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    Maria's Story

    Tuesday, November 14 2006
    Maria only tells Dr. Woods what she wants him to hear!

    William takes a drunken Tania back to her room. Sophia tells him that she has been trying to reach him regarding news about his off-shore accounts. She informs him that someone has made unauthorized copies of his account information, but that no money is actually missing. She tells him that her guess is that Maria is behind it! William goes to visit Dr. Woods and tells him that he has got to find out what Maria is up to. William steps into the adjoining room right before Maria walks in. She tells Dr. Woods that she has so much to tell him that she doesn't even know where to begin.

    Maria remembers everything that she has been through!

    They start to discuss Luke and Michelle; she informs him that she thinks that her arrest may have just brought them closer together. Dr. Woods wants to know how she got out of jail and how they did not have enough evidence to convict her. He starts to realize that Luke must have lied to the DA in order to get her out and that he must have gone to Michelle for comfort. Then he tells Maria that this is not really the reason for her visit, and that it must be about the person that gave all the information to the DA – William Chandler. He assumes that she already has a plan of how to retaliate and she assures him that she does….and that she is sure that he can't wait to here it.

    Dr. Woods wants to know how she plans to retaliate against William, but she changes the topic of conversation to Michelle Miller. Maria tells Dr. Woods that she can't wait to see Michelle's show tomorrow night and that she has to be there to see Michelle fail. He tries to take the conversation right back to William and tells her that he knows that she must really want to get back at William and asks her again what she plans to do. She acts like she doesn't have a plan. After thinking about it, she tells him that trusting someone completely and then having that person use everything against you….something must be done! She informs him that she would be a fool not to try and get revenge. The more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that Michelle (cleverly changing the subject again) will really fail without having any experience. She's not going to try to get back at Michelle and Lexi since she knows they will not succeed anyway. She tells him that she is still focused on getting between Michelle and Luke because that is personal. Dr. Woods then goes right back to William and that he feels William has completely broke her since she can't even talk about him. She assures him that she still hates William Chandler, maybe more now than ever!

    Maria vows to take Sophia down too!

    Dr. Woods now wants to know if she can really let go of what William was able to do to her. She then goes over all the things that William did to her, but he thinks the money issue is the most important one. He tells her that he wants to know how she ever solved the money issue with William. All she tells him is that she is resourceful. He accuses her of hiding something, but she tells him that she doen't think that this has anything to do with her session. He moves on to her feelings about William and she lets him know that she hates him and his mother. Maria reminds him that revenge is too nice of a word for her feelings toward Sophia. He doesn't understand why she hates Sophia as much as William. She lets him know that she will go down just as hard as William when she takes them down. Maria is lost in thought when Dr. Woods reminds her that she was just about to tell him her plans to get back at William and Sophia. He wants to know what is wrong with her and again he thinks that she is hiding something from him. She then lets him know that the problem is that she is stumped and doesn't know what to do… and that it is probably why she was avoiding the topic. She tells him know that when she comes up with the plan that he will be the first to know, then puts her shoes back on to leave.

    Dr. Woods tells William that Maria is planning on attending Michelle's show tomorrow night, but William can't believe that she didn't say anything more about getting back at him. Dr. Woods admits that she avoided the subject several times. They agree that something doesn't feel right, especially after the mishap with the Face of Gianni shoot. William wonders if maybe she knows about their partnership. Carlos gives Maria the files and wants to make sure the DA can prove that all of the documents are correct. He gives her 4 copies just in case William's DA friend tries to cover up the copy. She is very impressed with him for getting everything to her.

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    Posted by megs501 at Tuesday, November 14 2006 06:52 PM

    I hope Maria gets her pay back she Deserves, I don't want to see William go to jail , he had every right to do what he did to Maria, The real Maria, low life, should be shown to all especailly Luke

    Posted by Sydney at Wednesday, November 15 2006 07:21 AM

    NOOOO William can't go to jail!! All he wants is justice! Maria is the one who should pay for everything that she has done!

    Posted by Bubbles73 at Wednesday, November 15 2006 08:04 AM

    C'mon. Maria, Sophia, and William are all peas in a pod. They are exactly the same. Sophia and William may feel justified in their actions, but to me, they are all low-lives. The only reason why Sophia and William are helping out Michelle - is to annoy Maria. Sophia and William helping out Tania - to get to Maria. William "falling" for Nikki - well, I don't know. I'll comment on that, another time. Granted, I agree that Maria does deserve some justice for her "sins" - she's just bad all around, and consistently. But, don't be too nice to Sophia; she's a close second. Enjoy the show!!!

    Posted by terry at Monday, November 20 2006 09:37 AM

    Maria is one crazy broad without a heart I don't think that she cares about anyone,not even her own son.What kind of mother drugs her own child?I was too through with her when she did that.Poor Luke!

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