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    The Betrayal

    Monday, November 27 2006
    Eddie has new orders for his men, Michelle gets fired and Maria's temper gets the best of her.

    Nikki tells Michael that she had to lie about the paternity of the baby. She tells him that the first time she slept with William was the night of the Face of Gianni Show. She apologizes for treating him the way that she did and insists that she never wanted to lose him as a friend. Michael tells her that because of her lies Maria pushed her down those stairs and cost them their child! Michael storms out leaving Nikki standing alone and crying.

    Rodney begs Eddie not to kill him. He insists to him that he is telling him the truth. He tells Eddie that he has parted ways with Lance and that he is not in contact with him. Rodney informs Eddie that Maria Gianni is the one that made Lance wear the wire…..and that maybe she got him protection. They throw Rodney to the ground and speed off. Eddie tells Manny that Maria and Lance ruined his world and he wants to see them one last time. He orders that they be brought to him so that he can see them suffer….and then die!

    Luke shows up at Michael's trashed studio to talk about what happened with Nikki. Luke tells him that he blames Maria for what happened. Michael tells Luke that he wanted kids….and would have loved to have them with Nikki. When he asks if he thinks that his mother really is guilty of pushing her down the stairs, Luke tells him that he doesn't put anything past her at this point! Michelle tells Nikki that Michael could have been a good father and that she was just looking for an easy way out. Michelle insists that it doesn't have to be the end of it. Nikki says that she really doubts that he still loves her.

    Maria turns down yet another fashion line from Hans and Harold. They tell her that they are barely going to make the show at this rate. Maria informs them that Michelle was able to get her line together and she doesn't see what the problem is with them. She tells them that they have got to get this show together, or they are finished! She walks away leaving the two of them to their work. The pressure starts to get to Hans and Harold, but they agree to not take it out on each other. They ban together and insist that Maria can't get away with this. Hans suggests that they teach her a lesson that she will never forget. He tells Hans that if she fires them, he will make her pay!

    Michael goes to Maria and tells her that he is finished working for her. He tells her that she murdered his child. She tells him that she has no idea that it was his child. Maria tries to reason with him by saying that Nikki is hysterical and just saying things. Michael leans in and whispers to her that she will pay for this!

    William tells Sophia that the baby wasn't his. Sophia fumes and talks negatively about Nikki….comparing her to Maria. He tells her to check on Tania and that he will be fine. William gets upset and starts throwing things around the house when he finds a bag of baby clothes by the sofa. William screams that he hates her and Sophia comes running to him….insisting that she understands. William tells Sophia that Maria murdered an innocent life because of him. He tells his mother that it is time for the game to end and that they must stop Maria!

    Michelle stops by Luke's to see how his talk went with Michael. They both agree that this thing between Nikki and Michael is getting to them. Luke can't believe that two people that love each other so much can't work things out. Michelle then wants to know if him moving to New York will fix things. He tells her that it will at least get him away from his mother. They kiss and Michelle tells him that if their hearts are in it that they can work with him being in NY and her staying behind to run the company.

    William hits the bar to calm down!

    William goes to Gate to have a drink. Luke sees him at the bar area and sits at his table. He tells him how sorry he is again….about the whole thing with Nikki. William is shocked to hear that he is moving to NY and wants to know if 3,000 miles is enough distance between him and his mother. William then wonders what things would have been like between the two of them if they had known each other earlier. William then tells his brother that he doesn't believe that he could ever walk away from something like he and Michelle have. He informs him that if they don't stay together then they are making one of the biggest mistakes of their lives.

    A construction crew comes in for their morning shift and finds Rodney on the ground. Rodney comes to and struggles to his feet….lucky to be alive. Rodney makes it back to the office and finds the police waiting on him. He insists to the detective that he has not had a run in with Eddie. Rodney tells her that he doesn't know where Lance hid the evidence. She reminds him that none of Lance's family and friends will be safe until they have it.

    Maria informs Michelle that Lexi has sold her out!

    Michelle walks into her office and is horrified to find Maria working there. Maria asks her if she received the memo saying that she now owns Michelle Miller Designs. Maria gives Michelle a crash course in business 101….and tells her that Lexi has sold her out! Maria calls Lexi out to the floor to support her claim. Lexi enters the room and tells Maria not to scream at her because she is no her assistant any longer. Maria says that she is correct…..she is now the president of Michelle Miller Designs. Michelle's head is spinning as Maria tells her that she is fired!

    Michael can't help but still love Nikki!

    Nikki goes to see Michael and begs him to forgive her. Michael then reminds Nikki of when she had a secret admirer…..and she figures out that it was him. He tells her that he felt no need to tell her that it was him after he saw how she reacted once they had slept together. He asks her flat out if she loves him….he tells her that he loves her so much and kisses her. She finally tells him that she loves him too.

    Michelle and Maria finally face off!

    Michelle asks Lexi how she could ever have made a deal with Maria. Maria has security escort Michelle out of the building. Maria goes to watch, but Lexi refuses to watch insisting that she has a company to run. As she leaves Maria tells Michelle that she will have a check for her 30 percent by the end of the day, and that she always knew that she would own her! Maria runs after Michelle as she walks away. Michelle tells Maria that all of this can be replaced, but that she will never be able to replace her son. Maria can't take Michelle's response and loses control. She tackles Michelle and both of them end up falling into the fountain. As the two of them fight it out Manny and two of Eddie's other men watch in amusement. They realize that it is Maria….the woman that they are looking for. Luke shows up and pulls Michelle out of the water.

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    Posted by kool_gurl at Monday, November 27 2006 07:02 PM

    Finally Nikki and Michael I like them together. Maria and Lexi are going to get payback...hopefully....the bad always get rewarded. The one person dat deserves to be rewarded most is Michelle.

    Posted by will&Nik at Monday, November 27 2006 07:12 PM

    I don't like Nikki with michael, i hope they writer makes her to be lying to get BACK AT william, and after defending Nikki to his mother,and his conversatino he had with luke, i thinki William loves Nikki and might want to get back together. As for Nikki telling Michael she loves him that is a lie because she was reluctant to say and may she just didn't want to hurt Michael. I hoping this is a dream or Nikki is actually lying to hurt William the way he hurt her

    Posted by Galka at Monday, November 27 2006 07:16 PM

    Hello, when are everybody is going to leave Michelle with peace. How do you make a partner with A WIIIIIIIIIIIIIItch. LEXI IS THE SAME b----H AS MARIA and Sofia. OOO-H, I hope that Lexi,Maria and Sofia will get what they deserve.

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Monday, November 27 2006 08:09 PM

    I don't believe this (yes I do because the writers of this show really like misery) but Michelle has been dumped on again. When is something going to go Michelle's way? More importantly, when is Maria and Lexi going to start paying for all the mean and evil things they have done. Why is it that Maria has everything go her way (oh I forgot the writers of this show really like misery).

    Posted by SuperModel at Tuesday, November 28 2006 07:30 AM

    I have to say last night show was great i enjoy the drama, most of all i was so turn on when i saw my baby William crying oh my goodness he was so hot, anyway i just want to say that i'm very tired seeing Michelle down all the time, Marai walk on every boby life destroyed them for her good she only get about herself i mean this is crazy, we have two weeks left i want to see Maria get pay for all she has done. and Lexis what the hell? is she out of her mind please tell me the writter have something come up for them, i'll preffered to miss everyday work to watch this show i want to see Maria and Lexis go down so bad, William i love you baby i'm glad you out of jail, hopefully Nikki would go back to the hospital and found out the baby still alive

    Posted by Elle jay at Tuesday, November 28 2006 04:00 PM

    I'm glad i did not see last night's episode. I am just tired of seeing Michelle get dumped on. Maria is a no talent has been. That she has to steal designs/ design houses to stay on top speaks volumes. I hope Eddie finishes her off good. This woman has done too much , it is time for her to pay.

    Posted by megs501 at Tuesday, November 28 2006 07:05 PM

    Luke should have let Michelle beat the crap out of Maria, I hope Eddie gets Her Lance and Lexi , pay back is what they have coming, Michelle & Luke deserve a break,

    Posted by luvinmichael at Thursday, November 30 2006 02:03 PM

    thank god nikki and michael are finally together!!! they belong together and i hope it stays together!!!

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