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    Miller's Crossing

    Thursday, November 16 2006
    Maria fires John, the DA visits William and Michelle finally has her big day!

    Lance is relieved to find the Detective on the other side of the door. He tells her that Eddie knows where he is….and she insists that she will take him into protective custody. She tells him that she needs the files to link Eddie, but Lance refuses to give them to her. He requires her to get Eddie first, and then he will turn over the paper trail. He reminds her that right now the evidence is the only assurance he has to keep him alive!

    Amanda drops her robe and tells Luke that she knows that he wants her. Luke tells her that he cares about Michelle…..and that he can't sleep with someone behind her back. Amanda becomes hostile and puts her robe back on and shows him to the door. Dr. Evans tells Gloria that he did not refer her for the job to get a date with her. He insists that she is qualified for it…but he still wants to have dinner with her. Gloria makes his day when she accepts the invitation.

    Hans stops in to see Maria in her office. He informs her that John hasn't worked a complete day since before she went into the hospital. Nikki brings Michelle some food at the office and they discuss Luke, William and the Fashion Show tomorrow. She tells Michelle that William cancelled their date at the last minute to do something with his mother. Meanwhile, William and Tania have sex again!

    The next day Amanda stops by to see Luke and apologize for her behavior yesterday. She tells him that she still wants to represent him in New York and tells him that she would love to meet Michelle sometime…..because she must be something really special. Luke tells her that she is invited to the Fashion Show tonight and that it would be a great way to spend her last night in town. She agrees to go and rushes off to an appointment. William arrives at Nikki's and tells her that he is sorry for missing dinner, and that this is not going to be a regular thing. He insists that he will make it up to her tonight after Michelle's show. The two of them rush off upstairs.

    The Detective has a doctor to examine Lances' knee. He tells him that he needs to go to the hospital to ensure that everything is ok, but Lance refuses to leave until Eddie is caught. He tells the detective that she had better get on it before he forgets where the evidence is! Back at the hospital Gloria visits with Alec. Alec is awake and doing much better now! Gloria informs him that she has a new job at the hospital. He wants to have dinner alone with his mother tonight….like they used to do with Doris. Gloria leaves a message for Dr. Evans cancelling their plans for dinner.

    Maria and Sophia watch the show together!

    Michelle and Lexi work backstage at the fashion show. William and Nikki go backstage where he gives them both a good luck bracelet. He tells them that they just need to ensure that tonight is the night that Maria Gianni is knocked off of the map. At Gianni, Hans and Harold disagree with John over the designs. John reminds them that he is in charge and turns to leave. Hans smiles and advises him that he may want to stick around today…..because Maria wants to see him! Tania apologizes to Sophia for bailing on her yesterday. Sophia tells her that she is an adult and that she can do whatever she wants. She insists to her that if she really wants to model again she will get her act together before it is too late. Sophia tells her that she and William will be out tonight and Tania asks her if she can go. Sophia informs her that the original plan was for her to go with them, but she has slept too late and there is no way that she can pull it together in time. Sophia tells her that maybe she should think about that tonight when she is there all alone…..and leaves.

    Maria shows up at SUKU and approaches the DA with the evidence that she has on William. She tells him that just in case she has also sent a copy of the reports to the Attorney General's office. The DA insists to Maria that he is not in William's pocket. Maria tells him that she is happy to hear that and that hopefully he will try to put away the right criminal this time! Hans and Harold go backstage to see Michelle but regretfully inform her that they can't stay for the show tonight because they think that something explosive is going to happen between Maria and John. They give her some flowers but Lexi comes over and puts the happy reunion to a halt. Lexi demands that they leave because no one from Gianni can be trusted. She insists that friendship is one thing, but that this is business!

    Manny stops by the hotel to see Eddie. Manny tells him that no one has been able to locate Lance. Eddie tells him that he wants Lance dead! Manny suggests that they leave as soon as it gets dark. Eddie tells him that he is going to make some calls and that he only needs to take one shot at Lance! Nigel takes Luke his paycheck and tells him that he has worked on getting him a place in New York. Luke hesitates for a moment when Nigel tells him that it is time to search for someone to lease his loft.

    Maria is furious over what John has done to the designs. Maria tells everyone to leave the office…now (including Hans and Harold). Maria tells John that he is not a designer and that he is not even a decent pattern maker. She then tells him that it is because of him that Lexi was able to steal something right under his nose. He reminds her that he owns her because of the tape that he has….and that it would be such a shame to ruin her relationship with her son. Maria tells him that right now that is the least of her problems and that he is fired….as of right now! He tells her that she has just made a big mistake and leaves! Amanda meets Michael and Luke for the show. She insists again that she respects him and Michelle. The three of them cheers to a good evening.

    Nikki to the rescue!

    Nikki works on getting Michelle in her dress for the show. She insists that she looks great. Lexi walks by screaming that they only have 30 minutes to go and Nikki yells for a hairstylist to rush over because Lexi is so busy that she has forgotten about her hair! The guests start arriving for the big event. Michelle and Lexi pose for some pictures and Maria walks up. Suddenly Sophia walks up and stands next to her. Lexi and Michelle leave as Maria and Sophia play nice…..for the press! William tells Lexi and Michelle to let Sophia handle Maria and that they can't kick her out because she has been nothing but gracious….and they would look stupid. Nikki looks disappointed when she sees Luke across the room sitting with Amanda. Michael tries to talk to Nikki but William walks over and takes her away.

    Dr. Evans has a picnic dinner with Gloria and Alec.

    Gloria arrives for her dinner with Alec and is surprised to find Dr. Evans in the room. He tells her that he would never expect her to stand up her own son for him. She tells him that she didn't make enough sandwiches for all of them, but to her surprise the good doctor brought a picnic basket dinner for the 3 of them.

    Luke and Michelle kiss backstage!

    The fashion show begins! Michelle thanks Lexi, William and Nikki…..and then the models hit the stage and debut the first collection. Tania sits at home alone with her pills and booze. Sophia and Maria share a table and watch the show. Michelle peeks around from the back and sees Luke with Amanda. The show ends with thunderous applause from the crowd. Michelle and Lexi hug backstage and Luke heads back to see them. He tells her that Maria is sweating! He tells her that he and Amanda are just friends, but that tonight should only be about her and her success. He congratulates her and they kiss.

    Michelle Miller Designs is official!

    William and Nikki arrive back at his house only to find the DA waiting for him in the living area. He tells William that he definitely wants to hear what he has to say….in private!

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    Posted by SuperModel at Thursday, November 16 2006 06:11 AM

    William i have no idea what in the world were you thinking canceled a date with the mother of child, to have sex with that crazy Tania i can't believe i geting very upset right now, don't you get it, i hope Nikki don't find out and she did i won't be mad if she leave you for Micheal but i would hate seeing you with Tania, that's a bad combination, am i the only one who see that? oh my goodness. William you supose to be the good guy not the cheater. Congratulation Michelle you did it girl Maria should have kick out, but anyway it was funny looking at her face, you know what i don't think Luke should trust Amanda being around him no no not a chance. back to William you need to get your act right i don't think the fans like what they see, you cheating on the mother of your child with Tania ok! like i said before the same thing about Sophia and Maria might happen again between Nikki and Tania and believe me the fans will blame you for it. so you better get your story straight. and always remember you my baby.

    Much love sexy Joel

    Posted by MissThing at Thursday, November 16 2006 12:05 PM

    Overall, I thought last night was a pretty good show. ITA about William. The man is so foine and sexy, but I'm not feeling his skankery at ALL! Like, why would he keep having sex with a woman he had to get out of rehab? I was shocked when he turned around and had sex with Nikki the following morning. And, what was up with Sophia's attitude toward Tania yesterday? It's obvious that she and William are keeping Tania boozed and drugged up, but I get a funny feeling that she's going to either O.D. or meet some "untimely" death because she IS starting to have moments of clarity and to ask questions.

    I loved the fashion show and was on pins and needles because I just KNEW Maria would show her butt, but I was shocked when she actually behaved herself. I kept waiting for the last-minute sabotage, but the show went off without a hitch! Michelle was absolutely gorgeous and so were the models especially the Asian one. The clothes were to die for! What was up with Luke bringing that woman?! And, I just loved Lexi's take-charge attitude!

    Poor Lance--NOT! He's getting everything he deserves and then some. The police still haven't linked him to that P.I. and I wish they could wrap up that particular loose end before the show ends. Rodney was smart to leave when he did, and I hope Eddie doesn't go after Michelle again to pay Lance back.

    Now, I'm wondering if William is going to go down, or if he will manage to stay one step ahead of Maria.

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