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    Nothing Ventured...Nothing Capital Gained

    Monday, November 20 2006
    Dr. Evans gets closer to Gloria, Clive makes a surprising move and Sophia meets with Spangler!

    Luke tells Maria and Michael that this is disgusting and demands to know how long this has been going on. Maria tells him to stop being so dramatic and that this is one subject that she will not allow him to pass judgment on. She insists that it was just sex and meant nothing. Luke reminds her that Michael is his best friend and she tells her son at least she is not sleeping with his enemy! Maria says that she has gone from driving Michael to little league… the big league!

    William's lawyer informs him that the investigation is air tight. He tells her that this is her time to shine and that he has kept her retainer for years. She tells him that he has either got to be patient or find someone that can help her get the money to post bail. William calls Congressman Spangler to come to the prison to visit him. William tells him to pull some strings and get him out of there. He insists that he will make it worth his while. Spangler says that he will see what he can do…but no promises! Michelle tries to console Nikki over William's arrest. She then informs her that his arrest has caused her company to be in jeopardy until they find another investor. Michelle heads out to work.

    Lance survives the night with the officer on Eddie's payroll. He leaves at shift change and tells Lance that he will see him again tonight. The officer meets with Eddie and Manny to inform them of the setup surrounding Lance's protective custody. He insists again that it has to look real to the other officers. Eddie gives him another payment for his efforts. When he leaves, Eddie reminds Manny that they can have no lose ends. Manny tries to defend the officer, but Eddie says that if he can be bought that easily….then he is a threat. Manny agrees and promises that there will be no lose ends!

    Lance is furious with Maria for sleeping with his best friend!

    Hans, Harold and the design team await Maria's arrival for their meeting. She introduces Hans and Harold as the new Senior Designers. She insists that their main goal right now is to show LA Designers that Gianni is still on top. Luke receives a certified package from…..John Cotter. Before he gets a chance to open it, Michael calls to talk about what happened. Luke tells him that there is nothing for them to discuss and hangs up on him. Maria then arrives to see Luke and wants to know why this is so upsetting to him. He demands to her that she has done nothing but created one big mess! She insists that sleeping with Michael had nothing to do with him and that it was not to hurt him. He tells her that she did hurt him and it is time for her to leave. She leaves and Luke finally opens the package. He hears what is on the tape and becomes furious. He throws the cassette player on the floor….shattering it into pieces!

    Lexi tells Michelle that so far she has had no luck. She informs her that she has one more to try, and if it doesn't work they may have to consider pulling the plug on the company. Lexi meets with the group of investors from IAT….and they tell her that William's arrest is a blessing in disguise for them. They ask her to let them help Michelle Miller Designs out of this unfortunate situation. They give Lexi their proposal which would leave Michelle and her at 60% and IAT would get 40%. She tells them that she needs to run it by Michelle first. When Lexi leaves, the board gets ready to take a final vote. The last member comes over to the table and wants to know what he has missed. He agrees that he is excited to be involved with Michelle Miller Designs and sits down with the group. This extra member of the board is none other than Clive…..Maria's attorney! Spangler meets with another politician to see what can be done about William. He tells him that they can squeeze William for enough money to keep them both happy if they help him out. He agrees with Spangler that it is worth talking about.

    Dr. Evans stops by to give Alec a gift. He takes Gloria outside and informs her that it is safe to say that he will make a full recovery. He then tells her that he had a great time last night. She insists that she did as well…..and the 2 of them kiss for the first time. She goes into see Alec again and asks him if he likes Dr. Evans. Alec wants to know if they are going to get married. She assures him that it is too soon for that and that he is the main man in her life. Dr. Evans and Gloria make plans to go out again tomorrow night. She accepts his offer but requests that they keep their dates just between the two of them…..for now.

    Lexi informs Michelle of the meeting, but Michelle insists that IAT owning 40% is a bit high. Lexi tells her that they are desperate and that at least they would have controlling interests. They agree to go for it…..wondering what else they have to lose. Spangler goes to see William and tells him that he can help him but he is not going to like the terms. He informs him that the cost is going to be $1 million for them to help him out. William calls him a greedy little puppet. William grabs Spangler and throws him on the table. As the guards haul him away, he informs Spangler that he had better watch his back! Spangler screams at him that he is going to see what he can do to make his stay a long one!

    Luke calls John and tells him to meet him at SUKU for lunch. Luke tells John that he is really pathetic. He informs him that his pathetic attempt to blackmail Maria accomplished nothing. Luke then tells John that the difference between him and Maria is that at least his mother is good at blackmailing! He insists that John is a loser that could not even manipulate his way to the top and that Michelle would have never slept with him. He throws money at John and tells him to enjoy his lunch. Luke then leaves as John sits at the bar dumbfounded!

    Sophia makes Spangler an offer that he can't refuse!

    Maria tells Harold that none of the designs are acceptable and that she wants new designs in the morning. She gets a visit from Clive informing her that Michelle Miller Designs is being resurrected… him. Maria is looks shocked as Clive sips from his flask and offers to share it with her. Congressman Spangler is met outside by Sophia. She tells him that she has an offer that doesn't involve money. She hands him the photos that William had taken of him cheating on his wife. Sophia informs him that she is a forgiving woman….but not a patient one. She warns Spangler before he leaves that if he thinks William is dangerous…..he has never seen her in action!

    Lance is no longer safe!

    Dr. Evans goes to Gloria's at her place for their date. He asks her what Alec's father was like and she informs him that she has made some terrible mistakes in her life and that she will tell him about them one day. He reminds her that we all have made mistakes. Lance makes it through the day to see another shift change. The door opens and the officer walks in with his hands held high. The officer that was on duty is shot and killed by Manny. Lance begs them not to kill him….and they inform him that it is his lucky day. He looks at the officer on Eddie's payroll and shoots him. As he falls to the ground he reminds him that he wanted it to look real. Manny tells Lance that Eddie is going to be so glad to see him!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Monday, November 20 2006 09:17 PM

    Did not watch FH today just read the recap but I have to there no end to this? Why do the bad people get rewarded on this show and the good get screwed? Why is just about everyone on this show on Maria's side?

    Posted by fashionfreak at Tuesday, November 21 2006 12:41 AM


    Posted by MESHIA at Tuesday, November 21 2006 06:30 AM

    OK......I dont like Maria but when she told Luke that she had just finished giving Michael a "BIG LEAGUE RIDE" I couldnt do anything but laugh!! She is such a character.... Now does this mean that Clive "maria's attorney" is about to tear Michelle business down???? Why is it that Luke is always upset with the person who gives him information about his lying mother?? I dont think this is going to end the way we want it!!! The only person who has really turned around and who I can actually watch the show and smile is "GLORIA". I hope everything goes well with her and Dr. Evans.

    Posted by MissThing at Tuesday, November 21 2006 07:11 AM

    I am getting truly fed up! Exactly HOW many people does Maria know? Now her lawyer just happens to be part of a group of investors interested in Michelle's company. I'm getting sick of this!

    A murderous thug like Eddie launders money through her company which she was well aware of, and she gets away with it because she has friends in high places. Her weak son lies to cover her triflin' butt, but doesn't hold her accountable for anything. I have absolutely NO sympathy for Luke. Maybe if he hadn't lied for his mother, she wouldn't have had TIME to screw Michael!

    Michelle is going to get messed over again; Nikki is going to probably lose her baby; and Tania is still alive to spew her venom and nastiness.

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