturing mother for the models. She credits Maria with being loving and firm at the same time. She loses her train of thought and heads back to her seat as the congregation stares at her. Hans and Harold step up to go, but Lexi cuts in front of them. She informs the crowd that she was Maria's longest running assistant. She gives Maria credit for giving her the confidence to survive in the business world. She thanks Maria for that confidence that has lead to her starting her own business….Lexi Walker Designs. Michelle asks Luke if he is okay, and he tells her that he is going to kill everyone in the church!

    Claudia compares Maria to the Virgin Mary!

    Maria's house keeper steps up and the priest lowers the podium so that she can see the people. She compares Maria to the Virgin Mary….only not a Virgin. Tania interrupts the silence in the audience when John Cotter tries to get by her to the aisle, by screaming for him to get off of her! Everyone turns around to see what is going on. John steps up and tells everyone that he and Maria always had a special love of one another. He says that she assured him that he would always have a family and a home at Gianni. He looks at her picture and tells her that she will be deeply loved and missed. John acts as to wipe a tear away as he heads back to his seat. Hans and Harold step up and take credit for being two of the few that have known Maria the longest. They credit her with being strong willed and protective….over them and her family. They tell the crowd that they have decided to express their feelings in song rather than words. The designing duo pays tribute to her by singing Ava Maria.

    William and Sophia attend the funeral service!

    William stands up to say a few words and the crowd sits straight up at attention to hear what he has to say! He starts off by saying that it is true that He and Maria had a sordid past to say the least. He then tells them that yes, he did leave Maria at the alter. He says that he will not pretend to like her. He tells them that he did find her to be savvy, beautiful and at times surprisingly innocent. He tells the crowd that his heart goes out to her son Luke and hopes that he finds peace in his heart. William says that Maria would never want sappy goodbyes. He turns to her picture and tells her that “All is fair in love and war, and blood will always be thicker than water.”

    Lexi thanks Maria for giving her confidence!

    Luke goes up front to say a few words. With his eyes filled with tears, he tells them that there is a lot that he doesn't know about his mother. He tells them that he does know that she loved him and would do whatever it took to protect him. He informs them that she was a flawed woman and that she had a habit of acting without thinking. He then tells them that as far as he is concerned her murderer could be in the room right now. He accuses William and Sophia (she destroyed their family), Lexi (she humiliated her and now Lexi has her own career), Tania (she ruined her career), John (we all know what you are capable of) and Nikki (she pushed her down a flight of stairs killing her baby). Michelle stands up to stop him, but Lance tells Michelle that it could even be her! She takes her seat and Luke tells them that he will honor his mother's name and find out who killed her!

    Hans and Harold pay tribute to Maria with a song!

    The detective meets Luke outside of the chapel and tells him that he is not convinced that Eddie killed her. He hopes that he may have stirred some things up in there and that the killer will reveal himself. Eddie and his men take Lance on an off-road. Eddie tells Lance that someone-else killed Maria before he could get the job done, but it is not going to be that way for him. Lance tells Eddie that if he dies, all of the information that he has on him goes straight to the cops. Eddie gets upset and hits Lance with the gun. He tells Lance that he already knew about the evidence but now he has confirmed that someone-else knows about it. When they mention Michelle, Lance gets upset and it is obvious that she knows. Eddie tells him that they will torture them until they get what they want.

    Lance gets another beating from Eddie!

    Luke packs up some things at Maria's and tells Claudia to take some things if she would like. Michelle comes over to see how he is holding up. He tells her that he keeps expecting her to call him any minute now. Michelle tells him that Maria did love him very much. Claudia tells them both that Maria meant so much to her and Luke gives her the rest of the day off. Luke then informs Michelle that he doesn't feel sad or angry. He says that he just feels guilty.

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    Posted by will&Nik at Friday, December 01 2006 07:24 PM

    that was the most fun have had watching a funeral

    Posted by V Man at Friday, December 01 2006 07:30 PM

    HOT! HOT! HOT! Rightfully addictive! The Millenium's answer to the 1980's "Who Shot J.R. Ewing" Bravo My-Nine!

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Friday, December 01 2006 08:23 PM

    Don't know who shot Maria but my gut says it wasn't Michelle.
    Most likely Tania.

    I would say that if Luke truly loved Michelle and truly knew Michelle he would not have suggested she could have killed Maria. In my eyes Luke has shown again that he will never ever stick up for Michelle. If he honestly had feelings for Michelle he would never had said that to her in the church in front of all those people.

    Posted by SISI at Friday, December 01 2006 08:53 PM

    I am very sad that the Fashion house is coming to the end. I have really enjoyed watching the drama between Maria and all the characters. I thought Maria would at least live until the end of the upisode!! I am still eager to know who killed Maria...We learned today that it is not Eddie...

    I don't want Fashion house to end please let it survive!!
    I love Michelle...She is really classy and the most beautifull woman that I have ever seen!!

    I can't wait for the next upisode..)

    Posted by andreasfault at Saturday, December 02 2006 12:53 PM, which gives brief summaries, says in the final episode: "The series finale finds Gloria poised to do the right thing, while Harold and Hans seek revenge against their former employer. Also, destiny smiles on Luke; and a figure from the past impacts the proceedings. 60 minutes- TV-14, USA, 2006, (CC), Stereo, SAP, Wide, HDTV. I think it is Maria, not dead, which would not surprise me.

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Sunday, December 03 2006 10:35 AM

    I don't Maria is dead either (could be wrong). I think she has gone into hiding. First of all they never showed a hospital scene where Luke at her bedside. Her lawyer is the one who told Luke that Maria was dead. You never saw Luke making funeral arrangements. You have yet to see Maria's lawyer say anything about a will.

    I still say Tania shot Maria.

    I also still say that Luke has no trust or faith in Michelle or he would have denied her involvement in Maria's shooting to the ends of the earth. If you love someone you don't say that person could have shot my mother.

    Posted by Darc Anjle at Monday, December 04 2006 01:26 PM

    I think our little gullable and innocent Michelle did it.

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