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    Mother I'd Like to Forget

    Friday, November 17 2006
    Lexi searches for new investors, Lance is safe for now and Michael has sex with Maria!

    Lexi tries to get new investors!

    Lexi and Michelle agree that they need to keep producing orders until they find capital for the business….and that the press can't know what is going on. Michelle insists that considering their timeline, it won't be easy. Maria calls Michael and tells him that she can't wait to come over and see the photos from the shoot. The Detective informs Lance that they still have not been able to locate Eddie. Eddie gets news from his police friend that Lance refused to hand anything over to them until they apprehended Eddie. Eddie is happy to hear this news. William gets a visitor in jail. He arrives at the meeting room to find that Maria is his visitor. She tells him that she just wanted to stop by and see if he was making new friends yet. He tells her that it is a little premature to be gloating. He tells her that he will be out soon…..and then he will be coming after her. She tells him that there is nothing he can do about being up against Uncle Sam!

    William sits in jail!

    Michael takes Nikki some flowers to cheer her up. She tells him that she does not want to have to raise this baby alone. He reminds her that she will always have friends and that she will never be alone. She tells him that he is such a good friend and gives him a hug. Lexi tells Michelle that she has set up some meetings with several potential investors. Lexi reminds her that they have orders pouring in….and that is a good thing. Michael goes to see Luke and tells him that Nikki is pretty freaked out right now. Michael tells Luke that he is still totally in love with Nikki. Luke tells him that they are too good of friends and that it would be hard. Luke says that he believes that he may be wasting his time. Michael gets defensive and tells him that he is being a little cold….after all he has helped him through with Michelle. When Luke tells him that what happened between him and Nikki was a drunk hook-up, Michael gets upset and leaves. Sophia wakes Tania up and orders her to get ready for her beauty treatments. Rodney stops by to see Michelle. He wants to know if she has talked to Lance in the past few days, but she insists that she hasn't. Rodney tells her that they have ended their partnership but that he has not been around. Rodney leaves and Michelle tries to call Lance….but gets his voicemail.

    Alec tells Gloria that he wants to go home soon. She tells him that she hopes it will happen soon and that when he is well, they are going to get a new home. She asks him to stay strong so that he will get better. Lexi meets with her first investors, but gets denied. The investors were not happy to hear about William Chandler's indictment. Tania tells Sophia that Dr. Woods is great. Tania tells her that she needs an afternoon to herself and that she may go see Dr. Woods again. Maria stops by to see Luke and show him the front page of the paper. She reminds him that his so-called brother is a thief. Luke defends him by saying that he may or may not be guilty…..that's what trials are for. William tells his lawyer that he is not safe in prison and that she is to get him out! She tells him that it is not likely that they can get the charges dropped. He tells her to stick with the case and he will work on the bail, but that he has to get out of there! Lexi tells Michelle the bad news about her meeting with the investors. Lexi insists that they will keep trying and that they can't give up!

    Dr. Woods tells Tania that many women don't see themselves as they really are and that it causes people to want to change it. She insists that she was never good enough for Maria. Tania tells him that Sophia has been a really big help to her and that she trusts her. He tells her that she should follow her instincts. She steps out of the appointment and takes some pills. Michael does a photo shoot with 2 models. When they are finished, the girls drag him to Gate for happy hour. Michael drinks one after another and gets a bit drunk. Gloria tells Dr. Evans that she loves the new job and that she is all about putting some old memories behind her….so that she can move on. He offers to help her look for a new place. She takes him up on the offer. Eddie tells Manny that they have to keep an eye on the paid cop…..just in case he tries something. Eddie reminds him that he hates loose ends!

    Tania goes back to the hotel and Sophia reminds her that if she keeps wandering off, she is bound to run into Michael or Luke. She informs Tania that she has made her an appointment with a photographer later this week. Tania is happy to hear the news. Maria goes to the studio and finds Michael drunk. She makes him some coffee to sober him up. She looks at the photos and is thrilled with them! She sees pictures of Nikki on the floor and tells him that he will get over his broken heart in time. She reminds him that it will just take some time. She reminds him that she has no idea why all of these guys are swooning over Nikki! Lance sits in the hotel room as shift change begins. The policeman on Eddie's payroll comes in and takes over. Lance listens to the reason for a change….but doesn't seem too alarmed. Michelle takes Nikki some baby clothes and reminds her that she will always be there to help her out….no matter what!

    Maria and Michael get caught in the act!

    Maria sits down beside Michael and offers him comfort. She starts rubbing his neck and he tells her that he has always thought that she is beautiful. She tells him that he is sweet….. and they kiss! The kissing leads to them having sex! As Maria tells him that this can't happen again and that Luke can't know about it, Michael falls on top of her again. They are kissing when Luke walks in! Michael jumps up and tells him that it is not as bad as it looks….and that he can explain!

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    Posted by will&Nik at Friday, November 17 2006 09:08 PM

    I do not thinl Michael was that drunk because he said that he always had a crush on Maria which i though was nasty. I really hope that he and Nikki never have a chance because it is obvious she is in love with William , and you cannot make someone loves. I thought Michael was pathetic because he knew Nikki sees him as a friend and never told her anything now she is in love with someone, he is sleeping with the enemy because he feels "sad" bite me.

    Posted by sexychica379 at Saturday, November 18 2006 06:18 AM

    Very disgusting! Michael & Maria??? OMG that i did not see coming.. she old enough to be his mother illlll nasty!!!! at least William was a bit older...well off the nasty subject...i hope Eddie gets to kill Lance...he deserves it..after all he put Michelle thru...she could of lost it he should.

    Posted by terry at Monday, November 20 2006 09:44 AM

    Maria!Maria! What is your problem,how low can you go?Michael
    is a friend to your son,no one,not anyone,any mother could be such a trash to do something like this.You can't be that hot at your age.I really can't call Maria what I really want to here.Know what I mean? Can you feel me?

    Posted by terry at Monday, November 20 2006 09:47 AM

    Ain't no shame in Maria's game.She is one evil and no-good old broad!

    Posted by MissThing at Monday, November 20 2006 11:00 AM

    The woman is simply too triflin' to live! I know William played her, but does her fragile ego need stroking that badly? And why are the writers ruining Michael this way?

    Posted by phillygurl at Monday, November 20 2006 12:43 PM

    If Michael is so in love with Nikki, why is it that he has no problem getting it in with any and everybody! Tania, the models and MARIA!!!
    He's a flake!

    Posted by Tigre at Monday, November 20 2006 03:18 PM

    Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that's nasty! I don't care if Michael had the beer goggles on, how in the world can he sleep with Maria? Man because of the basketball game I missed this episode on Saturday and it looks like I missed a good one

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