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    Too Little Too Late

    Thursday, November 30 2006
    Eddie catches up with Lance, Tania gets a big surprise and it is time for Maria's funeral service!

    Michelle tells Lexi that there is a lesson for her to learn in all of this. She tells her that now that Maria is gone she had better focus on finding a new designer. The officer pulls Michelle away for questioning. Luke pulls himself together so that he can get his interrogation over. He tells the detective that at the top of the list of people that hate Maria…is Michelle. He quickly insists that she would never have killed her though. The Detective stresses that the department will explore all options in the investigation. Luke and Michelle meet up outside after they are finished with their statements. Luke turns down her offer to spend the night with her even though she insists that he doesn't need to be alone. The detective tells the officer that they have a room full of suspects that had reasons to want Maria dead.

    Luke goes to see William at his house. William tries to tell him that he is sorry about Maria….but Luke doesn't believe him. He asks him if he is the one that shot her, but William insists that he didn't. He tells Luke that he was invited to the fashion show and hands him his invitation. Luke then wants to know if Sophia killed his mother. William assures him that it was not them……and that he knows perfectly well what he is going through. He tells Luke that he is the only family that he has left.

    Tania thinks that she is losing it!

    Nikki laughs and tells Michael that she did not shoot Maria, and that those bullets were for her belt. She pulls up her shirt and shows him the belt for proof. Michelle comes in and tells them that Luke wanted to be alone tonight. Michael rushes out to go and check on his best friend. Michelle tells Nikki that a lot of people at the show wanted Maria dead. Michelle informs Nikki that Maria was crying on stage and genuinely appeared to be sorry. She also tells Nikki that Lance was there and ducked out when the cops arrived.

    Eddie finally catches up with Lance!

    Lance makes it back to his hotel safely. Michelle becomes emotional while driving down the road having flashbacks of the shooting. She gets suspicious of Lance and stops by his house to talk to him. Eddie's men are upstairs and they see Michelle pull up. They go down stairs to meet her at the door. Lance calls Michelle just as she enters and demands for her to leave the house as soon as he hears that is where she is. Eddie's men are right behind her with their guns and hear that she is talking to Lance! He insists that he did not kill Maria and tells her to come to him. She heads to her car and Eddie's men decide to follow her.

    Tania tries to call Dr. Woods and gets hysterical when she finds that his telephone number is not in service. She rushes to his office only to find that it is empty! Tania calls 411 and is informed that they have no records for a Dr. Woods. She drops her phone in disbelief that this is happening! Tania goes and tells Sophia about Dr. Woods. She informs her that people are going to think that she did it and that she can't go to jail. Sophia gives her some pills to calm her down and suggests that she get a grip on things.

    Lance is lucky to be alive!

    Michelle arrives at Lance's hotel room and he tells her what is going on. Michelle tells him that he is scaring her. He calms her down and tells her that is almost 100% certain that Eddie is the one that shot Maria. When Lance tells her that he needs to get out of town, Michelle insists that he go to the police station with her right away. He refuses to do that and informs her that if something happens to him she needs to go to their house and get the documents out of the safe…..they will keep her alive. Lance tells her that no matter what happens, he will always love her…..and leaves the hotel. He makes it to his car and is captured by Eddie's men.

    Luke turns to his best friend for support!

    Michael finds Luke at home alone and tries to express how sorry he is that this has happened. Luke breaks down and hugs Michael.

    Michelle and Luke tell the detective about Maria's business with Eddie!

    Michelle and Luke meet with the Detective and inform him about Eddie's connection. As they tell him the story, Lance has his meeting with Eddie. The Detective informs them that they did have Lance in protective custody but that something happened. Eddie kicks Lance around a bit and then orders his men to throw him in the trunk. Eddie tells Manny that he has got to get the files before they can leave town. Eddie insists to Lance that he is going to die….just like Maria Gianni did, and that nothing is going to stop them.

    Luke and Michelle arrive at the funeral service.

    Michael and Nikki show up at the funeral to support Luke and Michelle. Luke arrives with Michelle manages to dodge all of the questions from the reporters about the future of Gianni.

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    Posted by Dennica at Thursday, November 30 2006 07:55 PM

    Sorry all, I stumbled on a site that gave a brief paragragh about the last few episodes until the last show, based on the format and type of briefs it tells you what characters are in the show for each episode, AAAGGGHHH that's all I can say..

    Posted by leeleejnyc at Friday, December 01 2006 05:47 AM

    Now you know you can not leave us hanging like that.......please email me and tell me what is up...


    Posted by Darc Anjle at Friday, December 01 2006 03:10 PM

    Yeah me too. I wanna know.

    Posted by truthnowhere at Friday, December 01 2006 06:46 PM

    Eeewww! Please send it to me as well...

    Posted by Dennica at Friday, December 01 2006 10:49 PM

    Not sure how to email anybody from here, email me

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