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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Breaking Point

    Friday, November 24 2006
    Nikki names her attacker, William gets out of jail and Michael learns the truth!

    Michelle can't believer her ears!

    Nikki tells Michelle about what happens the night she tumbled down the stairs. She insists that she was pushed down the stairs… Maria! Nikki tells her that Maria is crazy and that she hates William even more than she hates her. She truly believes that Maria has killed her baby. Michelle suggests that William will find some way to settle the score, but Nikki tells her that he was only staying with her because she was pregnant. Lexi calls Michelle and tells her that everything is fine and under control. Lexi hangs up and starts her meeting with Clive and Maria!

    Sophia makes immediate demands of the Congressman!

    Tania tells Sophia that she feels totally amazing today and that she is starting to get her life back. Sophia suggests that she program Dr. Woods phone number in her phone just incase she has an emergency. Maria interrupts Spangler at a lunch meeting and tells him that he is dragging his feet. She insists that he unfreeze one of William's accounts immediately!

    Lexi and Maria finalize their plans to oust Michelle. Maria tells her that she can't be everyone's friend if she wants to be the best. Lexi reminds her that she never wanted to get her hands dirty. Clive prepares the paperwork to send to her lawyers. Maria congratulates Lexi on being a CEO of her own little Fashion House. Maria gets a manicure at the spa and Tania comes in and goes off on her. Maria insists that she treated her like a professional model until she threw her career away on booze and pills. Maria blocks her slap and hits her instead. Tania tells Maria that she has William while Maria is all alone. Tania storms out of the spa.

    Michael goes to see Nikki in her hospital room. He holds her hand and she pulls away. Nikki tells Michael that she did not just miscarry. Michelle takes Luke outside and tells him that Nikki is saying that his mother threw her down the stairs. Luke defends Maria by saying that she would never do that. Michelle tells him that he is not going to go in there and challenge Nikki on this. Luke then starts to wonder how his mother can be such a horrible person. Luke tells Michelle that he can't face Nikki right now. Michelle tells Luke that she will leave with him since Michael is in with Nikki.

    Gloria unloads money from the safe at Eddie's office into a laundry bag. Just as she closes the safe the Fed's walk in and want to know who she is! Gloria tells them that she is Eddie's secretary and that he owes her a lot of money. She points to the empty safe and tells them that Eddie must have gotten there first. She insists that she will do whatever to help but that she has not heard anything from Eddie…..the father of her recovering child.

    Tania goes to see Dr. Woods and tells him that she really doesn't blame Maria. Tania acknowledges that she used to feel like she was on top of the world, but now she feels worthless. Dr. Woods asks her to make a list of the people that she believes are responsible for that. She mentions Maria, and Dr. Woods tells her that it is not healthy to keep your emotions inside. He tells her that it is time for action instead of talking.

    Sophia goes to inform William that he is free to leave jail. She arranges transportation for him to go to the hospital and see Nikki. She tells him that she will see him afterwards.

    Rodney is captured by Eddie's men as he runs on his daily jog. Gloria takes Eddie the money and tells him that she doesn't want to be involved in this mess. He tells her that it is best that she not know where he is going. He gives her his new cell number and requests that she call him if anything ever happens to Alec. He gives her $500,000 to ensure that the Alec and her are taken care of. He gets a phone call and leaves.

    Nikki recovers from the fall.

    Luke and Michelle take a walk along the beach. Michelle tells him that he is an established artist here and that he doesn't have to move to New York. He says that he can't help but think that he is wasting his life here. He then hugs her and tells her that he needs to be out from under his mother. William walks in and interrupts Michael and Nikki just as she tells Michael that there is something about William that he needs to know. Michael leaves the room so that they can be alone. William tells Nikki that he is an idiot for thinking that Maria would not hurt him. He promises her that she is not alone. He then promises her that Maria will pay. Nikki tells him that he doesn't need to lie because she knows that he was sleeping with Tania. She then tells him that there is something that she needs to tell him.

    Eddie comes face to face with Rodney and demands to know where Lance is. When Rodney says that he doesn't know, they punch him again and then Eddie points a gun at his head.

    Hans and Harold are stunned at the coldness that Maria is showing over what happened to Nikki. Maria tells them that it is okay to put her name on the card that they send. When they inform her that the designs are running behind, she reminds them that they know how nasty she can be if she doesn't get what she wants. Tania shows up and totally bashes the Gianni photo shoot set. She throws everything on the floor and paints the word “Pig” on the wall! Sophia and Dr. Woods are happy to hear that Tania has used
    Her anger in a positive way (and got away with it)! Sophia insists that if he keeps this up there will be many more payments made to him for his work!

    Michael stops William as he leaves the hospital and wants to know what is wrong with him. William tells him that he should go and save the day. Michael tells Nikki that William can't treat her this way and that it is not right. Nikki insists that she is fine and gives him a hug. Michael takes Nikki home and ensures that she has all that she needs. He tells her that he is going to drop the whole William thing, but that he is not happy with what he has done to her. She tells him that he does need to drop it. Nikki tells Michael that she is the one that broke up with William. She informs Michael that she couldn't love William…..and that he wasn't the father. Nikki tells Michael that he was the father!

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    Posted by kool_gurl at Friday, November 24 2006 07:07 PM

    This is very imteresting....we all knew William and Nikki were gonna break up and for Maria...well it's payback time....and Wiliam's gonna get payback too....

    Posted by will&Nik at Friday, November 24 2006 07:12 PM

    Nikki is not telling Michael the truth why she broke up with William because she obviously loves william she just doesnot want to get hurt, she is just using the baby so that Michael does not have to know william played her

    Posted by SuperModel at Friday, November 24 2006 07:21 PM

    ho my God! tonight was so great my sister and I kept calling each other to talk about every thing we saw, oh my goodnes, first of all i'm not too happy that Nikki lost her baby but danm its getting better and better. i think the only person that need to hear the broking new about her company is Michele since Lexis let Maria play with her mind, wow things are getting out of control, yall should say i was right Maria was the one who push Nikki what a good guess, well i hope those tow weeks that are left will be a blast i need to call my aunt about tonight.

    Posted by christinaaffris at Saturday, November 25 2006 07:02 AM

    oh my goosh, i love this show it is just getting better and better every day. i haven't seen it in like 3 days but i read about it and it is getting juicy. i hope luke and michelle get back together they are so cute. and i can't wait to see maria go down. i wish the show wasn't ending. im sure it will be a good ending tho.

    Posted by Autumn Johnson at Sunday, November 26 2006 09:12 AM

    In my mind I think that michelle and luke should get back together because luke is 1 hottie with his sexy eyes. he is sooo damn hot. Michelle is very pretty. She is talented.
    I can see she has passion for fashion. With her fashion skills and luke's artistic skills they can be able 2 bring down Maria(even if that is his mother). looked at the horrible things she did to him. luv u michellle&luke
    from your #1 fan

    Posted by Autumn Johnson at Sunday, November 26 2006 09:29 AM

    This is the best show ever!!!.... I can't believe it's coming to an end. I'm going to seriously cry my eyes out when the last episode goes off. I don't want fashion house to go off because when I watch it everyday(except sundays)it gets better and better.All the girls are very pretty and all the boys are hotties!To tell you the truth I wasn't watching fashion house when it first came in tv but now i'm loving it. My sister got me into watching it and i thank her very much.

    Posted by Autumn Johnson at Sunday, November 26 2006 09:44 AM

    sophia is so crazy but it was sad how she ruin maria's&william's wedding. She&william had maria that he loved her but he didn't. And also I saw a little clip of when michelle&maria were fighting in the pool. She slap maria hard like a punch in the face. And i know it hurt. michelle is so awesome. I idolize her.luke do me a favor
    get back with michelle,get marry and have kids.U 2 would make a cute couple and great parents but the sad part is maria would be a evil grandmother. I know there is a lot of good in her but she is afraid to show it That's okay I'm like that too

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