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    Gaggle at the Gallery

    Friday, October 27 2006
    Luke unveils his masterpiece, Doris leaves her family behind and William gives Michelle a huge surprise!

    Michelle walks up and sees Nikki with the pregnancy test. It is positive and Nikki is an emotional wreck. Michelle suggests that she go to see a doctor today. She then asks Nikki if she would keep the baby…..and she informs her that she thinks that she will. Nikki tells her that maybe it is time to start the next chapter of her life because her modeling career is coming to an end. She insists that she thinks that she is okay with it though. She makes Michelle promise not to say anything to anyone!

    Michelle has her own office now!

    Michelle goes to answer the door and it is William. He walks in and gives Nikki a kiss, but excuses herself so that William and Michelle can talk business. He tells Michelle that he is taking her on field trip! They arrive in the limo….and he tells her to guess where they are. She guesses that it his office…and he tells her that she is close. He gives her the key and tells her that it is her office. They look up and see the sign above that says Michelle Miller Designs. He tells her that he wants her to be the next big thing and that he will do anything for her and Luke. She informs William that they are not together right now and William wants to know why. She tells him that sometimes things just don't work out. He smiles at her and reminds her that you never know!

    At the doctor's office, Nikki gets the news that she is indeed pregnant! Nikki is still in a state of shock and tries to answer the questions for the doctor. She asks Nikki if she is ok, and the doctor tells her that unplanned pregnancies can be tough on everyone. She asks about her relationship and if this man (William) is the father of the baby. Nikki remains silent and stares at the doctor.

    William and Michelle continue to talk. He tells her that she should come to Luke's show tonight. He reminds her that he and Nikki will be there and that she should go to support Luke. Michelle tells him that she needs to talk to him about Lexi. William is hesitant until Michelle tells him what Lexi was able to steal from Gianni. He smiles and agrees that it is impressive. He tells her that he did not see that coming, and Michelle says…neither did Maria!

    Nigel stops by to see the final details of the show. He tells Luke that he is impressed and that he should be proud of himself. He asks to see the featured piece, but Luke tells him that he doesn't want anyone to see it until the unveiling tonight at the end of the show. He steps away and calls Maria and tells her that he does want her to come to the show tonight….but for her to remember what he promised her.

    Michelle tells Lexi the good news and she is thrilled! They are both happy that William is on their side. Lexi is taking charge of the business side and Michelle has already started the designs. Lexi insists they should have no problem with manufacturers because of the way Maria has treated them. Nikki walks in and tells Michelle that she is fine. Michelle decides to go to Luke's show and asks Lexi if she wants to go. Lexi tells her that she should probably stay away from Maria for awhile.

    Gloria and Alec visit with Doris in her hospital room. She tells them not to cry and not to worry about her…..because she is going to heaven. Doris asks for Gloria to call Father Maloney for her. Doris has a heart to heart with her daughter. She tells Gloria that she has to live a good life. She insists that bad deeds are only going to pollute her life…..and she doesn't want that. She tells her daughter that she wants to see her smile and that she wants her to forgive her enemies so that there is no room in her heart for hate. An emotional Gloria promises her mother that she will!

    Maria meets with John and Harold in her office to discuss finding a new face of Gianni. They joke about Gary (the new assistant) that took Lexi's place. She tells them that he ran away crying when she threw one muffin. They start to think of a new concept…using an older model….and saying that beauty knows no age. John and Harold suggest that Maria be the face of Gianni…..and that it is brilliant!

    Lance walks around the art show and runs into Maria when she enters. Maria tells him that they don't need to be standing together and that this is his big chance to get Michelle back. She reminds him that his main goal is to get Michelle to realize that she wants him back…..and that he just wants to be her friend!

    Maria goes to see Luke and gives him a congratulatory hug. She tells her son that she is so proud of him. Michael arrives and agrees that everything is beautiful….Maria tells him that she only wished he would have chosen a different subject (all of them are of Michelle in some form). Luke informs that half of the items have sold already. Nigel comes over and tells Luke that this set up is really working and takes Luke to speak with a potential buyer.

    William and Nikki enter and see Maria and Michael talking. William immediately states that it is going to be an interesting evening. Michelle walks in and is captivated by all of the paintings….and feels a bit awkward when everyone stares at her. She walks over to Luke and tells him that she really wanted to show her support. He tells her that he wants her to stay. She tells him that she really is sorry and that she did not mean to hurt him. They make amends and apologize to each other. Nigel grabs Luke and takes him away again.

    Maria tells Michael the idea of having her as the new face of Gianni. Michael is thrilled with the idea. Maria notices that Michael and Nikki are there and sends Michael to get her a drink. Maria tells them that the two backstabbers belong together. Maria tells William that she thought that he would be at home licking his wounds because he lost. Maria then tells them that they had better not ruin Luke's night and walks away. Michelle walks up to them and wonders if Maria knows that William is financing her new company. He tells her that she doesn't know yet and Nikki quickly says that she wants to be there when she finds out!

    Before Luke unveils his finale piece of artwork. He tells the audience that he thanks them all for coming and that he is honored and grateful to have the support of his family and friends. He tells them that he hopes they enjoy seeing the work as much as he enjoyed creating it. Nigel pulls back the cover and unveils the final piece. Everyone is shocked to see a painting of Michelle looking into a mirror and seeing the face of Maria...with LIAR painted in big letters. Maria and Michelle rush up to him demanding to know what this is all about. Both of them are furious but Luke tries to remind them that it is just a work of art. William steps up and screams that he will buy it. Maria storms out and Michelle goes the other way. Lance takes the opportunity to follow Michelle and make sure that she is okay. He offers his friendship (just as Maria suggested) and Michelle thanks him. He then goes and tells Maria that it worked like a charm and the two of them leave to go and get a drink.

    Nikki asks William what he is going to do with that painting. He jokes around and tells her that he bought it for her. Nikki goes over to Michelle and tells her not to read too much into this. Michelle asks her how she is feeling, and Nikki informs her that she is feeling better….but that she still can't believe that she is pregnant! William immediately walks over (much to their surprise) and informs them that the car is ready. Michelle heads out and William steps up to Nikki and asks her if she is ok. She tells him yes, but he notices that she didn't take a single sip of champagne tonight. He then asks her if. …..she is pregnant!

    Doris leaves her pain and suffering behind!

    Father Maloney prays over Doris as Gloria and Alec cry at her bedside. Gloria and Alec are devastated at losing her. Alec says that his nana is in heaven now. Gloria and Alec go home and Eddie arrives to console them. Gloria tells Eddie that she made some promises to her mother and that she has to live a good life. She informs him that she doesn't even know how she could ever have even thought about killing Michelle and tells him to call off the hit. Eddie looks at Gloria with a concerned face and informs her that it is too late. The hit man has already gone dark and no one can get in touch with him. Eddie tells her that he couldn't stop the hit…..even if he wanted to!

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    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Friday, October 27 2006 08:26 PM

    As much as I like Luke I do believe he is being a JERK. Michelle didn't deserve that.

    Posted by Tigre at Saturday, October 28 2006 02:12 AM

    I agree but on the other hand I can understand why he did it. His mother has been lying to him all his life and then Michelle lies to him (which I believe was unnecessary) even though she knows that he's already in a hurt state. So I can understand his reactions but I just find it a little immature.

    Posted by dkwsoh at Saturday, October 28 2006 02:22 PM

    I just think Luke is a a big wuss and a mama's BOY!

    Posted by rodriguez96725 at Saturday, October 28 2006 04:42 PM

    Again as much as I like Luke he is very immature. What he did with the painting is 'little boy crying' because something did not go his way. Both Luke and Maria need to grow up.

    Posted by om369 at Monday, October 30 2006 05:43 AM

    FINALLY ... Luke tells his mother how he feels about heer and let everyone know about it. Marie did get what she deserved for what she did to Luke. Gloria should do the right thing for once even not for her dead mom BUT for her son ... so she will not be the second Maria on the show. I do hope Michelle does not die but maybe get hurt by the hitman and that ends there with the hitman.

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