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    Fashion House - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Fashion House'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 11:00pm ET!


    Friday, November 10 2006
    Lexi plots against Maria, Sophia keeps Tania fueled up on pills and Lance has a tough decision to make!

    Amanda tells Luke to prove to her that he is interested by staying the night with her. She tries to figure out why he is unwilling to stay and informs him that she really likes him. He tells her that he is being cautious because he moved really fast with his last girlfriend. They make another date for tomorrow night and Luke leaves.

    William rents out the room next to Sophia for Tania to stay in. Sophia gives William a hard time for keeping Tania so close to them and reminds her that she can't stay with him because Nikki could come over at any time. He insists that she will be useful to them and that Tania being with her is good so that she can keep a close eye on her. She takes the opportunity to remind him that he should make Nikki live with him. William leaves and his mother informs him that this conversation is not over!

    Michelle meets Lance for drinks. He tells her how happy he is that she wanted to do this, but she quickly informs him that this is just business and that he shouldn't get his hopes up! She demands to know why he faxed copies of her designs to the critics. He tries to deny it and tells him that Maria has nothing to do with this. She throws her drink in his face and tells him that he is no different than he used to be. She tells him goodbye and storms out. When Lance tells Maria the news, she is mainly concerned about the fact that they have a spy….not his love life! He tells her that it must have been someone she told because it surely wasn't him. Maria thinks for a moment and comes to a harsh realization…..that Dr. Woods is telling William everything! She starts throwing things and kicks Lance out. He leaves the office and Maria picks up the phone and calls Dr. Woods. She tells him that she needs to see him right away!

    Gloria thanks the good doctor....for everything!

    Gloria stops in to see Eddie as he watches Spangler's latest news conference at his shop. She tells him that she has to quit and that she can't make a clean start being around there. He reminds her that hiring the hit man was not his idea. She takes responsibility for that but insists that she has to put Alec first and this will be best. He tells her to take care of herself and that he will always be there if she needs him. She goes to the hospital to see her son and the doctor informs her that he is still hanging in there. He notices that she is all dressed up and tells her that she looks great. She informs him that she is looking for a job and for him to call her if Alec's fever gets any worse. On the way out she seductively thanks him for the compliment!

    Maria sits with Dr. Woods and acts like she is simply there so that he can see her on a good day, instead all the bad one's that he is used to. She tells him a little about her face of Gianni shoot and that she hopes it goes well. She informs him that she can't take anymore bad news. She smiles and insists to him that she will come out on top of all of this! Amanda and Luke have lunch on the beach. He tells her that he still cares for Michelle, but that they are no longer together.

    Gloria arrives back at the hospital and is informed that his temperature is much better. When she tells the doctor what kind of experience she has as an executive assistant, he suggests to her that she apply at the hospital. He tells her that it is something to think about and that it would ensure medical coverage for her and Alec.

    Maria meets with Michael to discuss the photo shoot. They joke around a bit but are suddenly interrupted by the door bell. Michael leaves as Congressman Spangler walks in. He tells Maria that if she is not careful the DA may still be able to score election points because of Eddie laundering money through her company. He informs her that he is only telling her this because she has been so good to him over the years. He then explains to her that the money that they are funneling through Gianni is stolen. Maria insists that she did not know anything about this. He shrugs off her reply and tells her that there is another reason that he is there…..because the last witness showed up dead! He tells her, friend to friend, that she should consider hiring some protection.

    Maria asks him what she can do to help him and herself at the same time. He tells her that if she can get Lance Miller to wear a wire, they could get the information that they need to put Eddie away…….and he could keep Gianni out of this! Maria tells Spangler that she believes that she can get Lance to do just about anything. William leaves Tania in his mother's care while he is gone to work. She insists that between all of the pills and the wet bar….Tania will be no trouble at all. Dr. Woods calls William and tells him that Maria is doing a photo shoot today for the face of Gianni and that it is important…..personally and financially! William insists on the details concerning it.

    Michelle tells Lexi that she is almost certain that Lance is the one that stole the designs for Maria. Lexi tells her that Maria is a bully and that they need to get even by ruining her face of Gianni shoot. Lexi tells Michelle that she is going to break in and destroy the negatives from the photo shoot and that it will costs Maria a fortune! She asks Michelle if she is up for a little sabotage! Luke tells Michael about Amanda….but it is obvious that he is still hung up on Michelle. Michael tells him that he is certainly not like he used to be. Michael informs him that moving to New York is not going to help his situation at all.

    Lexi shows up at Gianni to see John. She unbuttons the top of her sweater and asks him if he wants to hear her offer. Lexi tells John that Gianni is going to fall and that there a lot of things going on that he doesn't know about. She leans in and kisses him so that he will want to hear more. John finds this a little suspicious but Lexi tells her that the only reason that she didn't give into him when she worked there was because Maria strictly prohibited it. As they kiss she reaches into Maria's purse and grabs the extra key to the Luke's loft. She then informs John that she has to get back to work and rushes out.

    Hans and Harold try to fight off a hysterical Tania!

    Tania walks into Gianni looking like she hasn't slept in over a week. Tania walks up to Hans and Harold as they discuss how horrible the designs have been since John has been in charge. Tania goes ballistic when they inform her that Maria is in a photo shoot for the face of Gianni! Tania attacks them and ends up pulling the fire alarm. When she finally gets the door opened, she finds that it is not really the photo shoot. Hans and Harold inform her that someone gave her the wrong information! Hans and Harold pull themselves together and then call Maria to inform her that someone tried to stop the fake shoot just like they thought. She stands all dolled up at the real photo shoot and tells Michael that things are just fine.

    Maria is the Face of Gianni!

    Lexi lets herself into Luke's loft and steals the extra key that he has to Michaels's studio. Maria poses for Michael and truly is the Face of Gianni. He insists that she looks amazing and that the pictures are going to be fabulous! She tells him that flattery is not going to get him a bonus and goes to change for the second shoot. Michelle meets Lexi outside the studio and tells her that they are going to beat Maria, but that they are not going to do it by becoming her. Lexi tells her that it is high time that they stand up to her and this is their chance! Tania goes home and tells Sophia what happened. Sophia tells her not to worry and that Tania did the best that she could. Sophia tells her that their information must have been incorrect but promises that Maria will pay for all she is done. Maria finishes the last round and tells Michael that it is time for them to go and celebrate.

    Congressman Spangler visits the DA and tells him that Maria is going to get someone inside Eddie's business and that everything will be on tape for them. The DA is reluctant to let Maria off without any charges, but Spangler insists that it must be this way, and that they both need a win right now!

    Maria catches Lexi red handed!

    Lexi goes to scope out the doors while Michelle sits alone in the car. Michelle ducks down in the seat when she sees Maria come out of the building. Michael and Maria arrive at her car, but when she goes to open the door she notices Lexi's car parked along the curb. She asks Michael for his keys because she thinks that she may have left something inside. Lexi is at the table searching through the negatives when Maria walks up to her. As soon as Lexi turns around, Maria slaps her and asks her how she got in there! Michelle sees Michael turn to go back in and picks up the phone to call Lexi. Maria and Lexi fight it out as her cell phone rings in the background. Lexi finally pushes Maria onto the table and runs out as Michael enters. Michael stands in shock wondering what just happened!

    Maria tells Lance that Congressman Spangler is a friend of hers and that his office has connected Lance to Eddie's money laundering. She insists that it is going to lead them straight to her as well. Lance panics and tells Maria that Eddie is a killer and that are finished! He informs her that he is going to put a hit on Spangler and that he killed someone in front of Rodney to prove a point. Maria tells him that they are not out of options and that he is going to wear a wire to record Eddie admitting to fraud and the hit on Spangler. Maria tells him that if he doesn't do this he will be taken in as an accessory. She insists that she will be okay because she can deny all knowledge. Maria tells Lance that Eddie will not find out and that he has got to do this. She reminds him that Eddie could find him in prison too!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Friday, November 10 2006 08:30 PM

    How many more weeks left on Fashion House?

    Posted by will&Nik at Saturday, November 11 2006 11:37 AM

    I think Dr. Woods' agenda somehow has something to do with his hatred for Maria and he could be William's uncle who is trying to avenge his brother's death.

    Posted by girlegyrl at Sunday, November 12 2006 06:34 PM

    I don't know what's up with Dr. Woods, but it will hit the fan soon....
    I don't like seeing Luke with Amanda, Michelle definately the better girl.
    I'm soooo glad Michelle found out what Lance was doing...because she would have eventually feel into his trap.
    Tania is just cracked out....
    Nikki and William WoW....personally I don't believe the baby is Williams...I'm hoping it's Michaels....
    Maria Gianni....She's pathetic and I'm tired of her
    Other than that can you tell I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoow...

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