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    Maria's Final Bow

    Wednesday, November 29 2006
    All of Maria's enemies pile into the fashion show, Luke argues with her before she takes the stage and a bullet knocks Maria to the floor!

    William and Sophia make plans to go to the fashion show!

    Sophia tells William that it would be a shame to allow the invitation to the fashion show to be wasted…..especially when there is havoc that they could cause. Sophia goes to her room and puts a gun in her purse. Maria promises Hans and Harold that tonight will be a night that no one will forget! Tania goes to see her old manager to try and get a modeling job. She drops the photos and loses her temper at the restaurant. He tells her that her modeling career is over and that she can thank Maria Gianni for that! Tania storms out of the restaurant and downs a few pills from her purse.

    Gloria settles in at her new job and in her new relationship. She tells Dr. Evans that Alec is doing much better and that she can't believe that someone like him is in her life. Gloria goes to visit Alec and is glad to hear that he likes Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans informs them that he is finished with his therapy. Gloria is shocked when Alec tells them that Eddie came by to see him this morning. He tells Gloria and Dr. Evans that Eddie wanted to say goodbye because tonight he is going away for good. Lance cautiously enters his house. He frantically packs some things in a bag, puts some papers in the safe, grabs a gun and runs out the door.

    Nikki tells Michael that she is not upset with him……it is Maria. She tells him that it is one thing after another with her. He tells her that there is nothing they can do about it now, but Nikki insists that she is not so sure about that. She says that she has tried to let it go, but she can't. Nikki asks him how he can just sit there and not do anything. He asks her if he is supposed to just run out and kill her, and Nikki tells him that maybe he should. He quickly tells her that is not funny.

    Michelle shows up to see Luke and finds him packing his stuff. Luke tells her that he is going to the fashion show tonight and that he is going to get her to admit all of the wrong that she has done. He informs Michelle that this has been coming for a long time.

    Maria, Hans and Harold work backstage to get the models all ready for the show. John shows up and tells Maria that he needs her. She informs him that it took them 3 weeks to finish what he could never accomplish in his career. She demands that he get out of her sight. Lance arrives and tells Maria that he needs his ten percent payout immediately so that he can leave. Lance shows her a gun in his jacket and says that he will see her after the show for the money. Maria tells him that he doesn't hold all of the cards and that she can easily tell Eddie that the best way to hurt him… to hurt Michelle! Lance insists that she wouldn't do that, but Maria quickly informs him that she is capable of anything!

    Michael gets back from the studio and finds out that Nikki isn't at home. Michelle comes in and he tells her that he is worried about Nikki. She tries to tell him that she is probably okay, but Michael pulls out some bullets and wants to know if Nikki has a gun. He tells Michelle that he fears that she will try to hurt Maria at the show. The two of them rush out to find her!

    Hans and Harold stress out behind the scenes as the guests arrive and take their seats. Michael and Michelle arrive, but don't see Nikki. William, Sophia, Eddie, Lance, Lexi and Tania have arrived as well. John visits Maria again backstage and begs to be on her team, but she tells him that it is over for him and has him escorted out by security. The music starts and the show begins. Luke interrupts his mother backstage and tells her that they need to talk right now. He demands to know if she pushed Nikki down the stairs. She avoids the question, but Luke keeps asking her to tell him if she did it. Michael spots Nikki across the room and points her out to Michelle.

    Maria is the face of Gianni!

    Maria tells Luke that she didn't do it, but he tells his mother that he does not believe her. He then tells her that she is sick because she actually enjoys all of the trouble that she has caused Michelle. Maria informs him that she is not good enough for him. Luke informs her that she must be after Michelle because she is younger and a better designer. She tells him that this conversation is over and he reminds her that it is not! She tells him that she has to go to the stage. Luke informs her that she has pushed away the woman that he loves. She says that she is sorry and heads to face the crowd. Maria stands on stage as the crowd applauds. Eddie, Tania, Lance and Nikki are all seen mouthing the word “Witch” as she takes her bow. Maria see's her son in the audience and mouths the words “I'm Sorry” to him.

    Maria's show was a success!

    Gun fire shoots from the crowd and Maria falls to the ground. Luke rushes to her side, and as she falls to the ground she tells him not to forget that she loves him. Tania tries to leave, but is told by security that she must stay in the room. The paramedics arrive and load her onto the stretcher. Eddie spots Lance and tries to get to him, but he is stopped by security too. John takes off his jacket and suspiciously wraps up something in it.

    Maria tells Luke that she has always loved him!

    Later at the station, Luke tries to answer questions for the detective. When asked if Maria has a lot of enemies, Luke insists that she is a tough business woman. The detective then asks him what he and Maria were arguing about. Luke tells the detective that he would never shoot his mother. Clive interrupts the interrogation and tells Luke that he is sorry…..but Maria did not make it!

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    Posted by Argonaut at Wednesday, November 29 2006 07:31 PM

    So many guns pointint at Maria, and wonder which bullet hit her

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Wednesday, November 29 2006 07:56 PM


    Wanted Maria to pay for all her bad deeds but didn't want her to die...

    Posted by oprah at Wednesday, November 29 2006 08:01 PM

    A greater pain to Maria would have been to watch her live through Michelle's and Luke's blissful relationship. That would have been more of a slow death for Maria

    Posted by Atalanta at Wednesday, November 29 2006 09:14 PM

    Maria dead? I don't buy it.

    Posted by sal lee at Wednesday, November 29 2006 10:28 PM


    Posted by Dennica at Wednesday, November 29 2006 10:37 PM

    Who shot Maria??

    If she is really dead, I think her attorney shot her (well they said we'd never guess)

    How I'd like it to end:

    Luke gets everything, who in turn gives Michelle all that Maria ever owned, how's that for Karma?

    Posted by will&Nik at Wednesday, November 29 2006 11:29 PM

    Nikki didn't kill her, and i think someone we least expected, and they won't find out who killed Maria which is great because noone deserves to go to prison for her death

    Posted by Cara at Thursday, November 30 2006 03:56 AM

    Ths episode could not have been any more exciting. MARIE'S DEAD I'M SO HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYY

    Posted by indianbuteerfly at Thursday, November 30 2006 04:31 AM

    finally she gets what she deserves she had a bullet from john, william, nikki, and eddie wow i think it was john

    Posted by om369 at Thursday, November 30 2006 05:55 AM

    I do not think they will kill off Maria(Bo) because, if they did then that is the end of this show. I think Maria will secretly hide away like any good old "Fashion" :P soap opera and reveal herself when her killer is found out.

    ALSO ... who will go against Sophia & who will be the next villian against villian???

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