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    Down to the Wire Part Dos

    Tuesday, November 28 2006
    Michelle confronts Lexi, Nikki hears shocking news and Eddie plans on attending a fashion show!

    Maria exits the fountain and sees Luke and Michelle kissing!

    Michelle tells Luke that Lexi and Maria have bought her out of her own company. Luke takes her and kisses her beneath the palm trees as Maria watches from the fountain. Manny and his crew watch in disbelief as Maria exits the water to put on her shoes. Lance and Rodney meet at a secluded area. Rodney informs him that he told Eddie that Maria was behind the wire. Lance insists that he is going to go and get the money before Eddie gets to her. Lance tells Rodney that he had better warn Michelle because she may be next.

    Manny and his men go to see Eddie and inform him that they can't find Lance. They inform him that they did see Maria…..but that she was in a huge fight in a fountain with another woman. Eddie tries to tell them that they must be mistaken, but they all agree that it was her. Eddie is shocked to hear that Maria was involved in something like that.

    Maria meets with Hans and Harold to see the final designs. The designing duo finally has several dresses that she approves of! She reminds them both that she loves them. She then tells them that she has to call Clive to get him to stop the filing of the papers to fire them!

    Nikki is shocked to find Michelle looking at the classifieds for a job. Michelle then tells her the details….and that Lexi double crossed her. Nikki wants to know if she wants to kill Lexi and Michelle tells her that she will see her today. Michael walks downstairs in a towel and Michelle wants to know what happened with taking it slow. Michael and Nikki go for a walk on the beach and talk about how they wished that they could have seen Michelle and Maria fighting it out in the fountain. Nikki takes the time to tell Michael that she is truly sorry for taking him for granted. He tells her that all that matters is that they are together now. Everything is fine…until he tells her that he hooked up with Maria! Michael tells Nikki that it was only one night and it happened when she was with William. Nikki can't believe what she is hearing and walks away.

    Tania and John run into each other at SUKU. She tells him to keep dreaming if he thinks that Maria will hire him back. He tells her that he is planning on going to the fashion show tomorrow night and that she should as well. John leaves and Tania gives the suggestion some thought.

    Tania visits Dr. Woods and tells him that she is having a recurring nightmare. She is swimming in the ocean on a sunny day….and then all of a sudden the skies turn dark. She tells him that the water turns black and she struggles to swim. A boat comes along and Maria Gianni is onboard. Maria refuses to help and Tania goes under water for the last time…..and then she wakes up. Dr. Woods insists that it was the pressure from Maria that made her turn to drugs and alcohol. He tells her that if she wants to get better she has got to act on her anger and take back what is her. He insists that she needs to save herself from drowning. Sophia goes into Tania's room and switches out her pills once again.

    Hans and Harold work with the models before the show. Maria tells Lexi that she is proud of her and wants to know why she has the long face. Lexi tells her that she feels bad for Michelle, but Maria quickly informs her that it is just part of business. As she leaves Maria warns her that she had better never steal information from her again. Lexi tells her that it is good to be back with her too!

    Michael tells Nikki that she is being ridiculous. He tells her that he is not proud of the moment, but it did happen. They both agree that they can't go back and change anything. He tells her that she is the only woman he has ever thought about since the first day that he met her. The two of them kiss and make up. Tania goes back to her room and takes some pills before going out.

    Michelle tracks Lexit down at GATE!

    Michelle approaches Lexi and Clive at GATE. She tells them that they should both take a moment to pat themselves on the back. Michelle informs Lexi that she can never take her talent from her….unlike her company and her boyfriend. Michelle throws champagne in her face and warns her that she had better watch her back! Lexi stands in shock as Michelle storms out.

    Maria arrives for dinner at SUKU and William helps himself to a seat at her table for a bit. He tells her that she must realize that this will never end until one of them is dead. She agrees and wants to know if he is threatening her… Sophia walks up and informs her that yes they are!

    The next morning Sophia tells her that Tania baffles her. She can't believe that she has such little self control and self esteem. The DA stops by and informs them that the case does not look good. He tells them that to top it all off, newspapers have gotten wind of it. He tells William that he suggests that he should leave immediately on an extended vacation. The DA estimates that he has about a week until things get messy.

    Manny takes Eddie a gun to his hotel. When he arrives, Eddie informs him that they have a fashion show to go to. He insists that no one would ever think to look for him at a fashion show. Eddie tells him that if Lance is there, he will kill two birds with one stone. He pulls out his tux and informs Manny that he is going to be dressed to kill!

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    Posted by megs501 at Tuesday, November 28 2006 06:41 PM

    So how does Maria always get away with this crap, I hope Michelle finds a way to get her company back, or eddie catches maria and lance and gives them what they deserve

    Posted by Cara at Wednesday, November 29 2006 03:53 AM

    i couldn't of laughed harder seeing michelle and marie fighting in the water fountain, and seeing Eddie's men watching the whole thing. or when luke carried michelle away while see was kicking her legs and screaming at marie.

    Posted by sexychica379 at Wednesday, November 29 2006 06:45 AM

    what was funnier was eddie men...when they told him they saw maria in a fight..i was loling so hard..he was like.."its was kinda sexy" EWWWWWWWWWWWWW...maria is soo old that nasty..i really hope eddie finds her & lance at the fashion show tonite,maria has something coming to way overdue!

    Posted by Sydney at Wednesday, November 29 2006 10:33 AM

    This is unbelievable!!! Why does everything happen to Michelle?!?! She is only the nicest person and all the crap happens to her! I hope Maria gets what she deserves!!

    Posted by Sydney at Wednesday, November 29 2006 10:35 AM

    And Lexie is a witch!! How could she do that to Michelle!! I hope she gets put in her place as well.

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