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    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!

    Out Of The Woods

    Thursday, November 16 2006
    William goes to jail, Sophia and Maria go another round and Michelle gets shut down....for now!

    William insists that Nikki leave so that he can speak with Doug (the DA) alone. Nikki storms off and he tells William that an arrest warrant is going to happen regarding his off-shore accounts. William figures out that Maria is behind it….although Doug cannot confirm it. Doug tells him that he can't stress enough to him that there is not a lot of time! Doug leaves and William calls his mother. He instructs her to leave Tania and come to his house immediately. He tells her that they are in trouble and she rushes out. She finally arrives and finds William shredding papers. He tells her that she needs to take some files to her hotel room because agents could arrive at his house at anytime. Sophia tells him that she loves him and rushes out with the files.

    Michelle and Lexi sit on the stage in amazement that the show finally happened. Lexi says that all they can do now is keep their fingers crossed and hope that the orders come in. Luke informs Amanda that he is still uncertain about New York because all of his friends and family are in Los Angeles. She tells him that if he does make it to New York he should give her a call and assures him that he will not regret it. William tells Sophia that there is no doubt that he will be arrested. Sophia insists that Maria is not going to get away this….not after all that she has done! Sophia tells him that Maria has really crossed the line and that she refuses to let her keep William from being around his child growing up.

    While Lance sits in his room with 2 police officers, Eddie and Manny talk about where Lance could possibly be. Eddie hands Manny the contact info for a police officer on his payroll and tells him to bring him over. He insists that he will help them find Lance if he is in protective custody. John prepares to send out a copy of the tape to Luke.

    Michelle and Nikki are thrilled over the response from the press over her show. She then tells Nikki that she is not sure what to think about her and Luke. Nikki reminds her that anything is possible and Michelle heads out to work. When she arrives Lexi informs her that the numbers came in. As Michelle prepares for the worst…..Lexi tells her that they are huge and that the orders are pouring in! William meets with his lawyer and informs her of the situation. She tells him that unless he plans on leaving the country…..he may end up serving some time!

    Sophia takes Tania out to eat and asks her what has happened to all of her confidence. She reminds her that she is beautiful and could probably have any man in the room. Sophia encourages her to go and talk to the man at the bar that sent drinks to their table. William goes to see Nikki and tells her that he has a little bit of legal trouble. She wants to know what is going on and he tells her that the DA has received some doctored up documents about his accounts…..and that someone is trying to set him up. When she asks who would do that…he suggests that it was Maria. He tells her that his first priority is their child. She starts to wonder what will happen if he doesn't beat this….but he insists that everything is going to be fine.

    Manny brings the officer to see Eddie. He informs Eddie that Lance is in protective custody and that it is not a good idea. The officer tries to tell him that he does not want to get involved but Eddie tells him that they will get the information from him one way….or another! The officer gives in but insists that he has to look real. Eddie says that all he has to do is let his guys in and they will handle it from there!

    Eddie is one step closer to Lance!

    Luke and Michael go to visit Tania at the Sunset House but are informed that she is no longer there…..and that she has been gone for a week. Michael and Luke are shocked at the news but the Director informs them that it is not a state facility and that she cannot hold people there against their will. They try to call her on her cell but she has forgotten it at the table while she is talking at the bar. Sophia sees that it is Michael calling and ignores it. When Tania makes her way back to the table and tells Sophia that she just feels a little off. Sophia hands her a business card of a therapist (Dr. Woods) and tells her that he can work wonders! She suggests that she step outside to call him for an appointment. When she does, the guy from the bar comes over and Sophia gives him $100 for doing what she requested. The officer tells Eddie the details of the shift changes etc. concerning the protective custody of Lance. Eddie gives him some money for his troubles and tells him that he has no time to waste!

    Luke and Michael grab some lunch and debate where Tania could be. They agree that they have got to find her. Meanwhile Tania arrives for her appointment with Dr. Woods. He tells her that he is just there to listen and that she has to feel comfortable enough to trust him. He assures her that nothing she says will ever leave this office. She begins to tell him that being a model wasn't glamorous because she always felt like it could be ripped away at anytime. She tells him that the pressure is just too much sometimes!

    Maria watches the show from her car!

    William gets a call from Maria. She tells him that it does not matter that he has caught wind of her plan and that he will certainly be behind bars soon enough. She tells him that he should expect visitors any minute now. He asks how she would know and she informs him that it is because she has a front row seat. He hears sirens and looks out the window. He sees Maria sitting in her car watching as the police arrive at his house. He tells her that she is going to pay for this. She tells him to behave…..or she will not come and see him in the big house! The cops enter and cuff William as Maria laughs out loud and says that this is just too much!

    Sophia and Maria go another round!

    As William is taken out of the house, Nikki arrives….William tells her not to worry because he will take care of her. Sophia arrives and goes over to Maria's car and wants to know what she is doing there. Maria tells her that she is just watching the show. Sophia starts to bang on the door and demand that she get out of the car! Maria finally gets out of the car and the 2 of them exchange words. They get in one good slap before Maria turns around and grabs the garden hose from the gardener. Maria jumps in the car, rolls up the window and speeds off……as Sophia sprays the car with water….telling that she had better not come back!

    The next day Nikki tells Michelle that she is scared. Michelle tells her that she did not do anything wrong and that William is innocent. Lexi calls Michelle and tells her that she needs to come into the office right away. Lexi tells Michelle that William's estate is frozen until the investigation is over. She tells her that without him they have no capital. Lexi insists that everything is on hold because they have no cash flow and that Michelle Miller Designs is out of business as long as he is in jail!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Thursday, November 16 2006 08:50 PM

    It never ends! With all the mean, underhanded, cruel, and evil things that Maria has done and she comes out on top. What is wrong with the writers for this show. Now on top of everything, the first time that something good has actually happened to Michelle and now this!

    Posted by SuperModel at Friday, November 17 2006 06:47 AM

    I can no believe my baby go jail, the writer need to do something with that witch call Maria she's evil. but i know there's something coming for her,i can't wait to see it coming, finally Sophia try to get Tania an other man before thing get worse for my baby william, well thats good. William need to get out jail tonight i dos not deserve prison. Maria does she needs to lock up dopn't her out

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