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    Dark Days Dawn

    Tuesday, November 07 2006
    Tania gets taken to rehab, Sophia shifts her focus to Nikki and Rodney is forced to watch a murder take place!

    Michael stops by to see Luke and tells him that he believes that Tania may have been in an accident. They get in his jeep and head out to look for her. Luke wonders if she was just playing a joke on Michael when she called, but Michael says that he seriously doubts it. They suddenly spot her car in the trees and rush to her side. They realize that she is alive but not moving. Michael picks up the phone to call for help but Luke talks him out of it because he is afraid that she may go to jail. Tania comes too (still high) and they carry her to the jeep.

    Lance tells Maria that Michelle Miller Designs is backed by William Chandler. She is furious and tells him that they will proceed as planned and that William will soon be out of the picture. Maria tells him that the first step in destroying her dream is for him to love her and support her….and then they will crush her spirit. She tells him that his assignment is to break into Michelle's office and fax copies of her designs over to her, and she will take care of it from there!

    Sophia goes to see William and tells him that he needs to focus on his child. He tells her that he has other priorities right now but that he will ensure that Nikki is ok. Sophia gets some information off of his computer before she leaves. Maria calls Carlos to touch base. He tells her that he has the information but that he feels that he needs to deliver it to her personally. The doctor stops in to release Maria from the hospital.

    Luke and Michael take Tania to a rehab clinic. While they wait Luke tells Michael that he is thinking about moving to New York. Michael tells him that he suggested that he take a vacation there….not move there! The rehab director tells them that they can leave because Tania is not their concern any longer!

    Eddie and Gloria continue to stay at the hospital for Alec. Eddie tries to talk Gloria into going home to get some rest, but she refuses to go. Manny stops by to tell Eddie about a situation with another employee of his. Eddie tells Gloria that he has to leave and take care of some things and for her to call if she needs anything. Eddie tells Manny that he thinks that he knows how to handle the situation.

    Michelle tells Nikki that she has been having strange dreams. Nikki suggests that she see a therapist and start caring for herself better. Michelle runs out to work. Lance and Rodney talk about how to possibly drop Eddie as a client in the first quarter. Eddie calls in and tells them that he needs to meet with them both at noon. Lance tells him that noon is not a good time but Eddie instructs him to make it work and hangs up. Lance tells Rodney that he will be late and to cover for him until he gets there. Rodney reminds Lance that it is not good to be late for a meeting with Eddie!

    Lance goes to see Michelle and takes her flowers to celebrate her success. He tells her that what she is doing is amazing and that he is proud of her. He sends her to put the flowers in water and takes advantage of that time to fax some of her designs to the number that Maria gave him. Rodney calls him and to see where he is at, but Lance hangs up. Eddie walks in and isn't happy to hear that Lance is running late. Eddie tells Rodney that he wanted Lance to meet his friend Pedro too. Manny throws a beaten up man into the seat facing Rodney at the desk. Michelle arrives back at the desk and doesn't realize what Lance has done. Eddie tells Rodney that Pedro was supposed to be an honest employee, but that he was seen talking to one of Congressman Spangler's men. Eddie takes out a plastic bag and smothers Pedro until he dies while Rodney is held at gun point and forced to watch. Eddie reminds him that if he crosses him….he will disappear!

    Maria tells Dr. Woods about her heart attack ploy. She tells him that her plan to take Michelle down is working. She then tells him that she is planning to take William down next and that she can assure him that she is not going to let William get away with anything. Maria is shocked when Dr. Woods mentions Carlos' name and wonders why she tells him so much and that she doesn't want to talk anymore about William right now. She then goes to have lunch with the reporter that destroyed Michelle on the air. Maria tells her that she wants her to use her other outlets to figure out a way to do something like that again….but this time using the designs that were faxed to her office (Michelle's designs that Lance copied).

    Gloria goes home for awhile and cries all alone in her mother's bed. She ignores the door bell and is surprised when Lance walks in. Lance asks Gloria why she was at the site of the shooting to start with. She tells him that she was just going to apologize to Michelle. He asks her if there is anything that he can do for her and she tells him that there is. She tells him that he can leave…..forever!

    The rehab director tells Michael and Luke that Tania is okay for now but that it is not too late for her. She instructs them that there can be no contact with her for 2 weeks. Tania finally wakes up and wonders where she is. The Director tells her that right now she needs to focus on getting some rest. Tania tells her that she is not going to play her games and that she can't make her

    Sophia tries to control Nikki and the baby!

    Michelle tells Nikki that she hated Gloria for ruining her marriage, but that seeing what happened to Alec is just not right. Nikki tells her that she really has no choice but to put it behind her. Nikki arrives home and walks into her apartment just to find Sophia there ready to move her in with her. Sophia has taken it upon herself and already packed all of Nikki's things! Sophia tells her that she will see the wisdom of this once she is all settled in. She tells Nikki that her son is a bachelor and needs a bit of guidance in this situation. Nikki tells her to leave or she will call the cops and grabs the phone. Sophia threatens to call some of William's men over to take her forcefully, but Nikki quickly informs her that William would not be happy if she lost the baby at the hands of his mother. Sophia tells her that this isn't over and leaves….Nikki calls William and leaves him a message to call her…now!

    Lance arrives at the office and finds Rodney in a very emotional state over the killing that he just had to watch. Rodney tells Lance that they are in too deep and that there is no way out. Maria calls John in for a meeting and asks him who he thinks he is. She warns him not to test her and sends him back downstairs. As John leaves, the District Attorney enters her office and tells her that she is under arrest for fraud and forgery! They put the handcuffs on her and read her rights to her. She asks them how long they have been on William's payroll and they rush her out to the car. She tells John to call her lawyer immediately!

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    Posted by oprah at Tuesday, November 07 2006 06:41 PM

    It would be as interesting for Michele to get withh Luke and watch how Maria and Lance connive and plot to seperate them. Matter of fact it would be more interesting to see them(Maria and Lance) break them(Michele and Luke) up vs keeping them from getting together.

    Posted by Cafecentral at Tuesday, November 07 2006 07:12 PM

    Michelle needs to wake up and NOW, I am about to lose sympathy for her if she lets Lance back in her life!!!! As for Sophia, did not see that coming--what is she thinking? She wants to control her grandbaby, Sophia is just like Maria--that is in wanting to control her son.

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Tuesday, November 07 2006 08:05 PM

    You know I didn't watch FH tonight I just read the summary but I have to say this: when this show first started you could not help but feel sorry for Michelle because she was really getting dealt a bad hand every time you turned around but you know what after everything that has happened to Michelle you would think that she would start having a feeling or something when things are not right. It is getting a little tiring of watching Michelle be stupid all the time. Can she not tell when she is being played? For goddness sake why on eartch would she trust Lance in any way, shape or form? He is scum. Michelle you need to develop some skills in identifying scum and people who are out to get you. Don't be fooled by flowers, flowers are worthless.

    Posted by indianbuteerfly at Wednesday, November 08 2006 04:32 AM

    i would have yo say i enjoy this show so much, but plotting to destry michelle miller is just plan old evil ecspecially stealing her designs AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mARIA ganni is stupid thats y she goes to jail. i also think that she's useing lance whooooooo cant wait until tommorrow

    Posted by MESHIA at Wednesday, November 08 2006 01:43 PM

    Michelle deserves everthing is about to happen to her...because she is so stupid!!!! It makes me sick!! Far as Nikki she better move in hell I would!!! No questions asked!!!!!!

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