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    Truth and Consequences

    Thursday, November 09 2006
    Michelle learns the truth about Lance, William puts Sophia in her place and Tania checks out of rehab!

    Luke tells Maria that this was the hardest decision that he has ever had to make. He is surprised when her response is that she understands. When he notices the bruises on her face, he starts to get upset. She then tells Luke that she seriously underestimated William Chandler. She tells him that she respects his decision but that she has to save her visits for Clive so that they can work on her case. She tells him that no matter what happens she will always love him…..and goes back to her cell.

    William finally arrives to see Nikki. She tells him that the traffic is no excuse for him to miss the sonogram. She tells him that it is not right and that she is not the kind of girl that needs a gift to make her feel better. She then informs him about what his mother did. He says that his mother has tried to control him since his father died. He insists that he is going to talk to her and make sure that she doesn't bother her again. He kisses Nikki and tells her that he is not going to allow anyone to screw up this happy time for them.

    Lexi storms over to Michelle in the office and hands her a copy of the times. Michelle insists that she has no idea how they got a copy of her dress. Lexi asks Michelle who Maria could have hired to steal the designs. She tells her to try and remember everyone that has been in the office while she goes to research the staff members.

    Sophia and William have a conversation regarding Nikki. William tells his mother that Nikki is the mother and that she can do what she wants. William instructs Sophia to leave Nikki alone unless she doesn't want his child to be a part of her life! Sophia tells him that she can't believe that he is talking to her this way. She tells him that why he is at it, he needs to tell Michelle Miller to keep her designs to herself and tosses the paper at him so that he can see the article on the front page.

    Tania attends her first meetings with the other members at the rehabilitation clinic. When it is her turn to share her experiences, she hesitates but eventually starts. She makes jokes at first and then informs them that she enjoyed taking those pills and that her life is fantastic. She says that she is not out of control and that she doesn't need to be here. When Sara asks her about the wreck, Tania stands up and walks away from the group.

    Amanda calls Luke to express concern about what happened to Maria. He tells her that it is always drama with Maria and that it is no reason for them to cancel their date tonight.
    Lance and Clive sit in Maria's office and discuss tactics to come up with the money to get her out of jail. Clive is extremely frustrated over the situation when Luke suddenly walks in. Lance and Luke both want to know what the other is doing there. Luke is shocked to hear that Maria hired Lance to do some work. Luke tells Clive that he needs to talk to him…… alone. They step outside and leave Lance in the office.

    Michelle and lexi try to figure out who Maria hired to steal her designs.

    Michelle, Lexi and William try to figure out who is responsible for the leak. Lexi tells her that from now on she has to keep them under lock and key. William suggests that they install cameras…..but until then they need to keep an eye out in the office. Lexi tells them that she will take care of the security and that Michelle just needs to focus on the designs. Lexi also tells them that she hired a publicity team to handle the negative press. Michelle insists that she is moving forward. William tells them to keep up the good work…..and leaves.

    Rodney informs Lance that their partnership is over!

    Lance watches another press conference by Congressman Spangler informing the citizens that he is cracking down on the criminals behind credit card fraud. Rodney shows up to get Lance to sign some papers. Rodney tells Lance exactly how he feels about the way that he got them in this mess and about how Lance is losing clients. Rodney tells him that as of now their partnership is over! Clive and Luke go to see the District Attorney regarding the charges against Maria. He tells Luke that his testimony is crucial, but Luke quickly tells him that he is not going to testify against her. Clive insists that without Luke the prosecution doesn't have a case, but the DA then shows them that he has copies of every single check that Maria forged. He informs them that they have enough evidence to make an example out of her and send her to prison for a long time.

    Luke lied to the DA to keep his mother out of jail!

    The DA then informs Luke that he will be required to testify and that he is not going to rest until she is punished. Luke then tells him that he doesn't have a case because those checks were all signed by him. Clive reminds the DA that he surely doesn't want to try and prosecute this case without Luke's testimony…..especially during an election year. He also insists that surely he doesn't want Maria to have to call her good friend the Mayor about getting a new DA!

    Sara takes Tania a package that was delivered by some friends. She tells her that she isn't allowed to have actual visitors until after the initial two weeks. Tania gets upset that they confiscated her mouthwash /hairspray etc. Sara takes that time to tell her that she has lost control. Tania insists that it was a one time thing. Sara tells her that she is not alone and walks away.

    Clive goes to see Maria and tells her that Luke protected her! She is surprised that he did that but is happy to hear that she is free. Clive takes her home and tells her that she wouldn't be out if it weren't for Luke. He reminds her that Luke hasn't forgiven her….he just didn't want to see his mother in jail. Claudia gives Maria the paper to read and she is delighted at the front page news!

    William gets a call from the DA informing him of the bad news. William paces back and forth in disbelief as Luke walks in to see him. Luke tells him that he wants to know why he had his mother put in jail! William tells him that he understands why he would suspect him as being behind it, but that it wasn't him. William tells him that if he was in his position he would have probably done the same thing. He then informs him that the only reason he came by there was to take his anger out on him because he is upset with himself for lying for Maria. William leaves and Luke notices the newspaper headline and picks it up to read.

    Maria tells Dr. Woods what she was feeling while in jail.

    Maria tells Dr. Woods that she was able to use Lance (Michelle's ex-husband) to get her designs and also break up her relationship with Luke. She tells him that it doesn't matter as long as he does what she wants. She then tells Dr. Woods that her time in jail made her feel angry and frightened. She insists that William must really hate her. She then expresses her sorrow about the fact that the only person waiting at home for her was her maid. She insists that she did what she had to do to survive and that everything is not so cut and dry!

    Luke goes to visit Michelle and tells her that he feels horrible about lying to the District Attorney. She tells him that he did it for someone that he loves. He then tells her that he is sure that she blames his mother for the article in the paper….and she naturally agrees. He then informs Michelle that Lance has been working for Maria….and that he must have been the one that was able to copy her designs! Michelle insists that she should have known….and promises that this time he is not getting off so easy!

    Tania is fed up with rehab!

    Sara tells Tania not to make this any harder on herself than it has to be. Tania tells her to go away. When she does, Tania goes to the front gate and tries to pull it open. Sara comes up and asks her if she is going somewhere! Tania tells her that she and all of her friends can go to hell….and that she does not want to be there. Sara tells her that she is lucky to be alive and that she can't do anything for her if she is not willing. Tania demands her cell phone when she finds out that she is technically free to go at anytime. William shows up to pick Tania up. He tells Sara that he is going to make sure that she gets the help she needs. Tania tells them that Luke and Michael are no longer her friends. Tania gets upset when William insists that she is going to get help!

    Luke and Amanda meet at Suku for their date. They discuss their single status and future desires. She tells him that he is the sexiest…most attractive artist that she has met in a long time and that the ladies in New York will go crazy over him. She asks him if he is planning on going, and he tells her that he is very interested. Takes her back to her room and thanks her for the evening. She tells him that he is going to have amazing success, and it doesn't matter who his mother is. She tells him that she just wants to help and kisses him. She tells him to stay the night with her!

    The District Attorney meets with Congressman Spangler and gives him information that links Lance and Rodney to Eddie and his business. Spangler tells them that they now have the answer to who is laundering the stolen funds. He then hands Spangler a document that identifies where they have been investing the large sums of money!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Thursday, November 09 2006 08:19 PM

    As I expressed yestereday in saying "we will see if Luke sends his mom to jail" we see that he did not as he was played once again by Maria.

    By the way, I must have missed an episode - who is Amanda?

    Posted by amandarobin at Thursday, November 09 2006 08:21 PM

    i work 2nd, and only get to read what happens... who is amanda? and why is luke going on a date with her?... when is the doctor going to tell nikki that she is further along then she thought???

    Posted by will&Nik at Thursday, November 09 2006 08:39 PM

    Why does everyone wants Nikki's baby to be michael's? the baby has to be William's because Nikki slept with Michael two months ago, and don't you think she would have known way before then because she must have missed her period, and morning sickness usually start occuring very early during a pregnancy. plus, you can merely see the baby's heart, so she cannot be more than 3 weeks pregnant. Although William has been acting like a real ass lately, but i think he has fallen in love with Nikki, he just does not want to deal with it. the baby will help William to move on from his past, and in addition, Nikki is in love with William and not Michael, and i feel that she will never love Michael more than a friend.

    Posted by fashionfreak at Thursday, November 09 2006 09:27 PM

    why is luke so fooled?by his maria???amanda you need to leave luke alone n go back to newyork alone!...why is william acting like a jerk?nikki and michael should definately be together..he loves her and wouldn't leave her

    Posted by BJ25Bear at Friday, November 10 2006 09:28 AM

    I understand that Luke loves his mother, but she is evil and she doesn't mean here own son any good and he needs to relize that. Does he understand what she has done to him?

    Michelle, Michelle wake up and smell the coffee.

    What I see happening next is that Marie and Lance have gotten involved into something they are not faimilar with.

    Pay back is a Mother.

    Posted by MissThing at Friday, November 10 2006 11:53 AM

    Not only is Maria evil, but she's "touched," and I don't mean by an angel either. At first I was horrified that Lance introduced Maria to Eddie. But on second thought, she's a criminal just like he is; she's just trash with the illusion of having money. I so look forward to seeing her go down!

    Posted by honeyjax at Friday, November 10 2006 12:16 PM

    Well I am taking bets on who will get killed on this show.
    Of course, Rodney is going to bite. Who else?

    Posted by MissThing at Friday, November 10 2006 12:24 PM

    I still think Eddie is going to find out that Gloria played him and will do her in.

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