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    After the Assassin

    Thursday, November 02 2006
    Alec is the victim, Sophia finds out that Nikki is pregnant and Maria works with Lance on another scheme.

    Alec is shot!

    Gloria cries hysterically when the hit man shoots her son instead of Michelle. Luke calls for help as Michelle helps Gloria take care of Alec. The hit man (the man that bumped into Lexi and Michelle's table on yesterday's episode) packs his gun up and leaves. Gloria asks Michelle to please not let her baby die. The ambulance arrives and calls for a helicopter to lift him out of there, but they are informed that it will at least be 15 minutes. Lexi comes outside to see what all the commotion is about. Michelle hugs Gloria as the paramedics work on a non-responsive Alec.

    Alec is loaded into the Ambulance and Gloria climbs in behind him. She looks at Michelle and asks her to meet her at the hospital and she tells her that she will. Lexi tells Michelle that she will cover for her the rest of the day. Michelle tells them that she feels really sorry for Gloria and is going to go to the hospital. Detective Hart takes Michelle and Luke into the building and asks them about the shooting. They tell them that they have no details…he gives them his card and leaves.

    Hans and Harold finally get Maria fitted in her new dress for being the Face of Gianni. They tell her that she looks gorgeous in the dress. Hans suggests that Michelle outdid herself on this one. She tells them that perhaps she owes Michelle a thank you….but then says that speaking of her reminds her that she has an appointment this afternoon. She tells them that it is not with Michelle and walks off. Hans and Harold look at each other….both totally confused.

    Michelle and Luke arrive at the hospital. Gloria tells them that she does not deserve her sympathy. Michelle tells her not to say that and say that they will wait with her until she hears some news. Detective Hart shows up and interrupts them to ask Gloria some questions. Gloria tells the Detective that she did not see anything out of the ordinary. He tells her that it is possible that this was a stray bullet or a fluke…and that he hopes her son will be fine. He goes to leave but turns around and tells her that there is one thing that Luke and Michelle couldn't answer for him….and that was what she was there to talk to Michelle about!

    Gloria admits to him that she did have an affair with her husband, and that she came to see Michelle to apologize to her for hurting her. She then informs him that she lost her mother recently and that she just wants to come clean about things. He leaves and wishes her the best. Dr. Evans steps out and tells Gloria that he has lost a lot of blood from the shot in the abdominal region and that he will be going into surgery. Gloria begs him to please not let him die! Luke and Michelle come over and Gloria thanks them for being there. Gloria reminds her that she has every right to hate her, but Michelle tells her that all of that is in the past. Gloria talks about when Alec was born….and that nothing can compare to that love. She tells Michelle that it should've been her….not him. Michelle tells her to just have faith. Michelle gives Gloria a hug before she and Luke leave.

    Maria visits Lance at his house. She insists that he has Michelle right where he wants her. She tells him that women want what they can't have and that this is his way of playing hard to get. An officer arrives at the door and Lance sees him in. The officer tells him that he needs to asks him a few questions about a shooting…involving Alec. He gets a timeline of his whereabouts. He tells Lance that they still are not sure who the target was. Maria gets worried when she finds out that Luke was there. Lance is shocked that Michelle and Gloria were there together. The officer tells them that Alec is in bad shape.

    Eddie settles the score with the hit man!

    Eddie gets a surprise visit from the hit man at his job. He tells Eddie that he is there to update him. He says that he does not fail, but that he did miss his first attempt. He promises that Michelle will be dead by the end of the week. Eddie worries that someone may have followed him there, but he insists to Eddie that he doesn't have to worry. Eddie answers his cell phone and Gloria tells him the news. Eddie hangs up and tries to continue his conversation with the hit man. He asks him where he tried to hit the mark and is informed that it was in front of her office, and that some kid got in the way. Eddie asks him if that bothers him, but he tells Eddie that a kid is just an occupational hazard. Eddie laughs and turns away….reaches in the back of his jacket and quickly pulls out a pistol and shoots him 3 times. He says that what for his son and walks off.

    William turns down a dinner offer with his mother because of plans with Nikki. She makes him feel guilty and he invites her along. Sophia tells him that she just wished that she could see Maria's face when she finds out that William is financing Michelle's business. He then informs her that the meeting with the DA went well. Sophia tells William that he looks different and wants to know if there is anything else he wants to tell her. He tells her that she is imagining things, but she insists that she knows him better than that.

    Sophia, Nikki and William have dinner together!

    At dinner, Sophia wonders what is wrong with the two of them when they don't order any drinks. Nikki insists that she just doesn't want anything to drink, and Sophia informs them that she has no idea what that feels like, as she orders a very dry martini. William quickly excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He walks over and approaches Tania on the other side of the restaurant. William tells Tania that he was going to call her….and informs her that Nikki cannot see them together. He tells her that he will see her around and leaves. Sophia asks Nikki if she is still a model because she was able to eat an entire bowl of noodles. Nikki almost takes a sip of sake but William quickly stops her. Sophia notices this but her thoughts are interrupted when Nikki sees Tania and wants to know what she is doing there. She asks him if he saw her in the back and he informs her that he did not, and that she has nothing to worry about. He asks her to please not start that up again.

    Lance keeps trying to call Gloria, but her voicemail keeps picking up. Maria tells him that he cannot go see Gloria and that he needs to go see Michelle because of what she has just experienced. Maria tells him that they need a distraction to get her and Luke apart for the night. She tells Lance to prepare his shoulder to be her rock. Maria picks up the phone and dials. She tells them to send an ambulance because she thinks she is having a heart attack! Lance wonders what in the world she is doing, and Maria just smiles with her hand on her chest.

    Back at home Sophia tells William that she is waiting for him to come clean. He plays dumb, but she quickly tells him that it is obvious that Nikki is pregnant. He tells her that he is very happy about it and she says that is good. William is shocked when she asks him when Nikki will be moving in with him. Sophia tells him that she is not worried about his romantic entanglements, but this is her grandchild that they are talking about and that Nikki needs to be taken care of.

    Luke and Michelle cuddle on the couch and watch television. Luke tells her that he doesn't like it that Nikki is caught up with him. Michelle tells him that she doesn't want to talk about that right now and changes the subject to Gloria and her son. Michelle tells him that after hanging out with her in the hospital today she doesn't really hate her. She says that in a way she feels like Gloria saved her. Saved her from her marriage with Lance and that gave her the opportunity to go after her own business. They vow to always take care of each other and that nothing will change that.

    Gloria panics as Alec crashes!

    Dark falls at the hospital and Gloria sits in the waiting room and remembers all of the time that she has had with her son. She remembers the times that she had with her mother too (the happy and sad). Gloria distinctly remembers the promises that she made to her mother right before she died. Gloria cries and suddenly is stuck with the images of the shooting. Gloria snaps out of her thoughts when she hears a nurse run up to Dr. Evans and scream that “the boy is crashing”! Gloria stands up and screams as the medical staff runs into his room.

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    Posted by leeleejnyc at Thursday, November 02 2006 06:45 PM

    This show is getting sooooooo good now. I am even tolerating the flashbacks a little more. I am so happy that I stayed with this show.


    Posted by Darc Anjle at Thursday, November 02 2006 06:59 PM

    THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!! KILL THE MOFO FOR HURTING THAT LITTLE BABY. I am so relieved he killed that bastard. I just hope that litlle boy makes it and Eddie and Gloria get their sh!t straight and leave michelle alone. Eddie and Glo belong together. He honestly loves her. Lance, in regards to Michelle, give it up. Pray for little Alec!

    Posted by amandarobin at Thursday, November 02 2006 07:13 PM

    dont you think that that is all happening pretty fast...seems like just last week that nikki and william first went out and now theyre "pregnant" and talking about moving intogether... that baby better be michaels, because william is a dog.

    Posted by hurryupnew at Friday, November 03 2006 05:47 AM


    Posted by Elle jay at Friday, November 03 2006 01:54 PM

    I agree that William is a dog. He knows how Nikki feels about Tania- that he should choose to have sex with Tania means that he has no regard for the mother of his unborn child (as he put it).
    As for Gloria, it's a good thing she's gorgeous because she can't act to save her life ( or her son's)

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