Daily Updates

After The Fall

Wednesday, November 22 2006
Nikki loses the baby, Luke tells Michelle that he needs a new start and Nikki says that she knows who pushed her down the stairs!

Maria pulls up to Lexi and tells her that she wants to discuss a business proposition. She tells her that she will be at Gianni. When Lexi insists that she is not interested, Maria asks her how things are going with IAT. She tells Lexi not to play dumb and that she can visit her at the office today. Maria drives away and leaves Lexi wondering how Maria is involved with IAT!

Spangler goes to visit William upon his request. William tells him that getting him out of jail is just the first part. The second part is that he has to get him access to his money. He tells him that he has until Friday.

Nikki is rushed to the hospital. Michael stops by to see Lexi and Michelle at work. He asks them if they have seen Nikki, but they inform him that they haven't. His cell phone rings and it is the hospital. They called him since he is the first contact in her cell phone. Michelle and Michael run to the hospital while Lexi stays behind to watch the office. The doctor asks to speak to Michelle alone. She informs her that there is great risks concerning the baby because of the fall.

Eddie orders his men to go to Lance's house, office…..anywhere that he may be. He then tells them that the plan is for them to leave Los Angeles because it is too hot for them right now. Rodney goes to meet Lance at a warehouse. Rodney tells him that his best chance is to trust the cops. Rodney informs him that they don't have any money because he has blown through it all. Lance says that he needs money and a place to hide. Rodney suggests that he hide out at his own house because they would believe that he would never try to return there.

Lexi goes to see Maria at her office. Maria tells her that she is so happy that their little company is doing so well. She asks her if she looked to see who was on the board of directors. Maria quickly informs her that Clive has been on it for 3 years now….and that 40% is quite a bit of power. Lexi tells her to cut to the chase. Maria tells Lexi that between her 30% and their 40%, she has enough to oust Michelle. Lexi insists that Michelle is the designer. Maria tells Lexi that she knows that her dream is bigger than crunching numbers for Michelle. Maria offers to buy the company and allow Lexi to run it…..totally! Lexi asks if would all be in writing and Maria assures her that it will. Lexi tells her that she needs time to think about it but Maria gives her an expiration date of tomorrow on the offer!

Luke and Michael run into each other outside the hospital. He tells Luke that he feels horrible about the way things went down. Luke reminds him that there are certain things that you don't do. Michelle steps outside and informs them that Nikki lost the baby. They all wonder how they are going to tell Nikki about the loss. Luke volunteers to call William and let him know what has happened. Michelle calls Lexi to check in and informs her of what has happened. Lexi lies and tells her she has been in the office all day. Lexi notices that none of the press articles mention her name…..and she picks up the phone to schedule a meeting with Clive.

Sophia goes to see Dr. Woods for an update on Tania. He tells her that short of putting a gun in Tania's hand….everything is going great. She proposes a little test and tells the doctor that with all of the drugs she is on and the long list of people that she is angry with….it would be like cornering a cobra!

Luke goes to visit William in jail. They shake hands and have a seat. Luke starts with small talk, but Luke tells him that he has bad news to tell him. William hangs his head when he hears that she has lost the baby. William tells him that he should go be with Michelle. He wishes William good luck with everything and leaves. William's eyes fill up with tears as he thinks of what has happened.

Eddie's men break into Lance's house looking for him. As they search the upstairs, Lance hides in the closet. They believe that he is not there and leave. Lance calls Rodney and leaves him a message.

Luke goes back to the hospital and tells Michelle that William is pretty upset over this. Luke tells Michelle that he worries that Maria has done other things that he doesn't know about. She is shocked to hear him say that he is thinking about making a fresh start….in New York. She acts as though she is really happy for him….but her sadness is obvious. The nurse interrupts the intense moment by telling them that Nikki is awake. They ask her if she remembers what happened and all she remembers is being at the top of the stairs. Nikki starts to cry when Michelle won't answer her questions about the baby. Luke and Michelle try to comfort her as best they can.

Sophia and William are both upset over the news!

Sophia is next to go see William. He tells her that it has been a bad day. She notices that something is obviously wrong, and he breaks down and tells his mother what happened. Sophia insists that this never would have happened if Nikki would have moved in with her. Sophia cries and tells him that she doesn't really know what to say. Sophia tells that she will talk to Spangler. She reminds William that she can be subtle….and lethal when she has to be……as the Congressman is about to find out!

Nikki knows who pushed her down the stairs!

Eddie becomes enraged when his men tell him that they have not been able to locate Lance. He reminds him it is their fault that he got away to start with. Eddie tells them that they need to find Rodney because he is the one person that Lance trusts. Michelle and Luke tell Nikki that Luke went to visit William and tell him the news. Luke informs her that he is really concerned about her. Nikki thanks them both for being there. Luke steps outside and Nikki informs Michelle that she did not fall down those stairs. She tells her that she was pushed…..and that she knows who did it!