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    The Heart Attack

    Friday, November 03 2006
    Maria gets her way again, Luke and Michelle argue again and Nikki tells Michael her good news!

    Maria assumes position on the sofa to act as if she has had a heart attack when the paramedics arrive. Lance is amazed at the lengths Maria is able and willing to go to. She tells him that she is going to have the nurse call Luke so that he will rush over…leaving Michelle alone so that Lance can spend some time with her. The paramedics arrive and Maria lays it on thick as Lance looks away and smiles.

    Gloria sits alone in the waiting room at the hospital. The doctor tells her that they were able to stop the bleeding, but that he is still not out of the woods yet. He allows Gloria to see him even though he is still very weak. Gloria tells the doctor that she is not leaving Alec today and that tomorrow morning is her mother's funeral.

    Maria gives the nurse a hard time over the hospital room that she was given. She tells the nurse that the chest pains are severe and wants to know if she is going to see a real doctor. Dr. Burns enters the room and takes over from the nurse. He tells her that her levels all look normal, but they can run an EKG just to be safe. She tells him that she has been under a lot of stress and gives him the number to call Luke. The phone rings and wakes Michelle and Luke up. Luke is shocked to hear that Maria has had a heart attack and rushes to be with her. He asks Michelle if she wants to go with him, but she stays behind.

    Maria gets her way again!

    Maria informs Luke that they are waiting on the test results, but that she feels better now that he is there. She fakes a pain to gather sympathy from him. Michelle hears a knock at the door….it is Lance. He tells her that he heard what happened today and she invites him in. He asks her if she is going to be ok, and she tells him that she is just so tired. Maria tells Luke that she was working late at the office and starting having severe chest pains. She tells him that she tried to call him, but that his phone was turned off. She tells him that the test will probably not be back until morning and wants to know if he will stay with her. He agrees….and once again Maria has gotten her way! Michelle tells Lance that someone shot Gloria's son and that it was just so sad. She tells him that she is scared but he tries to assure her that it will all be okay. He tells her that he feels like this is his fault for not treating her right. He talks bad about Luke for leaving Michelle alone during a time like this and says that he is going to stay….and be there for her.

    Morning arrives and Maria tells him that it is okay for him to leave and that he should go be with Michelle after the horrible incident that happened. She tells him that she will call him when the test results come back. Michelle is asleep on the sofa and Lance wakes up from the chair. He walks over to the counter and finds financial information concerning her business. The doctor stops in and tells Maria that all of her test results are normal. She tells him that she is feeling much better and he insists that she may have had an anxiety attack. Maria starts asking about his financial situations and proposes a deal that would help him pay off his student loans etc. She tells him that she didn't have an anxiety attack….she had a heart attack, and if he changes her chart to reflect that she will give him $50,000. She tells him that anxiety attacks are not good for CEO's. He agrees and they shake on it. Luke arrives and is shocked to find Lance there. Lance tells him that he shouldn't have left her alone last night!

    Harold walks in and finds John living it up in Maria's office, saying that he is in charge since she is in the hospital. Harold tells him that he should be careful because Maria is probably watching on web cam right now. John answers the phone and tells Women's Wear Daily that Maria is out on medical leave and that she is in between assistant's too. John then suggests that he would be able to do the interview in her absence.

    Gloria arrives at the church for her mother's funeral. She tells her mother that she was her best friend. She cries and says that she does not know what she and Alec are going to do without her, but that she promises to lead a good and honest life. The priest walks up and she tells him that she is all alone now. He reminds her that we are never alone and gives her a much needed hug.

    Michelle tells Lance that he should leave. Before he leaves, he tells Michelle that he is glad that he could be there for her and that it is obvious that she needs a real man. Luke shoves Lance, but Michelle steps in between them. He tells Michelle that she knows where to find him if she needs him and leaves. Luke tells him that this is the second time they have spent the night together. Michelle says that she didn't ask him to stay. Luke accuses her of lying and tells her that she was just going to slip him out this morning before he got back. Luke grabs his jacket and leaves.

    Michael pretends to be happy for Nikki!

    Tania stops by to see Michael and thank him for getting her a campaign with KMART. She insists to him that she is fine now and from here on in everything is smooth sailing. Nikki stops by after Tania leaves and tells him that she is pregnant and that he needs to hold off on any requests for her to model for a while. Michael stutters and asks her if he is the dad. She tells him no and that she just wanted him to know. She tells him that it is William's baby. He gives her a hug and tells her that he is happy for her and that this is a good thing, but you can tell that he is hurt by the look on his face.

    John meets with Jennifer from Women's Wear Daily to do the interview in Maria's place. She asks him numerous questions and he changes the subject to what photograph of him she wants to use for the cover.

    Eddie and Gloria at Alec's side.

    Gloria goes back to the hospital and remains by Alec's side. Eddie finally arrives and wants to know if Alec is okay. Eddie tells him that he needs to see the doctor. Gloria asks Eddie what they have done, and he tells her not to do this now. He goes to see Alec and tells him that he and Gloria are going to make sure that he does. Alec flat lines and the medical team rushes in and push Eddie and Gloria out! They stand helplessly in the doorway as the team attempt to revive their son.

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    Posted by BKLYNBEAUTY at Saturday, November 04 2006 09:59 AM


    Posted by oprah at Sunday, November 05 2006 04:16 AM

    It would be more poignant for the baby to be Williams' and Nikki leaves William because of Tania. Then top it off Micheal wants to raise the child as his because he loves Nikki. Let the black child be born in to some (wealth and privilege) money. Or you could do a Anna Nicole Smith and just refuse to do a paternity test.

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Sunday, November 05 2006 09:50 PM

    Why does Luke when he gets into an argument with someone he either walks out on that person or he will tell that person they have to leave?

    Posted by Nadeen at Monday, November 06 2006 04:09 PM

    How naiive and gullible is Michelle? I used to feel sorry for her.. but she's getting played in her face and she doesn't have women instincts to figure things out..

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