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    The Shot Heard Round The...

    Wednesday, November 01 2006
    Maria visits with Dr. Woods, William and Tania have a meeting and the hit man fires a shot!

    Gloria tells Eddie that they have to stop the hit! He sets her straight by telling her that she does not understand how these things work. She begs him, but he tells her that he couldn't do it even if he wanted to. Gloria then tells him that she has to warn Michelle so that she can leave the country or whatever. Eddie tells her that is out of the question! He tells her that Michelle is a dead woman….and there is nothing that they can do. He gives her a few days off of work and instructs her not to say a word about this to anyone!

    William tells Nikki that he is thrilled about the baby!

    William tells Nikki that he needs to know if the baby is his. When she tells him yes, he wants to know if she was going to tell him. He tells her that he is in shock….but that he is excited because he has always wanted to be a dad. Nikki jokes around a bit, but he informs her that just because he isn't going to drive around in a mini-van doesn't mean he won't be a good father. They agree that they need to discuss their relationship, but that both of them are happy. He also insists that his mother is going to be thrilled!

    Maria has a new temp...for a short time!

    Maria is in her office when Bill…..her new temp stops in the introduce himself. He She tells him to make her an appointment with Dr. Woods. When he starts asking too many questions, she asks him if he has ever had a job before. He tells her no, and she insists that this is going to be a lot of fun! Carlos contacts Maria….and informs her that he is with the customs agents right now. He tells her that he did find the information, but that he lost it because he has been in jail for a week….because they found all of his passports and don't believe that he is on vacation.

    Michelle tells Lexi that she is still a little disturbed by the painting. Suddenly a man backs into Lexi's chair….but he apologizes and moves on. Michelle asks who that was, but Lexi says that she doesn't know. They continue to talk about the painting and then she informs Lexi that she ran into Lance. Lexi informs her that of course Lance would act like he understands…..because he still loves her! Lexi tells Michelle to focus on the other paintings of her…versus that one. She then tells her that Luke called and wanted to know if she would have lunch with her today.

    Nigel stops by to give Luke the invoices for the show. The income for the night was over $40,000. Nigel tells him that he needs more work….now! Luke is totally surprised, but Nigel insists that this is only the beginning.

    Maria tells Dr. Woods that Luke is truly gifted. She then tells him about the finale piece that he had. She insists that it was humiliating to her! She says that she doesn't want to see him make all of the same mistakes that she did (with all of the men) in her life. He then gets Maria to talk a little about her mother and what she would say about all of the men in her life. Maria tells her that she is tough….and that she had to fight her mother for every bit of self confidence she has. She admits that she married Antonio for what he was and not who. He tells her that we all make mistakes. When he asks, Maria tells him that she can handle William Chandler……and everything would be perfect if Carlos would call back from the Caribbean. When he asks who Carlos is, she tells him time is up and rushes out.

    Gloria tells Alec to play games while she searches for a way to located Michelle Miller. 411 gives her the number just listed for Michelle Miller Designs. When she calls, she gets the runaround from the answering service informing her that Michelle is not there right now. They refuse to give out her cell phone number even though Gloria insists that this is an emergency. Gloria gets frustrated and hangs up the phone.

    William arrives to see Dr. Woods and find out how things went with Maria. He gives him the good news and the bad news. Good….she is making regular appointments again. Bad….she is not talking much about William. He tells William that there is something to do with a guy named Carlos, but he tells William he doesn't know any of the details. William hands him a check and leaves.

    Luke shows up to Michelle at work. He tells her that he had to come see her and make sure that everything is ok. He apologizes again for the painting, and she promises to him that she is over it….and that there were plenty other one's that she loved. Michelle looks at the phone and asks who keeps calling. Lexi informs her that some woman named Gloria keeps asking her for her cell phone number. Luke goes to answer the phone, but Michelle tells him not to. Michelle says that she has no idea why she would be calling her.

    William and Tania have sex!

    Tania sits alone at the bar when William suddenly walks in. She tells him that he is running a little late….he tells her that his mother is quite the little matchmaker. Tania tells him that she knows that he is attracted to her and the two of them start to kiss. The next thing you know, William is getting dressed after having sex with Tania! He tells her that they should do lunch more often. Tania asks what he is going to tell Nikki about them. William leans in and kisses her and tells her that there is no “us”. He tells her that he is not going to tell Nikki about today or any other day, because he has no interests in upsetting the mother of his unborn child!

    Bill cleaned Maria's office and color coded everything while she was gone. Maria tells him that she needs a personal trainer so that she can be ready for her photo shoot. She then shows him the newspaper with Luke's painting and asks how he would interpret that piece. He tells her that he equates the woman on the right with the woman in the mirror and that he obviously hates them both. Maria tells him that he is fired.

    Michelle takes care of a few things before she and Luke head out to lunch. Luke is shocked to hear that William Chandler is the financer of her new business and tells her that she does not know what this guy is capable of. He tells her that he can help her and offers her his money that he made from the show. She tells him that William took a big risk by loaning the money, and he informs her that she took an even bigger risk by accepting it!

    William has a meeting with an attorney at his house. He hands over evidence of Maria stealing from her company and from her son's trust fund. He asks William if Luke would testify against his own mother, and William informs him to leave that to him. William wants to know if this is enough to build a federal case against Maria and put her into custody. He tells him that it surely is if she is a flight risk. William informs him that he is just looking for long and overdue justice.

    The hit man takes aim!

    Gloria grabs Alec and rushes out…telling him that he has to go with her and that they will be back before he knows it. They get in the car and drive over to Michelle Miller Designs. Gloria pulls up as Luke and Michelle are walking out of the building. Gloria tells Alec that she will be right back and he gives her a kiss on the cheek. Gloria walks towards Michelle and Luke and Michelle can't believe that she is there. As Gloria nears them, the hit man aims his gun directly on Michelle. Gloria tries to talk to Michelle and tell her that yes, she was that kind of woman. Michelle tries to pass by her but Gloria keeps sidestepping her. Alec turns around in his seat to see what is going on. Gloria tells Michelle that she is so ashamed of what she has done. Michelle tells her that she should be for cheating with her husband. Gloria tries to tell her more when all of a sudden a gun fires. The screen goes black for a moment and you hear a female crying. The screen appears again with Luke looking up at the building.

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    Posted by BKLYNBEAUTY at Thursday, November 02 2006 07:35 AM


    Posted by Nika559 at Thursday, November 02 2006 08:40 AM

    I am so happy William is excited about the baby. It shows a completely different side of him but disappointed because he slept with nasty pill popping Tania. Now Tania is going to throw that in Nikki's face. I feel so sorry for Alac, poor child he is so innocent.

    Posted by Darc Anjle at Thursday, November 02 2006 06:08 PM

    Oh my God, I just started working a second shift and I am missing this! I know Michelle didn't get it but Miss Thang did. You wreap what you sew. I would have messed her up when I caught her in my crib with my sh!t on!. But I hope seriously she is Ok, because at least she tries to right her wrongs and I hope that baby didnthave to witness his mom getting shot up. Oh and one more thing, I liked William until he scewed Crazy Girl.

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