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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Safe Haven

    Tuesday, November 21 2006
    Tania tells Nikki the truth, Lexi turns John down and Lance escapes!

    Lance is told that if he screams…he is dead. Manny insists that he tell him where the evidence is. He hits Lance in the face with the gun….knocking him to the bed. The wounded officer manages to reach under the chair and grab his gun. He shoots and while Eddie's goons are distracted, Lance flees out of the room and down the stairs! The detectives and the DA arrive at the scene and find the bodies of the 2 cops and 1 of Eddie's men….but find that Lance is gone. The DA tells her that he does not care about Lance at this point and that his focus is on getting the evidence. Eddie gets furious when Manny tells him that Lance got away. Eddie tells him that he had better get that evidence because he is not going to start from the bottom again. Eddie orders Manny to put a bullet in Lance's head if he runs next time!

    Maria can't believe that Clive has resurrected Michelle Miller Designs. She insists that she has worked so hard to have them fail. He asks her what it would mean if he was to sell his 40% of the design company to her. She reminds him that she doesn't have that kind of cash but then she quickly realizes that she can use Eddie's money since he is on the run. She now can see that this is her opportunity to kill 2 pretty little birds with one stone! Luke interrupts the meeting and tells Clive to get out. Luke tells his mother that he received a copy of the tape from John. Luke tells Maria that he is not going to play her games any longer and that he is done. He throws the tape at her and says “bye”!

    Sophia tries to motivate Tania for her photo shoot. She tells Tania that she needs to start worrying a lot less about William and a lot more about her career. Tania tells her that she wants a drink but Sophia reminds her that she is just throwing her career away by doing that. Their conversation is brought to a halt by a knock at the door… Nikki! Sophia steps out to see her and Nikki informs her that she can't believe that the police department will not let her in to see him. She tells Sophia that she needs to take her to see him the next time that she goes. Tania listens in as the 2 of them talk. Sophia reminds Nikki that she is not his wife yet. Nikki gets upset and Sophia apologizes for the comment. She sends her home to get some rest and informs her that she will call her tomorrow.

    Michelle tells Lexi that she is still a bit uncomfortable with the deal. Lexi insists that they had no choice. Luke arrives to see Michelle and she guesses by the look on his face that it has something to do with his mother. She tells him that it surprises her that Maria would ever think that she would fall for someone like John. He then tells her about walking in on Maria and Michael. Michelle laughs at the thought…..and says that it is disgusting. She tells him that she does not think that he is crazy for having a problem with that. He leans over the desk and kisses her. They agree to go out for a drink later.

    Luke and Michael fight it out!

    John stops by to see Lexi and Michelle. He asks Lexi to lunch but Michelle tells him to leave. Lexi tells her that she had to flirt with John to get into Maria's office the other day. Michelle tells her not to trust him but Lexi assures her that she can handle John. Michael goes to see Luke and tells him that he feels horrible. Luke tells him that he does not care and orders him to leave. Luke brings up Nikki and how he is pathetic for crying over Nikki all of this time. Michael tells him to shut-up and punches him. Luke stands up and the fight between the 2 of them is on. Both busted lips when Michael finally leaves.

    Spangler meets with a colleague to start the process of getting William his bail. Jeffrey informs her that he will be the one paying. She tells him that the price is $200,000. He tells he that's fine and that she needs to act fast!

    Lexi and John have lunch. He tells her that he thinks that she is really beautiful. Lexi asks him flat out what this is all about. When he tells her that he needs a job, she tells him that the lunch is over. She informs him that she was just using him to get the keys. She also tells him that surely he knows that she is a smart girl…..and that he will never work for her! Lexi thanks him for lunch and walks out.

    Dr. Evans and Gloria make plans to go and look at some of the prospective apartments for her and Alec. They go to look at a place and then stop for lunch. Gloria answers her cell phone and hears Eddie on the other end. He tells her that he needs to see her now because he is in big trouble. She tries to tell him that she can't right now, but he tells her that she owes him and if she doesn't come he will show up and get what he needs!

    Sophia and Tania arrive on the beach for the photo shoot. As Tania goes to change, the photographer pulls Sophia aside and tells her that it is obvious that Tania has not cleaned up. Sophia insists that she will be fine once she is in wardrobe and reminds him that they are paying him a lot of money for this gig. The shoot finally begins and Tania can barely focus after the pills she has taken start kicking in. He tells her to act like a model for God's sake. Tania gets frustrated and rushes back behind the curtain.

    Tania tells Nikki that she has been sleeping with William!

    Nikki walks into Gianni and interrupts Hans, Harold and Maria. Maria sarcastically congratulates her and William. Hans and Harold leave with Nikki to go to lunch. At lunch they all joke about the conversation that just happened between her a Maria. Tania and Sophia walk into the restaurant. When Sophia notices that Nikki is there, she tries to get Tania to agree to go somewhere-else. Tania leaves Sophia and helps herself to a seat at their table. Nikki tells her that they need to just end their differences. Nikki tries to tell her that she is happy for her that she is modeling again. Tania informs her that she may not feel that way when she gets a big belly from the baby. She then tells her that William is “nailing” the both of them. Nikki tells her that it was just a pity screw. Tania insists that the baby is not going to make him faithful and that it is probably the only reason that he is still around. Harold runs her off and Nikki can't believe what she has just heard.

    Sophia goes to see William and tells him that Spangler had a change of heart and is taking care of the bail money. She insists that she is going to get him out of there. She then updates him on the photo shoot and that it didn't go as planned. She then tells him that Tania ran into Nikki and that she can't say for sure if Tania told Nikki about their affair. Sophia reminds him that he can do damage control when he gets out….and that everything is moving forward as planned.

    Gloria meets Eddie in a parking lot. Eddie tells her that he is desperate right now and the he just wants to make sure that she and Alec will be ok. He tells her that there is a safe at the junkyard and that he needs just enough money to get out of town. He tells her that she and Alec can have the rest. She agrees to go and get him some money but tells him that she really doesn't want to be involved. Later she sits with Dr. Evans and tells him that Eddie didn't want anything….but to say goodbye. She opens up to him and informs him that there are a lot of things about her life that she regrets. She insists that she is really trying to change things. He assures her that he doesn't care about any of that and that he only wants to be with her.

    Will the baby survive the fall?

    Nikki arrives home and finds the door to her apartment wide open. She slowly goes inside and heads upstairs to see what's going on. When she reaches the top she notices something and says…. “What the hell?” All of a sudden a hand covered with a black glove reaches out and pushes her down the stairs. Nikki hits the bottom floor face down and unconscious!

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    Posted by triple at Tuesday, November 21 2006 08:32 PM

    This was a great episode! Things are really picking up. I was expecting things to start winding down by now, but I guess it will just keep on building up to the end!

    Posted by Darc Anjle at Wednesday, November 22 2006 06:11 PM

    Wow. I hope my girl and the babyis ok. I hope william feels like crap! Nikki needs to be off like the wind and forget him. It was between two people to knock her down. Sophia, or Tania's jealous ass.

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