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    Second Chances

    Monday, November 06 2006
    Sophia pays Maria a get well visit, Michelle has dinner with Lance and Tania spins out of control!

    Eddie tries to convince Gloria that everything is going to be ok and that he is going to move her and Alec into a real home. Gloria tells him that Alec would not be in this situation if it wasn't for him! He reminds her that she is the one that wanted the hit and then demands to know what she was doing there to start with. She tells him that it should have been her that was hit instead of Alec. She tells him that he has lost his right to care about them by being in his dirty world and that she will never forgive him. He grabs her and tells her that she is a real hypocrite, but they end up sharing a hug after the harsh words.

    Sophia tells William that Maria is in the hospital from having a heart attack….and that she just can't wait to make her condition worse. She then tells William that it is a risky plan trying to get Maria arrested, since it depends on Luke testifying against her. She tells him that she can't wait to take Maria down and that she definitely does not want Maria to end up laughing at them again!

    Maria sits in her hospital bed fuming over John's interview that he did. The doctor tells her that she is forced to stay another night for the supposed heart attack to be believable. Luke runs into the doctor and is informed that it was indeed a heart attack and that she should consider this a warning. Luke tells Maria that she will be happy to know that he and Michelle had a huge fight. She acts concerned and tells him that she only wants him to be happy.

    Nikki stops by to see Michelle at work. She runs her latest design ideas by Nikki and informs her that she hasn't spoken to Luke yet. They decide to order Chinese for lunch to discuss how William responded to the baby news. Michelle then asks Nikki how Michael took the news. She tells him that he is hurt and that he is obviously not over the fling. Michelle tells Nikki that she thinks that Michael would be a good father, and Nikki gets defensive and insists to her that it is not his baby!

    Dr. Evans comes to see Gloria and Eddie and tells him that he wants them to know that their son was quite a fighter! The parents look devastated until he informs them that he believes that it is what helped him survive! Gloria and Eddie are thrilled to know that he is hanging in there. He will be in ICU for a few days until he is out of critical condition. Eddie tells her that Alec is a fighter….just like them, but Gloria insists that he just got lucky…that they all did.

    Rodney stresses over the amount of money that Eddie is bringing in, but Lance insists that it can wait because right now he has other things to deal with. Rodney leaves and Lance calls the florist to orders some flowers.

    Michael and Jerry try to get in touch with Tania (who is late as usual) for her latest photo shoot. Jerry tells Michael that it is time for the tough love and walks out. Jerry goes to see Tania and tells her that her partying has gotten out of control and that there will be no rescheduling. He tells informs her that her modeling career is over and storms out the door. Tania picks up the phone and calls William. He tells her to come over to his house and they can talk about what she needs. The District Attorney stops by and informs him that he believes that they have what is needed to put Maria Gianni away!

    Congressman Spangler has a press conference at which he talks about identity theft and credit cards. Eddie watches the live footage on the television in the hospital waiting room. Spangler vows to work to wipe out credit card fraud and the criminals that are guilty of it. He calls for a no tolerance….no second chance policy on any offenders! He insists that they will be brought to justice!

    Michelle and Nikki arrive back at the office and Lexi carries some flowers over to Michelle. Nikki is not happy that they are from Lance. Michelle tries to defend him, but she quickly reminds her that she cannot forget what he did to her. Michelle insists that she is not getting back with him, but that it is nice to have a shoulder to lean on. Nikki tells her that she should not even be giving him the time of day. Michelle says that she is just trying to be nice and picks up the phone to call Lance. She accepts the dinner invitation and Lance is thrilled! Rodney tells Lance that he has got to do his part with laundering this money for Eddie. Lance tells him to back off and leaves to get dressed for his dinner with Michelle.

    The District Attorney tells William that the maximum sentence that Maria can get is 10 years and that she will probably serve 3-4. He then tells William that he will ask for the most amount of bail possible and that she will not be able to find the money. William advises him to be cautious because she will not go down easily! Sophia shows up at the hospital to see Maria. She stops to ask a doctor for directions, and steals a needle from his table as he looks away. As Maria sits on her bed and brushes her hair, Sophia storms in the room with flowers. Maria asks her if she is there to change the bed pans, and Sophia tells her that she is….right on her head! Sophia tells her that she does not look nearly as sick as she had hoped. Sophia turns around to prepare the needle as Maria asks if she just came to poke fun at her. Sophia says how did you guess, and lunges at her with the needle!

    Sophia and Maria are at it again!

    The fight is on as Sophia misses her mark with the needle. They throw vases at each other and then start the slapping. Maria tells her that she is not as sick as she thinks! The hospital staff comes in and pulls the two of them apart. Sophia warns her that she will be back and Maria insists that she will be waiting! Michael and Luke have one of their typical chats over a few beers. He tells Michael that he just can't handle this drama with Michelle and that he doesn't know what to feel. Michael suggests that he leave for a while…maybe to Paris or New York.

    Tania tells William that she can't believe that everyone is treating her this way. She bashes Michael for doing this to her just because he loves Nikki. William notices some pills that his mother left out on the table (diet and muscle relaxers) and puts them away. His phone rings and he excuses himself. Tania reaches in the pill bottles and takes a few. Tania doesn't notice that William saw her. William tells her that he has to go help his mother for a bit and that she can hang out until he gets back. He tells Jake to make sure that she has everything that she needs.

    Will Lance ever give up on Michelle?

    Dr. Evans tells Gloria that she can see Alec now but that it may shock her because he is hooked up to so many machines. He insists to her that he is doing fine and that she has to have faith. She tells him that she is very grateful. Lance and Michelle arrive at dinner. Lance tries to pour on the charm and tells her that he misses her so much. She tells him that she thought that this was going to just be a friendly dinner. He begs her to please give him another chance. She tells him that she only wants to e friends and wants to focus on her career right now. He Holds her hand and says okay.

    Lance goes to see Maria in the hospital. He tells her that he and Michelle really connected and that her plan may just work. Maria tells him that it is working for now, but that Michelle is a rising star. She informs him that the only way to have her back is to destroy all of her distractions…..including her business!

    Will Tania survive?

    Tania gets wasted at William's house as Jake watches her dance around the room. He steps away for a moment and Tania pops another handful of pills along with another drink. Sophia and William arrive to find Tania trashed. Sophia sniffs and walks on by but William tells her to stay put and that he will drive her to meet her friends. Tania leaves anyways and gets behind the wheel. Tania dances around the car while seeing doubles and swerves all over the double lines. She turns a corner at a high speed and the car ends up hitting some trees. Tania is thrown from the car with blood all over her face and no sign of her body moving!

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    Posted by anick17 at Tuesday, November 07 2006 09:56 AM

    OK. I'm starting to get sick of everybody on this show.

    Posted by Monique43 at Tuesday, November 07 2006 10:58 AM

    Then stop watching the show. This is a good show so if your really getting sick then stop watch.

    Posted by leeleejnyc at Tuesday, November 07 2006 11:02 AM

    I really think that this show is getting better as it goes on. I am thinking that Tania may be disfigured and can't model anymore. She really needs alot of help. This is only my spec I do not know anything for sure.

    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, November 07 2006 12:05 PM

    Holy things are getting good!!

    Posted by MESHIA at Tuesday, November 07 2006 01:10 PM


    Posted by lingzo72 at Wednesday, November 08 2006 09:56 AM

    This show is far from good. Had potential with some good plots and still sort of does. But the acting?? You can't get better "B" rated acting than this show. Then again, there isn't much more to the show before it's over anyway.

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